It's easy to look at Iowa and say,

who ARE these people, who love Donald Trump and Ted Cruz? They are the same brainiacs picked Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee, with a strong nod to Michelle Bachmann in previous years. The answer is, they are IOWANS, who are typical Repubs, as in white, old, rural and Evangelical. Sure, they can pick their favorites, but who cares? They have proven their presidential choices to be unelectable, just as the modern(?) Repub party has proven the same thing. Sure, sheep like to be fed the 'red meat', ultra-conservative BS that plays so well in rural Iowa, but when they meet the national stage, and have to appeal to a majority of Americans, those Far Rightwing standards will get thrown in the trash, where they belong, or the election 'won't even be close'.
PS Further proving many Iowans don't have a clue, FOX's Chris Wallace asked Jeb a question every thinking American would agree with, but got booed by the local farmers..
"Given the fact that your brother got us into two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that have still not ended," Wallace said, facing boos from the audience, "what lessons have you learned from his mistakes, sir?"
Iowans, not the brightest bulbs in the chandelier...


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