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I just realized,

this is as good as it gets. In my comfy living room, in front of the fireplace as a large winter storm moves in, binge watching a FANTASTIC story on Netflix, with my lovely wife and kitty, while I have a good bottle of wine and a pork roast in the oven, with potatoes, onions, carrots and gravy. Wow. Got 3 more episodes and a large snowstorm to anticipate.. Life is good, as I look forward to how 'Making a Murderer' is gonna shake out. Bottom line, cops can be BAD PEOPLE, but it's hard to prove. We'll see...

I've seen and heard a lot about 'Making a Murder'

the Netflix documentary, so, at the recommendation of my daughter, we've started watching the 5 star rated, 10 episode series. Am watching the the 4th of 10 and it's pretty amazing. I know cops and prosecutors do some outrageous crap, but this is ridiculous. Not sure how it's gonna end, but I hope some of the white collar crooks go to jail...

Am watching the Mecum Auto Auction

from Kissimmee, FL, and am amazed by the prices the '63 Vettes (the stars of the show) are going for, at about $250,000. Then, one the exact same color as the'63 split window coupe I had, sold for $710,000! RU kidding? Not sure why, but that's off the chart.

If this is real, and I think it is

it is one of the coolest things EVER. I'm checking out ordering one right now. Check out this U-Tube video (under 2 minutes) of a 'throw and shoot' camera. WOW....

I was gonna write about Wayne Simmons,

a FOX 'News' X-spurt, who appeared on FOXLies over one hundred times, as an ex-CIA, military intelligence officer. FOX called him back MANY times, cuz they could count on him to spout anti-Obama, anti-Dem, pro Repub hawkish views, and he never disappointed. The only problem? He was/is, just like FOX 'News', a total fake. FOX never checked his credentials, but if they had, they would have found he was a two-bit con man from Florida, who swindled people, while working for a limo service, hot tub repair company and ran an AIDS testing clinic.
Like I say, I WAS gonna write about him, and repeat some of his many disparaging quotes about Obama, Pelosi, and just the opposite type about GW and The Dick, but WHY? Those of us who can THINK, already know what FOX-PARP is, and those who get their 'news' there, don't care, so why bother? The fact that FOX lies, all the time, is not exactly 'Breaking News'.
Google it yourself, using Wayne Simmons, The Rise and F…

At least we haven't heard BENGHAZI! for a while,

after the movie '13 Hours' showed what really happened. Now, their BIG DEAL is 'private server e-mails', where NOTHING labeled Top Secret, at the time, was sent.
If this is all the Pub brain trust can come up with, while their candidates are The Donald, and The Greaseball. 'Bring It On'!

I was gonna write, 'WHY I'm a Dem',

but then realized, I'm not truly a Dem, for many reasons. In fact, I've have been registered as an Independent since 2000. SO, it's much easier to explain, Why I'm NOT a Republican.
BTW, for those who forgot, GHWBush and his buddies looted the Savings and Loans (for hundreds of millions), brought 'The Dick' Cheney and Rumsfeld into politics, and set up GW in politics.. 'Nuff said...

1 Their approach to every world problem is, 'More Bombs and Bullets', completely disregarding their MANY mistakes in the past, by ChickenHawks who never served.
2 Denial of so much easily proven science, such as Climate Change, which is a 'given' among those who actually study it, incl over 97% of Climatologists.
3 Their attitudes toward gays, who were 'born that way'. The rightwingnuts act like it's a choice. Remember when YOU had to choose?
4 Their unholy alliance of 'Church and State', which was strictly forbidden by the founding fathers, …

It's easy to look at Iowa and say,

who ARE these people, who love Donald Trump and Ted Cruz? They are the same brainiacs picked Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee, with a strong nod to Michelle Bachmann in previous years. The answer is, they are IOWANS, who are typical Repubs, as in white, old, rural and Evangelical. Sure, they can pick their favorites, but who cares? They have proven their presidential choices to be unelectable, just as the modern(?) Repub party has proven the same thing. Sure, sheep like to be fed the 'red meat', ultra-conservative BS that plays so well in rural Iowa, but when they meet the national stage, and have to appeal to a majority of Americans, those Far Rightwing standards will get thrown in the trash, where they belong, or the election 'won't even be close'.
PS Further proving many Iowans don't have a clue, FOX's Chris Wallace asked Jeb a question every thinking American would agree with, but got booed by the local farmers..
"Given the fact that your brother go…

Wow, before I gagged, and shut it off,

I learned, from the Pub debate, that Obama has WRECKED the United States. RU kidding? Does anyone remember 2008, after 8 years of the Pubs? Can the sheep read an economic chart, whether it be jobs, housing, deficits, stock markets, active wars, lack of terrorist attacks or any other measure of 'FIXING' the steaming pile that GW and The Dick left behind?
Mass amnesia is the ONLY hope of the Repubs being returned to 'the scene of the crime', OR mass brainwashing, by Bullshit Mountain, which is now underway, concerning the weak minded, low information sheep, who let lies and promises take the place of easily documented facts....

30 years ago, after the Challenger disaster,

St Ronald cemented his place in the rightwing psyche, by successfully READING the script put in front of him, much as he'd done throughout his B-movie career, and presidency, with that plaintive look on his well rehearsed 'caring face', while EXPLODING the budget and the national debt, which has become a Repub tradition.
Seems like MORE than 30 years ago, as I have the same thoughts about the empty headed actor who is a hero to the rightwingnuts, but NOT his children, who knew him best and couldn't stand him, with his phony BS as he filled the prisons with pot smokers.
Ronald Reagan=Rightwing hero/joke/jerk.

In the crazy/stupid world of Pub politics

tonight's debate is off the chart, as The Donald and FOX butt heads, in the ButtHead Olympics.
Indeed, the underlying truth here is that if Fox News (PARP) conducted itself as an ethical news outlet, these kinds of messy spats and hurt feelings wouldn't be an issue. Instead, Fox is run as a Republican National Committee marketing arm, or a GOP clubhouse, raising expectations from Republicans in terms of how they'll be treated. Trump clearly senses a weakness there and is now trying to exploit it.
The probable winner? Marco Rubio, who is the Pub's ONLY chance to win, but they aren't known for nominating winners, and it's gonna be REALLY difficult, since most of us remember 2008, and the debacle of the last Repub 'reign of error', that brought our country to it's knees..

Wow, 'bout that time of year..

I can hear it calling....

At first I didn't understand,

but now I do. FOXnews, (or PARP), is at war with The Donald, and this doesn't make sense until you consider the facts. The Political Arm of the Repub Party is worried, cuz the monster they helped to create is loose, and he isn't about to be controlled by the Murdoch/Ailes crime syndicate, like most of their hand-picked candidates. Bullshit Mountain exists for ONE purpose, and that is to elect Republicans, by whatever means necessary, incl blatant lies and biased 'news' reporting, that gets all the sheep on the same page. What's so strange about the discord is that Trump is practically the living personification of the Fox News id: He's a bigoted nativist who wallows in Islamophobia and thrives on dividing Americans and insulting President Obama as an un-American radical
And now, the leading Pub candidate isn't kissing their ass. What's a fake news network to do? Would be interesting to look at the turmoil inside the brain (tiny though it may be) of com…

Not sure who wrote it first

but my buddy Dave and I are both on the same theme. I mentioned the 'evangelicals' flocking to Trump, this morning, and then saw Dave's article today, that says the same thing, only more eloquently, as usual.
The Trump/Cruz phenomena is based not on traditional GOP “ideology” – but rather on the crude underbelly of bigotry and racism that has been at the root of the GOP base ever since Nixon’s “Southern strategy”.
The latest evidence?  Polls show that Iowa evangelicals are now moving heavily in favor of Trump – that bastion of Christian moral rectitude and exemplar of humility, compassion, “turn the other cheek” and unequivocal support for the poor and the meek.  If you made a Venn diagram of “WWJD” (What Would Jesus Do?) vs. “WWTD” (What Would Trump Do?) – the overlap between the two circles would probably less than 5%. But what “evangelicals” really care about are not Christian ideals, but rather losing control of their Norman Rockwell fantasy of a bygone Americ…

For Cliven and Ammon Bundy, and the rightwingnuts,

supported by the whackjobs of Bullshit Mountain, just check out the map (below) and try to comprehend how the UNITED States were formed. The US govt bought (or annexed), the mainland 48 states, but now the bozos who wanna run their cattle on govt land, without paying, while they yell 'Constitution' think they have a claim on govt property. Bullshit!
You can't 'pick and choose' which laws you wanna obey, and hide behind 'militias', while spouting your rightwing crap. Obey the 'law of the land', or LEAVE, OR get your ass shot on the road in Oregon, when you choose armed resistance. It's your choice, BUT, we don't need FOXNews making a 'hero' out of the idiot, who finally got his wish.>A cowboy-hat-wearing Mormon rancher whodied during the arrests of his fellow Oregon occupierson Tuesday night had vowed weeks ago never to be taken alive by authorities.
 Darwin has a 'theory' about his type.

File it under 'Huh'?

Businessman Donald Trump is viewed as the least religious of all the GOP presidential candidates, according to a new report from Pew Research -- but evangelical voters don't really care.
OK, I think I understand. The same group that likes to be told what to do, and 'take it on faith', when things aren't logical, rational or believable, is the perfect fit for a reality star turned politician, making promises he could never keep. The sheep of Bullshit Mountain are the Trump supporters who would turn our country over to an egotistical megalomaniac, then sit back and 'see what happens', as the 'evangelical vote' is united behind a guy that most don't even see as a Christian, after supporting a Mormon last year.
Wow, you can't make this stuff up....

Well, they're at it again...

The mindless, dogmatic morons(R) of the Party of NO!, are refusing to allow any rise in the gasoline tax, that is desperately needed to maintain and repair the nation's highways and infrastructure. While we are paying dollars less for gas these days, and no one would notice, (or mind) paying 5-10 cents a gallon more, to improve the roads THEY drive on, the Grover Norquist ass-kissing Repubs say NO, to raising a tax that has been the same for DECADES, while everything else has gone WAY up.
AS IF, you needed another reason to dislike the out of touch jerks that populate the Repub party, where TRILLIONS spent on a war, based on lies is FINE, but a nickel increase tax on gas is TOO MUCH!
Nothing new here, but a perfect example of  HUTAS, or Head Up Their Ass Syndrome, a common affliction ravaging the Repub party.

The Far Right Conservatives are bitchin',

cuz Trump isn't a TRUE Conservative. Duh... Why do you think he's leading? Most people, by far, can't stand Ultra-Conservatives. Trump is leading because he's a Populist, in every sense of the word. He says what the wingnuts wanna hear, and there are enough wingnuts in the Repub party to make him the leader, outpacing the Tea Party rhetoric of the Greaseball. Luckily, both of them are too far 'out there' to ever be elected nationally, BUT, they can make the Repub nomination 'interesting', for a while', until I see THIS happening.
Cruz and Trump will go after each other with increasing ferocity over the next many weeks or months. There is a decent chance, given their personalities, that they will make each other maximally unattractive and go down in each other’s death embrace.

Until then, the road-show Comedy/Reality Show is fun to watch, esp when empty headed Alaskan Bimbos make a guest appearance, and remind thinking people everywhere WHY they'r…

Just watched 'Margin Call',

which told the same story as 'The Big Short', from a different point of view. Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Irons, Stanley Tucci, Demi Moore and many others do a great job, telling the story of how the US financial system 'tanked' after 8 years of GWBush and the Repubs, as MBS (mortgage backed securities) were manipulated for the profits of a few. Not a pretty story, but one we all remember, as our national economy lost about HALF it's value, while the Big Boys got bailed out, and cashed huge bonuses, at the expense of all us little people.
I understood what happened, at the time, and tried to explain it to the rightwingnuts, who denied reality, over and over. Now, 8 years later, Hollywood is explaining it SIMPLY, so even the sheep can understand, if they WANT to, but I doubt they'll remove their heads from their asses, cuz they don't WANT to know the truth, about who screwed us. Bottom line, unbridled greed(R), in the form of Big Banks and Wall Street pulled off t…

Did you know?

Track Palin's (Obama caused) PTSD was the reason he beat a woman, even though he never even saw combat? Yup, that damn Obama's War in Iraq (or was it Bush's?) caused that poor boy, Son of  Sarah(R), to assault his girlfriend. OR, at least that's what the Wasilla Whackjob would have the sheep believe. Nothing new here, but sometimes the bullshit gets TOO deep to ignore, as the Repub clown car careens down the road, spewing lies in every direction....

Great game yesterday,

as the Bronco's beat the Pat's in a game that came down to the last play. Could have been different if Gostkowski would have hit PAT # 524, but he ONLY hit 523 in a row, OR if Belicheck would have gone for the FG instead of going for it on 4th down, against a fantastic Denver D, OR, if New England had won at Miami, OR, when Belicheck chose to kick-off in OT, and this game would have been AWAY for Denver. Oh well, woulda, coulda, shoulda. Just like real life...
Sets up a good Super Bowl, with The Kid vs The Sheriff, Offense vs Defense, young legs vs Old Man Experience. Looking forward to it, as Denver joins Pittsburgh, Dallas and NE as the only teams to have 8 Super Bowl appearances. Would love to see Old Man Manning (with his cute 4 year old twins) go out with a W. GO Bronco's.

The more I learn about him,

the less I like him, and this is from a starting point of 'I can't stand him', as he tried, almost single-handedly, to 'shut it down', (the US govt) when Colorado was trying to recover from the devastating floods, two years ago, and he stopped VERY NECESSARY govt help, by grandstanding, while reading 'Green Eggs and Ham', in a publicity stunt that hurt SO MANY.
Since then, just seeing his sleazy, greaseball face repels me, but now I find out his 'outsider' status is backed, (over $36 Mil) primarily, by 4 multi-billionaires, from Big Oil and Wall Street, who are courting him for future 'political favors', while he plays the 'religious masses' like a maestro with a wand.
Not only do Dems hate him, but also MOST of the Repubs in Congress, and ESPECIALLY his classmates from college.
Former classmates have come back to cause trouble for Cruz before. Some who knew him at Princeton told The Daily Beast he was "abrasive," "str…

Wow, time's going sloooowwww,

as we wait for 'kickoff' today, and finally see who's going to the Super Bowl. The Bronc's are 3 point 'dogs', but some inspired play, with some timely turnovers, could mean a Denver win, IF Old Man Manning palys the game he's capable of. Gotta admit, even with Denver's (#1) D, the thought of Brady throwing to Edelman and The Gronk really scares me. Could be a 'really fun' or 'really painful' game to watch, but at least Denver's in the AFC Championship game, while most teams are sitting home. GO Broncos!
PS Have a bottle of good tequila, brought home from Mexico over a dozen years ago, and I'm thinking 'shots' after Denver TD's. Am hoping to get 'deep' into the bottle. GO Denver!

In the Denver Post this morning

Medical marijuana eases migraine painBy Kristen Skovira
POSTED:   01/24/2016 12:01:00 AM MSTADD A COMMENT

Migraines can hamper productivity when they strike, but for the first time, Colorado researchers have proof that medical marijuana can help ease that dreadful pain. "We were not expecting the decrease in frequency in migraine that we saw. It was pretty dramatic," said Dr. Sarah Anderson with Skaggs School of Pharmacy at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. Researchers at CU Anschutz looked at dozens of charts from patients treated at Gedde Whole Health, a private Colorado clinic that prescribes medical marijuana for a variety of ailments. Patients can be hesitant to either report that they are using medical marijuana or even inquire about using it in the first place. Of the 121 patients studied, 103 reported a decrease in their monthly migraines. To put it another way, the frequency of migraines dropped from about 10 per month to less than five. Res…

Tina Fey, as Sarah Palin

on SNL last night, was hilarious. It was hard to tell the comedic lines from the actual brainless, blathering 'quotes' that the hot looking, empty headed Repub is so famous for. But, among the Pub faithful, who think St Ronald and GW were 'really smart', she's a rock star. Bottom line, nothing new here, and the reality star turned politician (Trump) hooking up with the politician turned reality star is PERFECT for the FOXNews sheep, where a triple digit IQ will have the rest of the herd looking at you 'suspiciously'.
In other news, the Denver Post, this morning, had the results of a large medical research study, showing cannabis was over 50% effective in relieving the pain of migraine headaches. Wow, over 50%. That's HUGE in the world of medical research. Who knows what other medicinal properties will be 'discovered and confirmed' as the naturally growing plant, that has been used 'medically' for centuries, across many cultures, has ris…

File it under 'WTF?'

On the strip, in Vegas, a 'perp' was brandishing a weapon, SO, the local cops opened fire, and missed him, but hit two bystanders. Wow....

As the storm slams the East Coast, I realize,

'I like to watch' weather events, (maybe cuz I was a disaster ins adjuster for a long time), and I found a channel, called 'Weather Mix' (on DIRECTV), that shows 6 channels at once, and you can choose which one to have audio, incl CNN, FOX, Weather Channel and MSNBC. I normally NEVER watch MSNBC, cuz that would be like the sheep watching FOX, (which they all do), and I didn't wanna be like them, watching propaganda. BUT, as I see them all, simultaneously, I realize that MSNBC is a legitimate 'news' channel, and they are doing a great job, documenting the record-setting snow, that the climatologists so 'luckily' forecast. May have to check back, in the future...

Wow, what a lucky guess

by those stupid climatologists who (several days ago) said a HUGE storm was gonna hit Washington DC and large parts of the East Coast. It's already SECOND all time deepest snow, in several places, (incl NYC and Wash DC) and it's still snowing...
Like I said, LUCKY GUESS, cuz Rush and Sean and the rest of the clowns on Bullshit Mountain claim those 'scientists', in their Ivory Towers, don't have a clue when they talk about weather, and we all know, FOXNews would NEVER lie to the sheep.... Why would they?
Answer: Cuz that's their job, man, to lie to the sheep, and they are VERY good at it. 'Practice makes perfect', in their quest to do, 'whatever it takes', to elect Repubs. Nothing new here, but sometimes it gets REAL obvious....

Wow, a sane Republican?

He doesn't have a chance...
Meet The GOP Congressman Who Wants To Overturn Citizens United Walter Jones says fundraising has "gotten out of hand" in Washington. 01/21/2016 11:36 am ET
The staunch Christian conservative frequently works with Democrats on the topic of campaign finance reform — something few other GOP lawmakers do.
Jones is currently the sole Republican co-sponsor of legislation introduced by Rep. Rick Nolan, D-Minn., that seeks to overturn the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission ruling, handed down six years ago today. The decision gave corporations, including labor unions and “social welfare” nonprofit groups, the green light to spend without limit on political advertisements that call for the election or defeat of federal candidates, or, to keep it simple, the Supreme Court(R) made it legal for Big Money to 'buy votes'. What could possibly go wrong?

I realize we're not perfect (Surprise!)

but we're doing really well, after seeing this article on AOL this morning.
According to Dr. Schwarzbaum and Sussman, the top reasons couples seek counseling/get divorced include: Frequent fighting When one partner wants sex and the other doesn't (or sexual desire discrepancy, as it's known diagnostically) One partner's drinking or drug abuse A difference of opinion on work-life balance Financial stress Weight issues Arguments related to adult children WOW, we're pretty lucky/fortunate, cuz we're pretty much 'on the same page', most of the time, other than the 'frequent fights' when Carol says we have worthless, irresponsible adult children, but I claim there IS hope, for ONE of them, maybe...

Too good....

Click on to enlarge.

Couldn't have said it better myself

Americans of all races, creeds and political persuasions are united today in the realization that, good grief, Donald Trump actually could become the Republican presidential nominee.  Cruz is the No. 2 every politician dreams of being stacked up against in a contest where the road is long and, sooner or later, everybody needs a friend. It’s fascinating how much his fellow Republicans hate this guy.So if Trump does win this thing, he’ll owe it all to the terribleness of Ted Cruz. Policywise, Cruz isn’t much different from every other Republican running around Iowa and New Hampshire. So it’s just himEven in a world full of egotists, the senator from Texas is regarded as off the charts. Yup, the only thing that could make The Donald palatable, is the #2 choice, which is absolutely frightening. And if peeing is #1, Rafael Eduardo is #2.

The snow is falling on the East Coast,

and this is a great interactive chart, continually updated, that shows 'How Much' and 'Where'.

Was reading 'Rolling Stone' magazine this morning,

specifically an interview with Dan Auerbach of 'The Black Keys'. There was an interesting quote at the end, that I related to. Not sure why, but it made sense.
What habit would you like to break?
Habit? My whole life is a habit! My coffee, the things I eat, how I get dressed. If I start breaking habits, I'm fucking with the matrix – I'm afraid to mess with the space-time continuum. And I'm happy with myself, warts and all. All my flaws – fuck it. I'm not trying to be perfect anymore. The people who are around me like me enough for who I am. You can read as many self-help books as you want, but you are who you are. You gotta just start to accept that.

Read more:

I hate the fact we're near the end,

of Downton Abbey, cuz we've really enjoyed it. Is very realistic, in the fact that their is a HUGE difference between 'upstairs, downstairs' as in the moneyed elite, vs the workers. Sorta like the Pubs vs Dems. Tradition vs reality, as the world changes, in SPITE of what the 1% want. Some things never change.

Wow, when I see the 'Rogue's Gallery' of Prominent Pubs

AGAINST trump, incl Glenn Beck, Cal Thomas, William Kristol and many others, I have a new-found respect for the guy. He must be doing something right, if those jerks are against him. GO DONALD!
 PS There are almost as many against The Greaseball. What's a sheep supposed to think? I almost forgot, they'll think what they're told..
Bottom line, ANYONE is better than Rafael Eduardo Greaseball, who could KILL the USA as we know it.

The Charlemagne Pursuit,

that I'm reading now, has another bit of historical fact, about the 'prime meridian', a longitudinal 'starting point'. In 1884, the major nations of the world met in Washington DC, and chose a line through Greenwich as 0 degrees longitude.
BUT, the accurate, ancient maps, 'portolans', used a different point, 31 degrees and 8 minutes west, as their zero line. That line 'just happens' to run straight through the Great Pyramid at Giza. Not kidding. Look it up.
Portolan or portulan charts are navigational maps based on compass directions and estimated distances observed by the pilots at sea. They were first made in the 13th century in Italy, and later in Spain and Portugal, with later 15th and 16th century charts noted for their cartographic accuracy.[1] With the advent of widespread competition among seagoing nations during the Age of Discovery, Portugal and Spain considered such maps to be state secrets. The English and Dutch relative newcomers found …

Am reading a book, 'The Charlemagne Pursuit',

by one of my favorite authors, Steve Berry, who also wrote one of my all-time favorite books, 'The Templar Legacy'. Mr Berry does a great job with 'historical fiction', but the more I read, the more I see a lot of it is NON-fiction. In 'The Charlemagne Pursuit', he tells of an ancient culture, (seized upon and studied by Hitler and the subject of his Aryan Race), that existed and thrived, thousands of years ago. I thought it was fiction, but the book is based around some ancient maps of Antarctica, that are astonishingly accurate, showing the exact contours of the land, beneath the ice, that has just recently been charted, with the use of ice-penetrating methods, with many flyovers and the work of submarines and modern satellite topographical methods.
Here's where it gets interesting..
There is an ancient map, called the Piri Reis map of Antarctica, (that I THOUGHT was fictional), discovered in 1929, from Turkish sailors of the 16th century, drawn in 1513,…

Trump/Palin-Making America Great Again.

Yup, for cartoonists, late-night TV hosts and Saturday Night Live, cuz they are a total JOKE, and, like FOXNews, SOOO Republican.

FOXNews(R) is known for lies and propaganda,

but today's article, 'Stone the Clinton's', may have taken the Fair and Balanced network to a new low, which is hard to do, for an organization who has to 'look UP' to see whale shit.
Political operative Roger Stone exposes a no-holds barred account of the Clintons’ dark secrets to Vipp. Subscribe to my FREE podcast on iTunes They discuss Stone’s allegations of Bill Clinton’s ties to murder, the abandonment of Bill’s African-American son, the identity of Chelsea Clinton’s real father, Hillary’s strange relationship with top aide Huma Abedin and so much more! Read more, on FOXNews.

On The Daily Show, tonight,

they showed 'The Greaseball' claiming 'If I were president, Iran would feel the 'full might and power' of the US, if they took US prisoners' who mistakenly wandered into Iraq's waters, (promising to 'carpet bomb' them?), instead of negotiating their release, in less than 14 hours, which is WAY better than St Ronald did, with Iran Contra. The same idiot who promises to protect US borders, doesn't understand BORDERS.
And the sheep lapped it up, as they always do. Who are these idiots? Oh yeah, the FOXSheep, who LOVE bombs and bullets, and DON'T HAVE A CLUE...
Noting new here, but sometimes it's too ironic to pass up. Rafael Eduardo Cruz=total asshole=perfect pub candidate,

Not sure if it's cuz of Downton Abbey,

and the power of suggestion, but I've been a tea drinker for several months, green and/or black during the day, with Chamomile at night. I really like it, and can see why it's a tradition, around the world. Is fun trying the different types, and am developing definite favorites, incl what goes in it.

Was gonna write about , that documents how the rightwingnuts were/are SO wrong about the effects of legal cannabis, nearly 3 years after it became lawful in Colorado, BUT, I realized the same people who believe FOXNews, won't believe the 'facts', that include the Mexican cartel is GONE from Colorado, schools have gotten over a hundred million in taxes, crime is DOWN, tourism is (way) up, along with jobs and property values. Bottom line, the pros are WAY better than the cons, as MANY children are being treated, and valuable medical research is being done, without the scientists worrying about being sent to jail, as in the Red States(R).
BTW, just watching the news, where they report CO has the 'fastest growing' real estate market in the country. Just a coincidence? WHO CARES what the rightwingnuts think! 'Tis a privilege to live in Colorado...

There're a LOT of Cruz-haters out there,

but one of the most passionate, is the poor SOB, Craig Mazin, who was his assigned roommate, in college, many years ago.
Craig Mazin

✔@clmazin Ted would leave a greasy film on everything. My friend Erik dubbed the substance "Cruhz," rhymes with "scuzz." Now there's Cruhz on my TV. 10:45 AM - 10 Jan 2016 I have 30k followers now, and all I had to do was be stuck in a room with Ted Cruz for a year. I'm sure you're all nice, but SO NOT WORTH IT 3:34 PM - 18 Jan 2016 And Cruz’s former roommate was not alone in his fiery critique. Another man who claims to have met Cruz during his freshman year at Princeton came to Mazin’s defense, tweeting, “I met Ted freshman week and loathed him within the hour.” My freshman year college roommate Ted Cruz is going to be elected Senator. In case I hadn't made it clear, he's a huge asshole. 5:03 AM - 26 Oct 2012 WOW, the Greaseball DOES create passion from those who know him They HATE him. I've never even met him, an…

This is gonna be fun to watch,

while the Repubs tear themselves apart, (even MORE), as the different factions (yup, there are a bunch), try to decide whether to be 'poisoned or shot', (Lindsay Graham's(R) words, today), concerning Rafael Eduardo Cruz or The Donald. It's hard to hear all the whining and moaning, over the Dem's celebration, but the general theme is, 'Trump doesn't look so bad, when compared to The Greaseball'.
Mainly, the reason that Republican leaders are moving toward Trump has nothing to do with him. They viscerally, unashamedly loathe Cruz.
“Nobody likes him.” It's a line Trump has used several times to describe Cruz, but it's also a quote attributed to GOP greybeard Bob Dole that was published Wednesday by The New York Times (of all places). Another former Republican Senate majority leader, Trent Lott (R-Miss.), said the same day that he, too, would take Trump over Cruz. That came a day after Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, the longest-serving governor in the nat…

OK children, time for a quiz,

but don't worry, it's 'open book', IF you know how to use Google. The question.
Of the two presidents, GW and Obama, one took the country's deficit HIGHER every year he was in office. The other one took it LOWER every year. Who did what?
Hint: Google 'US deficit', OR do you really have to? Go ahead and guess....
Hint; The Repubs claim to be the 'fiscally responsible' party. Never mind, that's not a good hint...
Do you know the correct answer?
Hint; FOXNews is nothing but a collection of lies, to elect Republicans, and they claim the Pubs are the most fiscally responsible. NOW do you know? No more hints. Look it up.
Who took the deficit steadily higher, and who took it steadily lower?
BTW, the cost of TWO wars weren't 'on the books', even though they cost trillions, cuz it was an 'emergency', according to GW's bookkeepers, cuz Saddam had 'WMD's'. Ooooops...

Did you know?

According to FOX and the Pubs (one and the same), that Hillary has lost her base AND her credibility, cuz she didn't divorce Bill?
How Hillary Clinton lost her feminist base (and her credibility) Hopefully, women can unite behind Sarah Palin, the true champion of women everywhere. FOXNews and Sarah. What a JOKE...

The numbers are in, and SURPRISE!

it's ANOTHER record heat year, according to NOAA and NASA, although FOX and the Pubs (one and the same) deny it, esp the Greaseball Cruz, who goes out of his way to laugh at the facts. SO, who ya gonna believe, the scientists and climatologists who use facts and measurements, or Bullshit Mountain?
As always it's sheep vs science, and the winner is..... WILLFUL IGNORANCE, cuz if the sheep can't see something SO obvious, what chance do they have with the subtleties of an election? Obviously NONE, as Trump/Cruz/Palin are the heroes of the 'clueless'. Nothing new here, but WOW, how long can you deny basic science, as in 'reading a thermometer'?

In the crazy, insane, illogical world

of Repub politics, Sarah Palin's son's PTSD wasn't caused by the GW and The Dick(R), who sent him across the world to a war, based on lies, to raise the price of oil, BUT, his 'woundedness', was caused by Obama. And the sheep swallow this crap?Paul Rieckhoff, the head of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), criticized the former Alaska governor’s comments Wednesday night.
He tweeted: “We need more programs and less politics to battle PTSD.” Speaking with NBC News, he also said, “"It's not President Obama's fault that Sarah Palin's son has PTSD.” He called PTSD a “very serious problem” and reportedly urged Palin not to “politicize” it.

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