I was gonna write, 'WHY I'm a Dem',

but then realized, I'm not truly a Dem, for many reasons. In fact, I've have been registered as an Independent since 2000. SO, it's much easier to explain, Why I'm NOT a Republican.
BTW, for those who forgot, GHWBush and his buddies looted the Savings and Loans (for hundreds of millions), brought 'The Dick' Cheney and Rumsfeld into politics, and set up GW in politics.. 'Nuff said...

1 Their approach to every world problem is, 'More Bombs and Bullets', completely disregarding their MANY mistakes in the past, by ChickenHawks who never served.
2 Denial of so much easily proven science, such as Climate Change, which is a 'given' among those who actually study it, incl over 97% of Climatologists.
3 Their attitudes toward gays, who were 'born that way'. The rightwingnuts act like it's a choice. Remember when YOU had to choose?
4 Their unholy alliance of 'Church and State', which was strictly forbidden by the founding fathers, MOST of whom WEREN'T religious, no matter what the rightwingnuts say. Check out Thomas Jefferson's 'Bible'.
5 Their affiliation with FOXNews, which is the blatant 'Propaganda Arm of the Repub Party', who spews lies, distortions and half-truths to the sheep of Bullshit Mountain. BTW, their "Fair and  Balanced' motto is the funniest EVER.
7 Their total hypocrisy, like bitching about an Immigration Bill, which passed the Senate, BUT, the Pub leaders refused a vote, that would have passed, in the House of Reps, and then they do nothing but bitch. Also, total hypocrites about 'fiscal responsibility', when the only time they care is when Dems need money to fix the Pub screw-ups. Look at all the charts on 'the deficit'. Note who's taken it UP and DOWN.
8 The way they shovel money to the military, which is already outrageously bloated, while denying money for infrastructure, education and job training.
9 Their total lies about "Obama's Gonna Take your Guns' when all he does is ask for the same background checks that MOST Americans agree on.
10 The fact that they, as a group, choose Trump and Cruz as their FAVORITES to be President of the US.. Totally insane, but SO Republican.
11 Remember Iraq? Trillions of $$ to destabilize a large part of the world, on 'Oops, No WMD's', after everyone thought Viet Nam could NEVER happen again?
12 Remember 2008 and how they 'Crashed' the economy, the last time they were in charge? See 'The Big Short', if you don't understand.
13 They criminalize cannabis, although a large majority of Americans say it should be legal.
14 They disrespect women, by shutting down Planned Parenthood, which a large majority of Americans (and BY FAR most women) are in favor of.
15 They are always for the 1%, at the expense of the 'rest of us'.
16 Their refusal to consider paying for advanced education, and medical coverage for citizens, like the rest of the civilized world.
17 Their 'base', is the low education/income, racist Southern Bible Belt
18 I grew up with the Pubs trying to send my ass to Viet Nam, OR to prison, for smoking pot.
19 They authorized 'Buying Votes', with Citizens United(R).
20 Their favorite candidates are The Donald and Rafael 'Greaseball' Cruz. RU Kidding!
21 Social Security and Medicare were fought 'tooth and nail' by Repubs, but most of us 'old folks' think Soc Sec and Medicare, (that we PAID into) are a good idea, and you will too, if/when you older. Screw the Pubs, who think ALL $$ needs to 'Trickle UP'.

Gotta go now, REALLY, but could go on for a LOT longer, on WHY I'm NOT a Republican, but 21 reasons should be enough to explain. The only question? How could ANYONE (but the 1%) support the Koch Bros financed plutocracy?????
BTW, Look at the FACTS (chart below) on the deficit, and the truth about St Ronald, the B-Movie Actor, who excelled in 'reading a script', and started the Repub tradition of 'looting the treasury'.


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