Now we know how it happened.....

WASHINGTON — With global markets shaken by
President Donald Trump's surprise decision to 
impose strict tariffs on steel and aluminum imports,
the president went into battle mode on Friday: "Trade
wars are good, and easy to win," he wrote on Twitter.
But the public show of confidence belies the fact that
Trump's policy maneuver, which may ultimately harm
U.S. companies and American consumers, was
announced without any internal review by government
lawyers or his own staff, according to a review of an
internal White House document.
On Wednesday evening, the president became 
"unglued," in the words of one official familiar with 
the president's state of mind.
A trifecta of events had set him off in a way that two
officials said they had not seen before: Hope Hicks'
testimony to lawmakers investigating Russia's interference
in the 2016 election, conduct by his embattled attorney 
general and the treatment of his son-in-law by his 
chief of staff.
We KNOW his Chief Economic Adviser, Gary Cohn is
WAY against it....


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