The Liar in Chief went on a Tweetstorm this morning,

ranting and raving against the 'dishonesty' of the press, esp, CNN, NYT and Chuck Todd.
Are you shittin' me?
What kind of person can look at, and listen to that LYING sack o' shit and swallow HIS crap about someone not telling the truth?
It's a YUUUUGE joke, but not funny, as the clueless, gullible sheep swallow the crap of the worst LIAR in US political history (thousands, averaging over 6 PER DAY) as he bitches about 'the failing New York Times' (total lie), but praises FOXNews, (the Repub Propaganda Network) who publishes more easily provable LIES than every other 'mainstream media' source COMBINED!
And the gullible sheep swallow it and say, 'Thank you sir, may I have another'.
Yup, everyone else lies, but Dotard is 'gold standard' of truth for the clueless minions and the HYPOCRITICAL Evangelicals who've sold their souls for the most UNChristian man possible, BUT he's a Repub, so ANYTHING is forgivable.
Bottom line, we get the politicians we deserve and this country deserves what it's gonna get from the Orange Clown in the White House.
PS, Dotard came unglued when the NYT reported he had met with Clinton's impeachment lawyer, and DENIED it. Since then, FOX and others, incl the lawyer, have confirmed the story.
Will this latest LIE matter to the clueless sheep?
OF COURSE NOT! They are the gullible minions who gave us the Liar in Chief and don't give a shit about the truth....


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