Interesting articles in NYT today

Gary Cohn’s Breaking Point
His resignation is a warning to all Republicans.

Trump promised again and again to hire the “best people.” That didn’t happen.

An artist’s rendition of President Trump on a wall in Berlin last year. President Trump has promoted the image of the strongman in world governance.
Why Europe Is Giving Up on Trump’s America
Angela Merkel was right when she said, “We Europeans must really take our destiny into our own hands.”

We've gotten an 'up close and personal' look at the Pub's 'trickle down theory, on the state level, and it's caused two 'failed states'. Louisiana is joining Kansas in the 'failed' category.
David Leonhardt

David Leonhardt

‘A failed state.’ Until recently, Kansas offered the clearest cautionary tale about deep tax cuts. The state’s then-governor, Sam Brownback, promised that the tax cuts he signed in 2012 and 2013 would lead to an economic boom. They didn’t, and Kansas instead had to cut popular programs like education.
Now Kansas seems to have a rival for the title of the state that’s caused the most self-inflicted damage through tax cuts: Louisiana.
“No two ways about it: Louisiana is a failed state,” Robert Mann, a Louisiana State University professor and New Orleans Times-Picayune columnist, wrote recently.


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