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Saturday, May 31, 2014

John Oliver stepped in

for Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, and did a fantastic job, a while back. Now he has his own show, called, 'Last Week Tonight, with John Oliver', and it was good this week. He had Ann Coulter, perhaps the dippiest of all the dippy Pubs, who proclaimed, 'Racism is OVER in America, get over it Liberals', then he showed a BUNCH of recent racism. But, perhaps his best sketch, was of the Repub race in Kentucky, where he showed all the things they SHOULD be running on, as KY is near the bottom in SO many areas, (like education, obesity, cancer from smoking, etc), BUT Mitch McConnel is consumed with keeping coal, the largest air polluter in the country, burning in power plants, instead of less polluting, and cheaper, natural gas. Same ol crap from the Pubs, as he's supported by FOX, who denies global warming. Another good John Oliver skit has him complaining the (FOX type) news have one-on-one debates about climate change, BUT, it should be 97 vs 3, as that is what REAL climatologists, (not just Murdoch-Ailes stooges) believe. SO, he had a 97-3 debate, just to 'keep it real'. The Repubs must hate him, cuz he's smart and makes sense, while making them the butt of his jokes,which is SO easy.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Sometimes, an intelligent person

can put the 'obvious' into words. Hillary says that Benghazi isn't a problem of 'not answering questions', BUT, with the Pubs, who, 'don't listen to answers', after ONLY 13 hearings into BENGHAZI, which is the Pub answer to ALL their problems. The Repubs, who cut embassy security budgets, and whose own people admit it was 'too late' to get troops to save the ambassador, have no problem with their witch hunt. Same ol shit, from the same ol shitters. Nothing new here. My problem? Who can't see this? Oh yeah, the sheep, who see NOTHING that Murdoch/Ailes don't approve.

In the FOX'ed up world,

where Iraq is 'No Problem', but Benghazi is the 'WORST EVER", the sheep were bitchin cuz Obama didn't fire Shinseki. Now, the sheep are bitchin cuz Obama made Shinseki the scapegoat by firing him. What kind of 'special' brain does this make sense to? Just like they bitched cuz the Dems didn't fix the TOTALLY WRECKED economy, 'fast enough', they now bitch cuz the Dems can't ramp up the VA, to fix all the broken bodies/minds from the multiple, stupid,  Repub wars that have overwhelmed our healthcare system. And this makes sense to the sheep? RU shittin me? Am thinking a double digit IQ would be an improvement for these idiots, where logic, 'left the building', long ago. Obviously a case of oxygen deprivation, incurred during extended periods of anal-cranial inversions. Nothing new here, as their main plan for returning to the scene of the crime, is to wreck the economy. Finally, something they are good at....

Thursday, May 29, 2014

If you follow and believe FOXCrap,

you realize that killing Osama Bin Laden, restoring home values and hitting all time stock market highs has NOTHING to do with Obama. BUT, the VA scandal and NSA spying is TOTALLY Obama's fault. Welcome to FOX bullshit. Nothing new here.

FOX today, has another idiot,

who found a place to spew. Wayne Alan Root has a double message, bragging about his daughter who graduated from Harvard, after being home schooled, cuz OBAMA screwed up the education system. WTF? How stupid do you have to be, (typical sheep) to realize she was home schooled during the Bush era, BUT, for the sheep who believe FOXCrap, this makes sense. Nothing I can add to this kind of BS, for which FOX is so famous...

Yahoo, my blog is making a difference!

From today's headlines; http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/05/28/may-cable-news-ratings-fox-news-lows_n_5405773.html?ir=Media
Fox News' ratings took a hit in the key demo for the month of May.
The network drew 264,000 viewers ages 25-54 during primetime — the lowest it has had in over 12 years, since August 2001. Its entire primetime lineup — hosted by Greta Van Susteren, Bill O'Reilly, Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity — hit 12-year lows in the demographic.

264,000 in a country of 300 million? Listening to the sheep, you'd think viewership was about 160,000,000, instead of 264,000, which is approx 1/10 of 1% of the population. AND, I bet a lot of those viewers are people like me, who look at it and say. 'Who can believe this crap?' The really sad thing? I know people (naive?, gullible?, willfully ignorant?, stupid?) who actually believe the propaganda from Murdoch/Ailes.

The good news is the FOX audience of old, white, conservative bigots is going the way of the dinosaurs. Wow, who da thunk?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

For the first time.

in a LONG time, I agree with the Pubs, as they call for the scalps of the VA bosses who took a large salary, while vets waited for long overdue care. It's not a political question, although the Pubs want to paint it that way. Bottom line, the Repubs totally overloaded the sytem with millions of vets from Afg and Iraq, as the Viet Nam vets were hittting ths system. There IS a price to be paid for many, long term, stupid wars that the Pubs love to start. Please, show me where I'm wrong..... It's just basic humanity and economics, and the Pubs are on the WRONG side, as always, as the chicken hawks make money at the expense of human lives.

As I face old age, I wonder

what I can do, to share some of the wisdom I've learned, after all these years, and I've decided that the BEST I can do, knowing what I've endured throughout my life, is to post the truth about FOX, the propaganda arm of the Repub party and one of the most destructive forces in America today, as they influence public opinion through outright lies and half-truths. (Excuse me for the pat on the back, but if I don't, who will?) I started my blog, in 2006, and was SO proud and happy, when I got 50 readers per day, a couple years later. Now, I average over 500, from all over the world, and I feel a responsibility to speak the truth, which is the opposite of FOXCrap. Bottom line, FOX is nothing but what the the Pubs WANT the sheep to believe, despite the facts, and they've bought a big glitzy, bimbo-loaded format, with mostly real news, to provide access for their 'opinions/lies disguised as news/facts'. Check it out. Not that hard to do. It's why Google was invented. The big, obvious question? Who believes their crap, and WHY? Bottom line, I'm just a baby boomer who's been lied to, my entire life, by the Pubs, and I've finally earned a platform to dispute their lies. I feel I owe it to my friends, who were killed and maimed in Viet Nam, the Repub's pre-Iraq bloodbath, when they learned how to make money, at the expense of young lives. We all thought it could never happen again. Then we got GW/The Dick and Iraq. Sickening, as the casualties from their wars are now flooding the VA, and they're bitchin' the loudest, while calling Obama 'weak' for ending their wars and not starting new ones. Sickening, but SO Republican.

On the right is the notorious mobster

Whitey Bulger. On the left, is the actor who's playing him in a new movie. Recognize the actor? Scroll down if you don't....

 It's Johnny Depp, obviously.

After having 'The Dick',

Cheney as a specialist on foreign policy, (although he can't visit Europe cuz he'd be detained as a war criminal in most of the countries), and Karl Rove as an expert on politics, (he still can't believe Ohio went Dem, in 2012), FOX has some more X-Spurts lined up, beginnning with a cookbook by Jeffrey Dahmer, then, 'Secrets to Maintaining Weight Loss' by Kirsti Alley, with an intro by Oprah, followed by "Motorcycle Riding Skills', by Gary Busey and 'Sobriety Success Tips', by Toronto mayor Rob Ford. All sure to be hits with the FOX audience, who demand nothing but the best.

Always on the lookout

for hard hitting, inciteful news, FOX has a headline from one of the 'highest' (Oxycontin) rated journalists in the world, who claims, 'Obama Administration Unqualified To Do Anything'. Yup, Rush then goes on to push his award winning (cuz his sheep spammed the 'voting' at his request) children's book, about 'Rush Revere'. FOX and Rush. What a combo, for the double digit IQ crowd, who are also 'titillated' by other FOX headlines, incl, 'Stars Who Take it Off Online', 'Giselle Poses Nude', and 'Kate Middleton's Skirt Blows Up.' High class entertainment, along with 'news', for their 'special' audience.

After ONLY 13 years,

the prez announced we are pulling out of Afg, in a couple of years, and the Pubs are screaming. 'The Dick', architect of the Iraq disaster, still has his X-spurt status at FOX, cuz he can ALWAYS be counted on to dis the Dems, and Karl Rove, the ultimate chicken hawk, and brains of the Repub party claims it will just 'Embolden Our Adversaries'. These a**holes would love to see neverending war, to keep Haliburton and the other 'defense' industries selling everything from bombs and bullets to MRE's, BUT, the American people are sick of their crap. Other than the sheep, that is, who don't have a clue, and whose motto remains, 'If FOX says it, I believe it'.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Finally, the trial of the police officer

who killed the 'neighborhood pet', a magnificent elk who resided in the Mapleton Hill area of Boulder, is scheduled to begin. Sam Carter is charged with several felonies and misdemeanors after he shot the bull, in someone's front yard, for the fantastic antlers, that he planned to sell. First he claimed the elk was injured, and he had to 'put it down', then he claimed it was 'dangerous', though prior messages show he just wanted the large rack. Will be interesting to see if he's treated like Pat Sullivan, the sheriff who traded confiscated meth for gay sex, got only probation, then totally ignored it, as he kept testing positive for meth and alcohol, the few times he showed up for testing.  Different rules for cops in this world, but this guy pissed off a bunch of people.

In other Bullshit Mountain 'news',

they trotted out their 'expert at large' Dr. Keith Ablow, who explained the recent California shooting 'had nothing to do with guns', though the 'shooter' shot several people, AND, although the Pubs are against the gov't being involved in medicine, esp Affordable Care, he claimed mental health in the US can be 'easily' fixed, at low cost. Where does FOX find these idiots?

"Fixing our broken, sorry excuse for a mental health care system in America isn’t rocket science. It could be done in a few years, without huge expense."
He followed that wisdom with:
"Let me also say, Rodger’s murderous rampage had nothing to do with guns. Zero. He killed three of his victims with a blunt object and knife or machete. He injured others with his car. To all anti-gun nuts: Can we agree we aren’t going to outlaw hammers, knives and cars."

As if 'outlawing' guns was on the table. Typical FOX swill, shoveled to the sheep, who don't know any better.

After the horrific shooting in California,

FOX News came out with one of their 'X-Spurts', http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/05/25/fox-news-elliot-rodger-homosexual_n_5389279.html?utm_hp_ref=media who demonized gays, as she claimed the shooter was fighting 'homosexual urges' although that was OBVIOUSLY not true, after learning the facts of the case. Nothing new here, as Bullshit Mountain never lets the facts get in the way of their agenda. Damn homos strike again.... Not sure, but I think it was the same FOX contributor who read 'body language' before the last election and was able to tell that the Dems were liars, but the Pubs were telling the truth. Only FOX has 'news' like this, for the sheep. AND, Karl Rove was on FOX today, explaining that Hillary is 'old and stale'. Talk about pots calling kettles black.

Interesting article in USA Today, this morning,

about dealing with the 'stresses' of retirement. http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/personalfinance/2014/05/27/retirement-five-stressors/9329991/
Some good advice, for us old farts.

After having deer, elk, moose and mountain lions

in Broomfield during the last year, I see they tranquilized a bear, near 7th and Kohl, which is where Carol does volunteer work with the school garden, to teach kids that vegetables don't grow naturally in cans. Am used to seeing foxes, raccoons and coyotes (which Bailey attacks) as well as all kinds of raptors and waterfowl, but seeing a bear in the neighborhood would certainly be interesting.

In another example of their hypocrisy

the Pubs are screaming, cuz the White House screwed up (big time) and published the name of their head CIA guy in Afghanistan. BUT, they want ALL the internal emails and communications made public, concerning Benghazi, with a lot of the same type of information in it, for political reasons. This could get many 'undercover' Libyan informers killed. That's OK though, when the Pubs are after a political advantage, as they did when they outed Valerie Plame as a CIA agent, in an effort to blackmail husband Joe Wilson, who was the leading expert on WMD's in the mideast and claimed it was impossible for Saddam to have any. Joe was right, the Pubs outed Valerie and her entire undercover network was exposed BUT they got the war they wanted and we all saw how that turned out. Stinkin' hypocrites...

Sunday, May 25, 2014

CBS News Sunday Morning show,

was interesting today, with their main piece on Legal Marijuana in Colorado. Basically, they said that nearly 6 months into it, the 'bad things' that many people were warning about HAVEN'T happened. Gov John Hickenlooper, who was against legalization, was interviewed and said he has changed his mind and is happy to try and set the rules that the rest of the nation may someday follow. AND, it's nice to know that there's lots of research going on, to find the actual medical benefits, rather than demonizing it like Nixon and the Pubs have done as they defined it as a 'Schedule 1' narcotic, like meth and heroin, spent billions and imprisoned millions, in their 'Conservative War' against a naturally growing plant that been used as medicine for centuries, with the only winners being Mexican drug cartels. Typical Repub bullshit, that started in the 60's, when my generation didn't want to kill and/or be killed in the Pub war in Viet Nam. SO, they declared war on us.

Pretty time of year

With all the mositure we've had, the plants, flowers and grass are doing real well. Carol's pond area looks esp good, with the new fountains.

A couple weeks ago,

a 'Big Freeze' was forecast, so I wrapped up a few branches of the apple tree in blankets to protect the blooms from the cold. The blossoms that were covered survived, but the rest didn't. Won't have a lot of apples, but we'll have some.

Who hasn't been there?

You have a cold bottle of beer, a big thirst, but no bottle opener. As a public service, here's 20 ways to open it. Some I've done, and a few I wouldn't recommend...

One of my favs, but scariest to watch, was my buddy Scott Harper, who opened them with his teeth. Really...

Great article in the Denver Post, today

that explains something I'd wondered about. How the hell did Rush Limbaugh win a children's book award? Well, it seems the award was voted on, by 'children', on-line, and the Oxycontin-addled windbag urged his sheep to vote for him. For several weeks, between rants against all things Dem, and demanding more wars in the middle east, he urged his double digit IQ audience to vote 'early and often' for his book, and, like the dutiful sheep they are, they did. Read the whole thing here:

In other news, the Repubs offered their plan to repair the economy they broke, balance the budget they wrecked, combat the climate change they don't believe in and end wars (just kidding, they LOVE wars). Their plan is titled, 'Benghazi'.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

My golf game's been pretty good, lately,

(consistently in the 80's) with the exception of my putting. SO, I picked out 4 of my favorite putters, walked to the practice green near the clubhouse, and was able to narrow it down to 2. It's between the Taylormade-Rossa-Monza-Spider-ItsyBitsy (really, that's the name), and my old Ping Nelli. Am gonna choose one, this weekend, and stay with it. Just a matter of developing the 'feel', after taking a couple years off from the game. The good news? Golf is FUN again.

The Denver Symphony Orchestra

had the first of several 'Classically Cannabis' concerts this Friday night.

'As the night wore on, the sticky-sweet smell of marijuana wafted in regularly from the wide garage door that opened onto the patio, which led to another small outdoor area with food trucks and a pair of ice cream and popsicle vendors, where attendees also openly smoked cannabis.'
Read more: Colorado Symphony Orchestra rolls out first cannabis-linked concert - The Denver Post http://www.denverpost.com/entertainment/ci_25827194/colorado-symphony-orchestras-first-pot-concert-classical-gas#ixzz32egmYtDM
To get around city rules, the orchestra sent 'invitations', so it wasn't technically a 'public' event, to those who wanted to be invited, and provided pre-loaded 'vape pens' to the attendees. There will be concerts at Red Rocks (rated #1 venue in the US), with the same format, later in the year.
Wow, 'tis a privelege to live in Colorado'. Could be one of the reasons this area is BOOMING with new growth. Let's say you're a young adult, looking for work, living in Kansas, Nebr, Okla, etc, who enjoys an occasional toke and agrees with the MAJORITY of Amercans that pot should be legal. Hmmm. Possible jail, or a rapidly growing area with LOTS of jobs and a great climate? Hmmm? I wonder why the residential market is booming here?

In another 'WTF" are the Pubs saying?

Mitch McConnell (R), KY, is trying to keep his political seat with the rubes in Kentucky, as he tries to kill Obamacare, BUT, not rile the 400,000 who've already signed up and are happy with it.

WASHINGTON -- Repealing Obamacare has been the focus of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's reelection campaign, though he has been coy about what exactly would happen to the thousands of people who have signed up for Kentucky's successful state health care exchange, KYnect. On Friday, the Kentucky Republican offered a curious response, telling reporters the two issues are "unconnected."
In the Bizzarro world of Pub 'doublespeak', this kinda crap makes sense? Just as the Pubs tried to distance themselves from Romney's highly successful MA state health care, Mitch is telling the yokels they can 'keep their Obamacare', at the same time he campaigns to repeal it. Just goes to show what happens to cognitive abilities when oxygen deprivation occurs from repeated anal cranial inversions, the bane of Repubs everywhere.

As the Kangaroo Court,

run by Repub clowns convenes it's THIRTEENTH investigation in Benghazi, the bozos are fighting over which 'hanging judge' gets to interview Sec of State John Kerry, who already has quite a bit on his plate with REAL business.  Kerry, who wasn't involved with Benghazi agreed to talk with one more inquisition, but has better things to do than waste time with the same crew that had over FIFTY votes kill Obamacare, after it was already a law. If these jerks spent as much time on actual public service as they do fighting Affordable Care and rehashing the embassy attack that occurred after they cut embassy security funding, we'd all have flying cars and there'd be cures for cancer and Alzheimer's...

Friday, May 23, 2014

FOX and the Pubs (one and the same)

are bitchin' (surprise!), cuz there is a campaign to educate the public about global warming, which OVER 97% of climatologists, (NOT Koch Bros stooges) , support. I'm shocked!, that the 'anti-science' clowns, supported by Big Oil money, are against educating the sheep. Nothing new here...

As I watch NBC's Brian Williams,

with the 'Lamestream Media' ( FOX/Pub name for MAINstream media), do a tribute to Bob Dole(R), I realize how different the 'legitimate press' is from Bullshit Mountain, where they would NEVER make a Dem look good. If you can't see the difference, you are a sheep. Nothing new here, as propaganda vs real news, and Murdoch/Ailes vs reality, while the sheep dutifully watch FOX, with their heads planted deeply in their asses.

Good for Nancy,

as it looks like she is also a reader of my blog, cuz she's saying the same thing I've been writing about, regarding the VA problems.

Pelosi took a shot at Bush while saying that the scandal is a high priority for Obama. "He sees the ramifications of some seeds that were sown a long time ago, when you have two wars over a long period of time and many, many more, millions more veterans," she told reporters during her Thursday press briefing.

'Off the books' wars, based on lies, costing trillions, and adding millions more to hospitals, already filled with Viet Nam vets, the products of another Repub disaster. Thanks again, George, Dick, Rummy and the Pub 'Chicken Hawks', whose 'Defense' contractor buddies make a killing, while the soldiers and taxpayers pay the price. The Pubs should be SO proud, as others always have to clean up their messes...

As a public service,

here is my fairly easy solution to a fairly serious problem. A while back, one of the local TV stations showed how easy it is for crooks to break in, if you have an automatic garage door opener, as most of us do. AND, in case the bad guys didn't already know it, they do now. They just push in the top center part of your garage door, with a wedge, pry bar or whatever, and stick a straightened clothes hangar, with the loop to the inside, and catch the 'emergency open' rope, with the plastic handle on the end, and pull it out, OR, just catch the lever, and pull down. The opener disconnects and the door opens easily, as it is designed to do. Pictured below is my 'FIX' for it. The wood piece fills the gap, and is held in place by a nut and bolt, so the hanger can't grab it, and I shortened the rope and removed the handle so it can't be pulled outside, but still works from the inside. Is gonna make it much more difficult for the bad guys, and they've robbed me enuff!

Jimmy Fallon, last night,

had a drum-off between Chad Smith. drummer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Will Ferrell, who claimed that Chad was just one of his 'characters'. After doing an excellent job of drumming, Will reprised his 'more cow bell' role, from SNL, and won the competition, as Flea and the rest of the 'Luke Warm Chili Peppers' joined him. Amazing how much those two look alike, esp when dressed and coiffed the same.

Just returned from Kearney,

where I checked out Harmon Park for a suitable spot for the Memorial bench we wanna do for the folks. Had originally thought the horseshoe pit area, cuz dad won a bunch of Sr Championships there, but they moved them to different part of the park that wasn't nearly as nice. SO, I found a spot near the rock tower in the water gardens area that I think would be perfect. Am in the process of getting it approved with the City of Kearney, and hoping it goes smoothly. I also fixed the lift on the front porch and disassembled it to bring it here, hoping it's easier to sell in the Denver area. Was good to see that Joe and Michelle are doing a good job with the house, esp the back yard. Good trip and got a lot done.

If you wanna read some bullshit about Benghazi,

or the VA scandal, 'caused by Obama', you can find MANY articles on FOX, in their wall-to-wall coverage of all things anti-Dem. BUT, if you are curious about their news anchor Gregg Jarrett, who was arrested and jailed yesterday, for public drunkeness and resisting arrest at an airport bar, shortly after being released from substance abuse re-hab, you're gonna have to go somewhere else. On Bullshit Mountain, all 'news' is evaluated by a well defined filter system. Dems=Bad, Pubs and FOX (one and the same)=Good, and the sheep are fed a steady diet of Murdoch/Ailes approved propaganda. Nothing new here, but it is funny sometimes...

Thursday, May 22, 2014

There's a LOT of blame to go around

in the VA scandal, but nothing really new. With all the finger pointing, let's not forget the main reason for the problems. The Pubs have filled the hospitals with the fodder from their disastrous wars in Viet Nam and (Oops, no WMD's) Iraq. Two, totally worthless, wastes of human beings and trillions of dollars have overloaded the medical care system for the entire country. They can bitch all they want about the system not covering all the carnage they created, BUT, let's not forget WHY we have so many soldiers needing care. The Pubs love wars, and all the $$ for their 'defense' industries, but bitch as others have to clean up the collateral damage of their messy wars. A lot like the economic crash of 2008....

Everyone knows Karl Rove

is a 'pathetic excuse for a human being', but you don't usually hear other Repubs saying it, as Meghan McCain did today.

 She has blasted Rove in the past for allegedly starting rumors that her adopted younger sister from Bangladesh was John McCain's illegitimate black child.
“Karl Rove is a pathetic excuse for a human being and has never publicly apologized for his cowardice and culpability for what was said about my little sister in South Carolina during the 2000 race,”

Turd Blossom, the 'brains' of the Repub party, occasionally slithers out from under his rock, hurls some insults and slithers back. Nothing new here.....

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

FBI Director James Comey

was trying to explain the problem he has, finding competent, intelligent computer experts to fight against hackers.

“I have to hire a great work force to compete with those cyber criminals and some of those kids want to smoke weed on the way to the interview,” Comey said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal published earlier this week, noting he was "grappling with the question" of how to fix the FBI's hiring policies concerning marijuana.

Hmmm. Sounds like a problem, if they want 'highly competent' workers....

Monday, May 19, 2014

Today, the FOX headline proclaims,

'Americans Not As Happy As a Decade Ago',
'Happiness down significantly' from the 68 percent who reported feeling happy back in April 2001.

DUH! When GW started, he had the Clinton economy carryover, and things were going well, until he and the Pubs WRECKED IT. Now, 6 years into Obama's admin, in spite of the Pubs doing everything they can to sabotage the economy (in the name of 'austerity' and getting elected), we are finally 'back' in many areas, incl home values, the stock market and we're getting close on employment. Thanks GW! The obvious question? How can Bullshit Mountain ask this question, without seeing the obvious answer?  I mean, even the sheep oughta see this, in spite of their anal/cranial inversion. Any and every economic chart shows 'The Bush Years' as the biggest disaster since the Great Depression. And some voters wanna go back to 'the scene of the crime'. Are you kidding me????? I don't think our nation could survive another 4 years of Repub policy. How many wars would they start next time, as they hand the economy over to the bankers?

Sunday, May 18, 2014

For some strange reason,

I was thinking about high school, and the football team, esp the backfield. We had a competent QB, (Terry Fairfield) who couldn't run, was a fair passer, but was a good leader and smart. Behind him was a fullback, Kirk Melson, (whose twin, Karl was the center) built like a rock, a great blocker that took 2 or 3 people to tackle, as he went up the middle. At one HB was Jon Cole, state track meet winner, and school record holder @ 100 and 220 yards. NO ONE could catch him. On the other side was Tom Heller, All State HB, Athlete of the Decade in Nebr, who juked, outran and ran over those who tried to tackle him. Our team lost one game, by one point, on a strange night in Scottsbluff.
Just thinking about the 'good old days', and the people who made them. We were special, in many ways, during our 'glory days', that don't seem so long ago, sometimes....

Today's Bullshit Mountain main headline,

has that 'master' of foreign policy, (who can't travel to MANY foreign countries, cuz he'd be locked up as a war criminal) 'The Dick' Cheney, (whom the FOXHoles love to trot out when they need a 'Hit Man'), saying that Hillary is responsible for Benghazi. 'Breaking News' for the sheep! It's like publishing a cook book, with an introduction by Jeffrey Dahmer. Can't this lame excuse for a 'news?' organization come up with anything NEW? What a joke...
In other developments, "Realtime' with Bill Maher copied my blog, and reported on all the alcohol poisoning incurred from the drinking game that required a shot, every time Benghazi was mentioned on FOXNews. Lotta plagiarism going on.....

Friday, May 16, 2014

Really good day,

meeting the kids for some excellent sushi, and hearing from friends and loved ones. Great day to be alive, even though the days are rapidly adding up. Not complaining, though. Life is (really) good.

WOW, is this a 'policy change', from Bullshit Mountain?

FOX, today, says:
The global climate has gone through profound cycles of cooling and warming since long before humans walked the Earth. While public figures and some scientists may disagree, the majority of researchers have concluded that human activities – in particular, greenhouse gas emissions – are now a significant cause of global warming, and they are urging concerted international action.
The inconvenient truth President Obama denies about climate change is that China’s refusal to cooperate in international efforts to address the problem makes U.S. efforts to slow its pace futile.

It looks like, in an effort to mock Obama's policies, the 'Deniers' at FOX, are having to concede that climate change exists. WOW! Someone at FOX is gonna get in trouble, for speaking the truth. BTW, I agree that it's futile for the US to go it alone. Too little, too late. Not sure if there IS a solution, BUT, no doubt that the earth is warming, in spite of what the FOXHoles say...

The 'legitimate press',

came down on Karl Rove for suggesting Hillary had 'brain damage' (after originally saying the injury was fake) and lying about the number of days she was hospitalized, saying it was thirty, rather than three. The FOX response? Hillary shouldn't be 'off-limits' (to FOX lies) cuz she is the Dem candidate for prez, even though she hasn't declared. Same ol' shit from Bullshit Mountain, the propaganda arm of the Repub party.

I did a quick 'double take',

and said, 'what'? I thought the headline said, 'Texans Love a Good Education'. Having lived there several times, for work, I know that is absolutely NOT true, for the strongly conservative, Repub state. The actual headline was, 'Texans Love a Good Execution', referring to the death penalty. Yup, that's the Texas I remember, where a high school degree puts you in the 'upper ecehelon'.

File it under, 'What Else is New?",

as FOX continues the propaganda, years later. Their headlines says the 'war hero' who 'rescued' Jessica Lynch just died. BUT, if they'd read Jessica's book she admits that she was well taken care of by the Iraqi's, after she was injured when her vehicle wrecked in the darkness during GW's invasion of Iraq, based on lies. The entire story of her, 'fighting till she ran out of ammo, then being captured and abused, and later "rescued"', was all bullshit, from the Bushies who were trying to whip up public support for their illegal war. Her 'rescue' came after the Iraqi doctors told the invaders to 'come and pick her up'. It's all in her book, and in her interviews after she was 'rescued'. Same old bullshit, from Bullshit Mountain.

Good article in AOL today, about climate change

and the Repub dogma associated with it. It's about how they can ignore 97% of climatologists, cuz that's what the Party Line (of ignorance) requires. No matter HOW MUCH information supports the issue, they won't admit they're wrong, cuz no one likes to do that. They do the same with inflation, (as I've noted here, many times). From AOL today:
"To see how it works, consider a topic I know well: the recent history of inflation scares.
More than five years have passed since many conservatives started warning that the Federal Reserve, by taking action to contain the financial crisis and boost the economy, was setting the stage for runaway inflation. And, to be fair, that wasn’t a crazy position to take in 2009; I could have told you it was wrong (and, in fact, I did), but you could see where it was coming from.
Over time, however, as the promised inflation kept failing to arrive, there should have come a point when the inflationistas conceded their error and moved on. In fact, however, few did. Instead, they mostly doubled down on their predictions of doom."
Now, five years later, DEflation is a bigger problem for the economy, BUT, does that force the Repub numbnuts to admit they've been wrong? OF COURSE NOT. Just like climate change, they're locked into their dogma, and no amount of facts and information is gonna make 'em admit they're wrong. Same old shit from the same old bullshitters. FOX continues to shovel the swill, and the sheep  continue to believe. It's who they are. As I've said before, when did willful ignorance become a badge of courage?
 PS: There IS food inflation, cuz nearly everything is realted to corn prices, which the Pubs have pushed off the chart, with their stupid Ethanol, which takes more energy to produce than it yields, and because of drought, which is related to climate change, which they continue to deny. True 'jeniuses'.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Thankfully, Bailey isn't the only cat,

who protects the one's she loves.
This video's a LOT like Bailey attacking the coyote in our backyard.

FOXNews headlines scream,

'Obama Approval Rrating at 44%!' What Bullshit Mountain DOESN"T say, is that is DOUBLE GW's when he was run out of Washington on a rail, BUT, his 22% was more than double the approval of 'The Dick', Cheney (9%), who was actually in charge of the Bush disaster, which we are SLOWLY digging out from, 6 years later. What kind of idiots don't/won't remember how they wrecked our country? Oh yeah, the FOX sheep....

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

As I watch TV news,

Colorado =Red
read the Denver Post and see all the brochures we get, wanting us to sell our house, I see a real disconnect, between the rightwing whackjobs who disparage Coloradans, (with our Liberal thoughts and lifestyle), and the REAL WORLD, where people put their money where their mouth is, and want to move here. Sorry, no one wants to leave, and we don't have room for the wannabes, SO, property values are 'off the chart' and not slowing down. It's called the 'real world', of supply and demand. FOXNews sheep need not apply, unless they have a lot of money, and most of them DON'T, for obvious reasons....

Monday, May 12, 2014

There's a whole lotta difference

between Dems and Pubs, but not many are SO obvious, and can be proven, like climate change. I'm claiming the Pubs are (provable) idiots, cuz they deny global warmimg, or climate change, (with ALL the evidence) while they listen to the idiots from FOXNews, who have an obvious agenda, as they are OWNED by big business, and  think there might be some kind of 'regulations', that could hurt the profit margins of the huge corporations who spew the massive amounts of CO2 that warm our planet. Who can't see what is SO obvious? Oh yeah, the FOX sheep, who don't have a clue. Bottom line, it is too late to do anything about it, but that doesn't mean we can't acknowledge the obvious. The sheep, (FOX and the Pubs),just refuse to admit what anyone can see, for whatever reason. Nothing new here, BUT, when did willful ignorance become a 'badge of courage'?

Ex-Arapahoe County Sherriff, Pat Sullivan (R),

who was busted for trading confiscated meth for sex from male prostitutes, has skipped 35 drug tests, and tested positve (for meth) when he DID show up. BUT, his Pub cronies have 'protected' him for the last two years, while he's been on probation for a crime that should have gotten him jail time immediately. WTF? How bad does it have to get before there's some justice for a Repub criminal?  This guy is guilty as hell and laughing at the system, as he stays high on meth with his male prostitute pals, while his buddies in criminal justice look the other way.

Once again, the headline on FOX

says one thing, (The White House Instructed Geithner to Lie), BUT when you actually read the piece, you find it was about a misunderstanding over certain wording, that was soon resolved.

'After the anecdote began to generate attention on Monday, a source close to Geithner clarified to Fox News that the former secretary "does not believe he was encouraged to go out and mislead the public on the Sunday shows."

Same old crap from Bullshit Mountain. The headlines scream one thing (ALWAYS bad about Dems/Obama), but when you 'read the fine print', it's just a scare tactic to rile the sheep. It gets SO old, but at least they are consistent. FOX 'constantly and consistently' LIES....

Because we had fresh snow,

I took Zee (neighbor's Springer) for a long walk on the golf course, today. He was ranging way out front when I noticed a coyote closing in on him and I started yelling, to scare the coyote and trying to call Zee. Then I noticed a second coyote circling behind him. Before I could get there, running as fast as I could, one of them ran at him, knocking him over, while the other one was kinda slowing down cuz I was getting close. The first one ran at him and nipped his hind leg before I could get there. Zee finally saw what was going on and ran to me. The coyotes didn't run, but followed behind us for quite a while. Was kinda scary and if I hadn't been there I think the two of them could have really hurt him, or worse. Too bad Bailey wasn't around to protect us...

In the fantasy world of FOX news(?),

they found out that in certain areas China's economy is set to surpass the US. Could this possibly be because Bush and his crew totally wrecked our economy with the worst recessions since the Great Depression and the Pubs have been fighting every effort to fix it? NO, according to the clowns, it's all because of Obama, (according to FOX) who's put a 'jinx' upon America. (Maybe cuz he's black?)
According to the FOXHoles, it's cuz Obama has focused on green energy (BUT, they fail to notice the US has the highest energy production EVER and is now energy dependent). I was gonna refute the ridiculous article and then thought WHY? The sheep don't have the IQ to understand and if they can't remember 2008 and the HUGE mess after 8 years of Bush and the Pubs, why bother to repond to idiots. It just gives them legitimacy.
In other FOX headlines. 'Being Black and Gay is Not the Same Thing'. Wow, those clowns are SMART, and are trying to educate the sheep, who don't have a clue.....

If I was in charge of the Dems

I have no idea what I'd do, when it comes to the 'Special' committee (lynch mob), put together by the Repub brain trust, to lynch Hillary. There have already been THIRTEEN investigations, with tens of thousands of pages of testimony, the questions have all been 'asked and answered', and the vast majority of the public, according to all polls, 'just doesn't care'. These facts don't matter as the pubs have their pitchforks, torches, pile of firewood and a post is ready for a witch burning. Do the Dems just ignore them and tell 'em to go f*ck themselves, as I would do, OR do they try to have some input as the idiots act like it is SO much worse than their war, based on obvious lies, costing trillions of dollars and thousands of lives, with which they have NO PROBLEM?