Like a third world dictator, Dotard is taking over,

firing those who stand in his way.
Two days before retirement and a pension, FBI director McCabe(R) was fired, because after looking at the facts he agreed with former FBI director James Comey(R), who was also FIRED by the Liar in Chief.
Remember, a LONG TIME AGO, when the Pubs were FOR the FBI and AGAINST the Russians.
Now, FBI directors are fired for telling the truth and Russian sanctions, voted on by a nearly UNANIMOUS Congress are ignored by the Orange Clown, who sanctions a few Russian businessmen, who will NEVER be extradited.
Meanwhile, back in Washington, the Pussy Grabber is battling the Porn Star.
Ain't it great to have the Repubs back?
The FBI’s Deputy Director Andrew McCabe claims his dismissal on Friday was an an act of retaliation after he corroborated James Comey’s account of his troubling interactions with Trump.


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