Some people wonder why I'm not always a Flag Waving Patriot

This is the 50 year anniversary of My Lai. Only those of my generation will remember it.

It was my first year out of high school and 'my country' was trying to send me to Viet Nam, where 58,00 soldiers were killed and over a million injured, plus the psychological damage.
The US soldiers weren't the only casualties in a war where the US lost respect throughout the world.
The 'patriots' and clergy condemned people like me, for saying it was a 'bullshit war' but I thought we had learned a lesson as a country, after we were run out of Saigon, in disgrace, seven years later, having won NOTHING.

Then we got the Pubs in power when GW, with his brother, stole the election FL, and he and Cheney invaded Afg (where the war still rages 16 years later), after 15 Saudis attacked the US, then the Pubs LIED us into Iraq, where the country and innocent civilians were bombed into the Stone Age, because we lost control of the dictator, Saddam Hussein, that WE installed, to fight Iran.

It was March 16, 1968, 50 years ago. The American soldiers of Charlie Company, sent on what they were told was a mission to confront a crack outfit of their Vietcong enemies, met no resistance. But over three to four hours, Charlie Company killed 504 unarmed civilians, mostly women, children and elderly men, in My Lai and a neighboring community. 
One elderly man was bayoneted to death; another man was thrown alive into a well and killed with a hand grenade. Women and children were herded into a drainage ditch and slaughtered. Women and girls were gang-raped.
The only person held responsible for mass civilian killings, throughout the entire war, was Lt William Calley, a scapegoat, while US 'defense' contractors 'made a killing'.
Then the Pubs did the whole thing AGAIN in Iraq. 
Sickening, but SO Republican, as they wave the flag and bitch about those who aren't PATRIOTIC. Screw 'em....


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