White House Chief of Staff John Kelly

has a 'reason' that he ended up in the Orange Clown's White House.
'God punished me', he said. No shit, his words.
AND, it looks like God's 'punishing' the US also, as the Russians sit back and laugh their asses off.....

Meanwhile, back on Bullshit Mountain, as the White House goes into 'meltdown' mode, their main headline is about a Puerto Rican mayor, who had the temerity to complain, after 6 months without electricity, saying it's all political.
Same old shit from FOXCrap, where the 'gullible among us' go for 'news', from Roger Ailes' contribution to 'Propaganda for the deniers'....
This just in: Dotard's now prasing the tin cup dictators, who have the Death Penalty for drug criminals. I would agree, ONLY in the case of Rush Limbaugh.


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