I was gonna write about Wayne Simmons,

a FOX 'News' X-spurt, who appeared on FOXLies over one hundred times, as an ex-CIA, military intelligence officer. FOX called him back MANY times, cuz they could count on him to spout anti-Obama, anti-Dem, pro Repub hawkish views, and he never disappointed. The only problem? He was/is, just like FOX 'News', a total fake. FOX never checked his credentials, but if they had, they would have found he was a two-bit con man from Florida, who swindled people, while working for a limo service, hot tub repair company and ran an AIDS testing clinic.
Like I say, I WAS gonna write about him, and repeat some of his many disparaging quotes about Obama, Pelosi, and just the opposite type about GW and The Dick, but WHY? Those of us who can THINK, already know what FOX-PARP is, and those who get their 'news' there, don't care, so why bother? The fact that FOX lies, all the time, is not exactly 'Breaking News'.
Google it yourself, using Wayne Simmons, The Rise and Fall of a FOX News Fraud. There's LOTS of material. The worst (though not surprising) part is that FOX continued to feature him, AFTER the red flags of his credibility had been raised. Wow, I'm shocked.FOXNews and the sheep. What a joke....


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