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I LIKE living in a nice part of town,

but the word has gotten out. Good Candy, and the 'kid gangs' come in mobs, which I can tell (not to be racist, but), don't live close to this neighborhood. Which is OK I guess, but when they start grabbing candy by the handfuls, it kinda pisses me off, and I'm not afraid to grab a wrist, and say 'cool it we're about out', after we've gone through a hundred candy bars. I just need to start yelling, 'Get offa my lawn!' and I'll be the perfect old curmudgeon. BUT, when you're 15 years old, too lazy to put on a costume, and you're grabbing candy by the handful, we got a problem.
That being said, I love to see the neighborhood kids in their cute costumes, and most of them, by far, are very polite, and appreciate their 'treats'.

Although the rightwingnuts love to bitch

about the CNBC "Liberal Attack' on the Pubs, if you Google 'CNBC, conservative, liberal', you will find MUCH more on them being Conservative, than being Liberal, although they try hard to stay 'middle of the road'. I watch them every day, and believe me, a Lib show would not feature Rick the Dick Santelli, Larry Kudlow, Michelle Caruso-Cabrerra and the host of Tea Party idiots they allow to give their 2-cents worth. Unlike the occasional Lib on FOXNews, who gets beat up on by the huge majority of rightwingnuts, before he gets shouted over and cut off, I see ZERO political affiliation on CNBC, as it SHOULD be on a financial show. Just sayin'......, as the Pubs bitch about 'Oh, CNBC is picking on us, with tough questions'...... The huge, OBVIOUS problem with the 'debate' was the Pubs just ignoring the questions, and preaching to the choir, and then attacking the 'mainstream media', which is WAY different than FOX, the propaganda arm …

In what should be OBVIOUS,

to anyone but the rightwingnuts, the White House isn't going along with the Attack Dog Repubs plan to find SOMETHING,,,,ANYTHING, to use against Hillary, in their efforts to get private emails between the president and his Sec of State, citing confidentiality between a president and his cabinet.
BUT, the rabid Repubs aren't backing down, citing these as NECESSARY, for the Ninth Act, in their on-going Inquisition.

WASHINGTON, Oct 30 (Reuters) - The White House will not release emails exchanged between President Barack Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a senior administration official said on Friday.The emails will be protected by the presidential records act, which shields communications of sitting U.S. presidents from public view."There is a long history of presidential records being kept confidential while the president is in office," the official said. SO, rather than focus on the mumbo-jumbo, voodoo economic plans of the Pubs, based on cutting ta…

Must be the weekend,

cuz it's morning and I'm already riled. Due to lack of 'real' news shows, and Financial markets being closed, I glanced at Bullshit Mountain, and caught 'em bitchin' about immigration. Yeah right... The same clowns who refused to allow a vote (that WOULD have passed, bi-partisanly) in the House, after it had already passed the Senate, now bitch cuz they don't like the current immigration laws. Can you say HYPOCRITES? Then they went on to bitch about the poor Big Oil, who's losing LOTS of jobs, while ignoring the effects of more money in the pockets of everyone else. Who ARE these idiots????

I just realized, I'm biased and prejudiced

I don't really know what Ted Cruz's actual political beliefs are, BUT, I know I can't stand him. Like Rush's voice, Ted's swarmy face and snarky attitude just turns my stomach, Probably not justifiable, or right, but that's the way it is, as most everything out of the 'anti-immigration immigrant's' mouth is repulsive, before I even hear what he's saying, then it gets worse.
Although I can't stand looking at his ugly mug, there's something about this particular picture that appeals to me....

Let's see here...

The CNBC moderators claimed:

Ben Carson's math was all wrong, (and it was)
Donald Trump had wrongly attacked Mark Zuckerberg (was all true)
Carly Fiorini's HP had done FAR worse than comparable tech companies (it did)
Marco Rubio missed over half of his Senate votes (he did)
BUT, Ted Cruz became a hero when he attacked the 'mainstream media' for the fore-mentioned 'attacks'. Same old crap in PubWorld. Shoot the messenger and muddy the water, while ducking and dodging the question. Why mess with a winning formula, when the sheep don't have a clue?

In PubWorld, they were shocked

when Ben Carson's 'math' was criticized, as he showed he didn't have a clue about the Federal Budget/Deficit. BUT, the next day when he was shown, with the pesky things called 'facts', how ludicrous how statements were, he replied, 'Wellllll, an amateur built Noah's ark and professionals built the Titanic', and the sheep went wild, cuz 'he shure showed them pointy headed Liberals who's the smartest, yuk, yuk...'
Yup, this passes for 'fact-checking' in the world of 'rightwingnuts vs reality', and the whackjobs are claiming a HUGE victory, in their world where myth trumps science. If this nutball actually had a chance, I'd be truly scared, but c'mon, these are the same people who chose Bachmann, Santorum and Hermann Cain as their choices to run our country, before deciding on Mitt, with his magic underwear and Mormon beliefs. Would be scary, if not so funny, (or is it the other way around?)

In typical rightwingnut fashion,

the whackjobs post a diatribe, then feel SO superior. BUT, if you actually READ what they are saying it's all bullshit. No one's out to 'take their guns'. No one's out to 'ban meat'. No one's out to 'surrender gracefully', BUT these nutjobs hear it SO often from Bullshit Mountain, they believe it and regurgitate it, patting themselves on the back for 'bein' so durn smart'. Take a look at their manifesto, that only gets worse...
Difference Between Liberals & Conservatives Difference Between Liberals & Conservatives

If a conservative doesn’t like guns, he doesn't buy one.
If a liberal doesn't like guns, he wants all guns outlawed.

If a conservative is a vegetarian, he doesn't eat meat.
If a liberal is a vegetarian, he wants all meat products banned for everyone.

If a conservative sees a foreign threat, he thinks about how to
defeat his enemy.
A liberal wonders how to surrender gracefully and still look good.

How any…

After last night's Repub fiasco,

the sheep are celebrating, and Hillary is laughing, saying 'Bring it on, and BTW, I'll tie one hand behind my back'. This should be funny, as we see the Repub brain trust on display. Wow....

I'm gonna make a FORTUNE,

selling old, used lottery tickets to the sheep. Am gonna advertise on FOXNews,
 "7 Year Old USED Lottery Tickets For Sale", (to the suckers who buy them, trying to escape their trailer park existence).
They don't have a clue, obviously, what happened in 2008, cuz they want the Pubs 'back in power'. I'm gonna be RICH, although I feel kinda guilty for taking advantage of the low IQ 'special needs' portion of our populace, sorta like the 'clown car candidates'.

Shooting the messenger is standard policy,

in Pub world, and it worked again, as Jeb mentioned that Marco had missed approx 70% of his votes in the Senate,cuz he's been campaigning instead. BUT, Rubio pointed out, SUCCESSFULLY, that Marco hadn't bitched about John McCain doing the same thing. BULLSEYE, for the Repub clowns, who don't give a shit about the issue, if they can kill the messenger. Has always worked for them, and always will, cuz they have a REALLY low-info crowd to impress. BINGO!!!

The CNBC moderators oughta be PROUD,

cuz if FOX is bitchin', you probably did a good job. Congratulations on asking some 'real' questions, although you just got canned answers, from the clowns who have learned what the sheep wanna hear, and these are the 'low info' voters that are gonna pull the lever. Just say, 'mainstream media' and they REALLY get riled, cuz they KNOW the only 'real truth' comes from FOX, the propaganda arm of the Repub party. Nothing new here, but SO funny and predictable.

After watching the slippery, slimy candidates

I accused them of 'ducking and dodging'. Seems I wasn't the only one who thought that. The Huff Post main headline said, they' Dodged and Ducked' the issues. Not the first time I've seen my blog plagiarized, OR, it could just be that was the best way to describe the 'slippery critters' who oozed onto the stage in Boulder, and answered the question 'they wanted to be asked' instead of what they were ACTUALLY asked. Oldest trick in the book and I'm surprised they didn't get called on it, MORE, but the sheep are so EASY....

The sheep were ecstatic

when one of their heroes, Ted Cruz, was asked a question about the debt ceiling, concerning his desire to shut down the govt over it, and he launched into a rant about ' the mainstream media', WITHOUT looking at his notes, while he totally ignored the question, for obvious reasons. WOW! It didn't matter to low-info minions that half of what he said about the prior questions he just 'made up' and it was all about 'not answering', and 'shooting the messenger', that has worked so well for the Party of NO. Sorta like when Dan Rather had piles of evidence that GW had skipped out on his military commitments by dodging his service in the Natl Guard. They concentrated on ONE questionable document and totally ignored the MAIN issue, which was undeniably true. They learned a valuable lesson. Ignore the issue and attack the messenger, cuz the sheep don't really care about those pesky things called 'facts', as long as they are  kept continually …

The Repub attack dogs

finally have a bone they can chew on. After bitchin' and moanin' for nearly 3 years about BENGHAZI!, after 8 Congressional Hearings, innumerable committees and outrageous attacks, it has all coalesced into one argument that is actually true. Hillary and the State Dept initially said, for the first few days, that the attack was inspired by a film, when it was actually a long-planned raid by a terrorist group. AND, this UNFORGIVABLE news blurb was during an election year when her boss said AL Queda was 'on the run'. Are you shittin me? THIS is the HUGE news for the sheep that they need to keep 'riled'? The same clowns who started a disastrous war, based on a litany of egregious lies, think this is TERRIBLE, and their minions line up to swallow the swill, OMG!, Hillary lied, (before all the facts came in) and she should be CRUCIFIED!
OK, go for it, clowns, and if this is the best you can come up with, prepare to enjoy to hearing 'President Clinton', all o…

CNBC, the financial channel,

sponsored this ECONOMICS debate, and they have always gone out of their way to be non partisan, even having Rick the Dick Santelli as a regular. BUT, whenever the clowns didn't like a question, it was always the Mainstream Media that was picking on them, and FOX jumped all over the same crap. Yup, ask a real question and you get labeled Liberal and ignored. Same old crap from the same bad actors, when they can't/won't answer a simple question.

As I turn it off, for the last time,

I'm sickened by the clowns who NEVER answer the question, as they turn everything around, to Hillary and Barack, who inherited the worst economy since the Big D, and have gradually been fixing it, in SPITE of the Pubs, who wrecked it. These clowns must have used a whole jar of Vaseline, before walking onstage, as they slip and slide away from every real issue. with their typical answer being 'why should we listen to you, cuz you're from the mainstream media, who loves Democrats'. And the sheep say Amen, and don't give a shit that the questions don't get answered...

There was a time I assumed

that most people were 'intelligent'. WRONG. Most people, by definition, are average and BELOW average intelligence. who nod their heads and agree when the clowns talk about 'Obama's $18 trillion debt, when most of it, BY FAR, is from the Pubs, and their stupid wars. SO, they are prime candidates for FOX bullshit, just by definition, and obviously proven by looking at Red State/Blue State stats. There's a reason the educ/income leaders are over 90% Blue, and the bottom are over 90% Red. Look it up, IF you are able. Have never seen it SO obvious, as when I watch the Pub candidates, duck, dodge and lie, cuz they know the sheep don't know, OR just don't care...

Just like I 'choose not to'

poke myself in the eye, or eat rotten meat, I can't stand to watch the Pub clown show, and the crap they present as fact, while ducking and dodging the questions that are asked. I'll read about it tomorrow, but I refuse to be part of the Repub fiasco, posing as a 'debate', esp when there's a World Series game on.

Thank God,

the World Series is on, and I can switch to reality, as the clown car candidates totally DISTORT reality, and ignore WHY our country and the MidEast is struggling, after they screwed up everything they touched, last time they were 'in charge'. God help us, if they can lie their way in, AGAIN, as the 'low info' sheep swallow their crap, hook, line and sinker, as they either can't remember, or DON'T CARE, about what happened in 2008, after 8 years of their 'reign of error'.

I see, on the news,

how Prince Harry feels a calling to help the Wounded Warriors, after his country was conned, by GW, to join in the war (that wrecked Tony Blair's career), 'based on lies', and SO many were killed and wounded. I often wonder, 'How the hell does the does the cowboy conman SLEEP, when he sees all the people, whose lives he WRECKED, to raise the price of oil, for The Dick Cheney, and all the Texan Big Oil and Big 'Defense' contractors, who got the no-bid contracts, and pillaged the US Treasury for $hundreds of billions$ of 'ill-gotten gains'. I don't care how dense/stupid he is, those faces and mutilated bodies have to haunt his thoughts, as W tries to sleep each night. Screw him, and the horse he rode in on....

For the rightwingnuts

Speaking of the economy, check out the Clinton, then Bush(R) years, as GW totally 'crashed it', and look how the Obama years are gradually bringing it back. Even the 'really slow' (R), oughta be able to see something SO obvious, as the crash of 2008 was by far the worst since the Big D.

I would have loved

to have been a fly on the wall, as the Repub leadership smacked down the 40 or Tea Party rightwingnuts who are TOO FAR RIGHT, for the Far Right Pubs. The jerks who had nothing to lose, and had planned to 'shut it down' in a futile attempt to show their home districts 'I'm the MOST Conservative dickhead in Congress', obviously got their peepees whacked by someone in Pub leadership who finally grew a spine, and realized not all Americans are as brain dead as the FOXNews sheep, and there would be consequences for another rightwingnut temper tantrum. Finally, the hint of 'adults in charge' in the GOP, but I'm betting it doesn't last, for a party whose fave clowns are The Donald and The Doctor, who have a total of ZERO experience running the govt. Oh yeah, this is the same party who picked Sarah Palin to be a heartbeat (of an OLD man) away from running the country, AND totally wrecked the economy last time they were in charge, SOOO, what can you expect …

The clown car candidates are bitchin',

cuz all 14 of them don't have luxurious private rooms, after the RNC decided on the Coliseum at CU for their upcoming debate. Wow, I'm shocked that the CU Fieldhouse isn't up to the palatial expectations of all FOURTEEN of them, incl those who don't even have ONE% support. What a joke....
PS, After taking over the student's campus, the GOP allowed a grand total of ..................................
100 tickets, out of 11,000, for students to attend the event. How generous of the clowns, who obviously don't want the world to see what CU students think of the Repub 'talent show'.

After FOXNews, TOTALLY made up the 'news'

that Hillary was considering 'mandatory' gun buy backs, the NRA came out with
An even more disturbing NRA revelation was largely ignored by media last week, however. On October 20, the NRA tweeted a link to a blog post by North Carolinian and former PJ Media writer Bob Owens with the text, "Make no mistake, anti-gunners are 'calling for forcible disarmament.'"

Forcible disarmament? No wonder the low information, FOX news sheep are so riled. THE DEMS ARE COMING FOR YOUR GUNS! And you wonder why I can't stand the rightwingnuts who just 'make it up', and the sheep who mindlessly swallow their crap.

Rick the Dick Santelli,

the darling of the rightwingnuts, who has been CONSISTENTLY wrong, about EVERYTHING he has predicted in the financial world, as he has screamed about 'runaway inflation', for the last 7 years, while just the opposite is true, was bitchin' about the US economy this morning, AGAIN. Oh really Rick? As compared to what? The world economy? No, Rick, that can't be, cuz Europe, Asia and South America would LOVE to be us, as they are struggling with the 'austerity' you embrace. Compared to the US economy the last time you jackhole Repubs were in charge? When it took over $860 bil in checks to GW's Big Money pals to stop a total implosion? Surely you jest... Maybe compared to what 'it could be'? Pretty tough to grow an economy when the Pubs fight everything (unless it's war or military) incl much needed infrastructure, job training, restructuring student debt, that is one of the WORST economy killers, as the Pubs choose Big Banks over students EVERY tim…

I was a little surprised

when Dennis Hastert(R) was busted for paying hush money to cover his sexual misconduct with children, BUT, I think the big question oughta be, "How did this former high school wrestling coach get to a point, (through Repub politics) where he had an extra $2 mil laying around, to pay his blackmailer? I think this says a LOT about money buying politicians, which is FINE in PUBWorld, as the Supreme Court(R) says buying votes OK with them. Sickening to get to the point where a Pub politician banks this kind of money, on the side, cuz his Congressional salary sure didn't fund it.
The Pubs spent over two years with Whitewater investigations that found ZILCH, BUT did find a stained blue dress. Let's check out the source of Dennis 'The Perv's' huge bank account, in an era where GW and The Dick were able to 'grease their way' with their fellow crooks(R), and lie the country into war. Or was it from the farm states and the 'ethanol' fiasco? Was a milita…

Does anyone else think

that it is nearly impossible to believe that the top 2 Pub candidates are The Donald and a guy who DOESN'T believe in evolution, but DOES believe the literal Bible story that the earth, and everything on/in it was created in 6 days, and is 5000 years old? Seems impossible, but the rightwingnut Pubs never cease to amaze me, as they would turn the country over to someone with NO EXPERIENCE, and a serious mental deficiency. Just when I think they can't get any more strange/ignorant/stupid, the Repubs always 'ramp it up'. Insane, but SO Republican...

I have a problem with organized religion

as I see the TV preachers, like Jim and Tammi Baker, Jimmy Swaggart, Oral Roberts, Benny Hinn, Pat Robertson, the Crystal Cathedral, New Life Church and other charlatans, who preyed on my mother, who was a loyal tither, and sent tens of thousands of dollars to these crooks. Sorry, but I get SO tired of seeing their pleas, in the mail, for more money, years after she passed, and then I look at her checkbook to see why. Of course it was HER money and she could spend it how she wanted, but these jerks are relentless, as they suck $$$ from the 'believers', as part of their multi-million dollar business, that pays for their extravagant lifestyles and Rolls Royces. Look it up, if you don't believe me...

It's THAT time of year,

when we look for a 'ski deal', cuz skiing has gotten SO expensive, unless you get a senior/local/weekday pass. We used to pay $3.50 for an all day ticket at Keystone, NO SHIT, and now that same ticket is over $130. SO, we're looking for 'deals', cuz we have access to a condo at Keystone, (thanks Nate and Laura) and we can ski during the week, (avoiding the toxic weekend crowds). When I get too old to ski, just toss me in the ground and shovel in the dirt. Have skiied for about 45 years, with my lovely bride, and we've gotten kinda good, esp while we listen to tunes in our earbuds.
Life is good!, sometimes great, esp if you live in Colorado, where the world comes to play...Pic is from Steamboat, on one of my fave runs, and fave towns.

There was a time when I was against

the Pubs forcing Hillary into the 9th Inquisition, as they plan to do, cuz 8 Congressional Hearings just 'aren't enough', as the double digit IQ rightwingnuts can't stop screaming about the 4 Americans who were killed, while the thousands in Iraq are No Big Deal, cuz, Hey, GW got bad info, and 'everyone makes mistakes', but OMG!, Hillary needs to be crucified cuz she didn't anticipate the problem and personally show up with an RPG.
Now, I'm saying 'Go For It', you partisan hacks. You're not fooling anyone, except the low information, low IQ crowd, who are EASY to fool, and it makes a perfect showcase to for Hillary to 'show off' her obvious intellect in the face of her accusers who will make asses of themselves, AGAIN.
JUST DO IT, is my recommendation to Trey, and the IN(R) Congresswoman and Rep Pompeo, KS(R). Remind us AGAIN, what a witch hunt actually looks like. Your Salem forefathers, thumping their Good Book, would be SO proud.…

After reading/seeing 'real' news,

I like to scan the headlines at FOX, to get a good laugh, and see what the latest talking points are, to keep the sheep 'riled' and afraid. Got a good laugh this morning, at one of their headlines.

Go inside the sperm 'factory' that's supplying the world

Instead of GO inside, didn't they mean COME inside? Sorry, couldn't resist, as I get my daily laughs from the BS at Bullshit Mountain, the Fair and Balanced (funniest name EVER) site, for those who know what they WANNA hear, and are never disappointed.

Interesting graph on AOL this morning

that showed the largest corporate donors to political campaigns, and most were split, nearly 50/50, between Pubs and Dems, covering their bets. Until you got to the Big Defense contractors, like Raytheon, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, etc, then you saw a HUGE majority of their $$ going to the Pubs, cuz they KNOW with a Pub in office they are much more likely to get a LOT more business. And their business is bombs and bullets, and all the other 'war-related' products. Yup, the Supreme Court(R) has made it legal for corporations to buy elections, and those who profit from war, and suffering it causes, DEFINITELY want the Pubs in Power, to the surprise of NO ONE. Nothing new here, but nice to see it laid out in black and white, or Red and Blue..

You ever notice?

click on to enlarge that the bigger the 'wuss' is in 'real life', the more likely they are to be a HAWK(R), when it comes to the US military getting in wars all around the world? Led by the 'ChickenHawks(R)' in Congress, the same wussies who never fought/stood up to a bully in their lives, think the US oughta 'kick ass' all over the world. In the real world you only fight when you can win. It's nearly 100% in my observations, that the jerks who have never been in a real fight in their lives, (cuz they might get HURT) are the same ones who never saw a war they(R) didn't support. Nothing new here as some things never change...

Wow, it's fun to watch

as the Cowboys get beat by the Giants, having an interception returned for TD and a kickoff run back for a TD, AND the Cowboys muffed a punt at the end You may know how much I like (arrogant) Texans, who think they are 'special' cuz  oil underground has allowed them to prosper without education. Good Sunday as the Broncos have a bye week, getting ready for the Packers. What a great fall day, looks like a great golf week coming up, and the mountains are covered with snow. Life is good.....

As I've said MANY times,

I don't care what some people choose to believe, BUT, when they get together and 'vote in' people like GW and The Dick, and are now looking at The Donald and The Dr, following the bullshit from FOXNews, then it scares me, and I'm not gonna stay silent. Mass ignorance, in HUGE numbers, is DANGEROUS....

Although Noah's Ark is 'off the chart'

when it comes to 'RU kidding' stories, my favorite 'You gotta be kidding' myth is the one about God 'stopping the sun' so the Jews could be slaughter more people. Keep in mind, ancient people believed the sun circled the earth, BUT, for the sun to 'stop', means the earth had to stop turning. And people(R) believe this? (hint, the same ones (R) also believe Rush, Bill and Sean). Can you imagine the oceans SLOSHING over the shores if this ACTUALLY happened?
12Then Joshua spoke to the LORD in the day when the LORD delivered up the Amorites before the sons of Israel, and he said in the sight of Israel, "O sun, stand still at Gibeon, And O moon in the valley of Aijalon." 13So the sun stood still, and the moon stopped, Until the nation avenged themselves of their enemies. Is it not written in the book of Jashar? And the sun stopped in the middle of the sky and did not hasten to go down for about a whole day.14There was no day like that before it or …

I just realized,

I'm trying to use logic/rational thought against rightwingnuts(R) who believe 8 men, each over 500 years old, used felled trees (there were no sawmills) and pitch, to build a ship bigger than a football field, and gathered 32,000 animals, and food to feed them for 40 days.
 BUT, they say, it was just referring to 'local flood'. WRONG! Read your good book, that is NOT what it says, no matter how much you like to duck and dodge. No wonder Karl Rove and FOX decided to enlist the sheep, which happen to be the largest voting block in the US.  My hat's off, to the genius of 'turd flower', W's name for Karl, who orchestrated the biggest/best con of our age, as the Bushies laughed at 'em behind their backs. Look it up, (it's called Google), cuz you won't believe me, as you support the same crowd who almost wrecked our country, the last time they were in charge. Remember the good ol' days of 2008?

Some people don't understand,

why I have a problem with the 'infallibility' of the Bible. Well here's a FEW of MANY reasons. Click on to enlarge.

As always, I feel I need to

point out that this blog is my 'release', as I see the stupid crap some people do and say. I could pester my friends and family with my thoughts and opinions, but I choose to unload my frustrations HERE, instead of thinking the 'unthinkers' will actually consider logical, rational thought, instead of swallowing/regurgitating the talking points of the Propaganda Arm of the Repub Party, better known as FOX 'News?'. Works for me.....

It never ceases to amaze me,

how the same rightingnuts who had NO PROBLEM with thousands killed and trillions spent, on a war based on lies, can go batshit crazy about 4 people killed, and after EIGHT Congressional investigations, that produced NOTHING, indignantly say, 'We need MORE investigations'! If there were ever a 'litmus test' for being an ignorant sheep, this has to be it. Nothing new here, but OMG, who ARE these people, and what do they use, in place of a brain, in their FOX-induced fantasy world?

Only on FOX could you have the following headline, with a ?

IRAQ A US MISTAKE? Blair says invasion played key role in rise of Islamic State
Yup, only on Bullshit Mountain would you find a ? after 'Iraq Invasion a Mistake'Same old shit from the same clueless clowns, who present The Dick Cheney as a foreign policy X-spurt.And some people (sheep) believe this crap?

As I bitch about the sheep, who don't have a clue,

I only have to look within my own personal relationships, to those who haven't had a clue, forever, when it came to actually 'making a living', but consider themselves political 'experts' while getting their 'news' from Bullshit Mountain, the propaganda arm of the Repub Party, disguised as Fair and Balanced (funniest name EVER). Their lifetime of decisions, mostly wrong, on how to make money, how to spend it, where to live, who to associate with, how/when to invest (never mind, you have to make/have money to invest), who/what to believe and what areas to devote your time and energy come to a meaningful conclusion by retirement age, and a lifetime of chickens come home to roost. Just a thought, as I see the Red State sheep gettin' all riled, cuz 'them damn Democrats is tryin' to take over, after our boy GW(R), did such a wonderful job'. Nothing new here, and would be funny, if not so sad, as the thumpers keep up their thumpin', in the fa…

I wonder if others my age

get pissed off, when the Repubs try to gut 'entitlement' programs, to shovel more money into the military, as we already spend more than the next ten nations COMBINED,  while the Congressmen(R) try to get massive pork barrel projects for their home districts. The 'entitlement' of Soc Sec was funded by deductions from every paycheck I made, and now, I still have a mandatory payment of over a $100/mo, with a deductible and then it pays only 80% of the bill. Yet the Pubs act like they are allowing the 'entitled' oldsters a special favor, by allowing us access to the money we've paid for many decades, as they'd rather shovel more money to the F-35's that are over a hundred million PER PLANE, and rising. I get SO SICK of the Repub a**holes who muddy the waters when it comes to spending, as the party of 'financial responsibility' is the biggest joke since the Fair and Balanced 'news' network. How naive/ignorant do you have to be, to swall…

Tony Blair, the former British Prime Minister,

whose promising career ended in a fiery crash when he hooked up with GW in the Iraq fisaco, came out today, and apologized. Totally unlike GW (silent) and The Dick, (I wouldn't change a thing). Is good to know there are men of principal, even though they are on the 'other side of the pond'.
Mr Blair admitted responsibility, although his main problem was believing the Bushies(R), whose plan from the beginning was to find an excuse (even if they had manufacture it) to attack Saddam.
On this side of the pond, the same party(R) who wrecked that part of the world wants to return to 'the scene of the crime', and the FOXSheep, with their heads firmly implanted, rally behind The Donald and a clueless 'Dr' who doesn't believe in evolution or Medicare, to take control of the military and treasury of the most powerful country on earth. More than a little scary, as the preachers and billionaires rally them on.....

Great article in the Times today,

about the Repub fiasco to take down Hillary, AGAIN.
Hillary Clinton is never more alluring than when a bunch of pasty-faced, nasty-tongued white men bully her.And she was plenty alluring during her marathon session on Thursday with Republican Lilliputians, who were completely oblivious to the fact that Hillary is always at her most potent when some Teanderthal is trying to put her in her place.Trey Gowdy and his blithering band of tea-partiers went on a fishing expedition, but they forgot to bring their rods — or any fresh facts.
It was a revealing display of hard-core conservatives in their parallel universe, where all their biases are validated by conservative media. They crawled out of the ooze into the sea of cameras, blinking and obtuse. Ohio’s Jim Jordan, bellowing. South Carolina’s Gowdy, sweating. Alabama’s Martha Roby, not getting the joke. And Indiana’s Susan Brooks, allowing that “most of us really don’t know much about Libya.”
Hillary acted bemused, barely masking her conte…

It may be a kid's show, sort of,

but I enjoy 'Innovation Nation', with Mo Rocca. He always has neat inventions and stuff that is very interesting. Today, he said that it's easy to find toys for your cat or dog, but just cuz animals are large, we somehow think they don't need toys, and that's WRONG. Horses love to play, and one of their favorites is a large ball. A couple in Phoenix realized this, and invented a 40" ball for their horse to play with, and voila!, a business was born. Was really neat seeing horses playing in SO many ways with a ball, alone or with other horses, AND, they carry them around like a toy, and sleep with them. Really cool, and something I would never have thought of, obviously....

Sometimes we have to WAIT,

to see what an administration if gonna be like. This time, we have some insights. Hillary (former first lady, Senator, Sec of State) would probably be like Bill or Barack, both with steadily improving economies and they kept us out of (new) war. Then you have the Pubs... Where we got 9-11, from 4 Afghans and 15 Saudis, SOOO, GW and The Dick attacked.... IRAQ!, before totally wrecking our economy, with the worst recession since the Big D, after writing checks to Big Money, for FOUR TIMES ($860 BILLION) as much $$$, as we have in Ft Knox. Wow, what a choice.... IF it weren't for the lies from FOX, and the sheep actually BELIEVING, it wouldn't even be close. BUT, Bullshit Mountain is alive and well, for the low information crowd, SOOO the Pubs are still in it, with their leaders who have the distinction of saying, 'We have NO experience governing, BUT, we ARE outsiders.' And you wonder why I can't stand 'em?
PS Have you noticed that the worse someone is, at actua…

If you happened to notice,

The Donald(R) has gotten a bit quieter and more sane lately, and his numbers are slipping, cuz you can't be 'Too Crazy' for the rightwingnuts(R). So, look out Gentle Ben, The Donald has tried the 'sensible, logical' route, and it doesn't work with the Repub nutjobs. Should be fun to watch as the front seat of the clown car(R) starts to brawl, vying for the attention of the Iowa farm/church crowd, who picked Bachmann and Santorum last time around, and gets their 15 minutes of fame, on the national stage, again. Must be tough for an old Iowa farmer, when the Pub faves are The Donald and a clown who wants to eliminate your Medicare. Can you say Hillary???? LOL...

Just finished the latest Lee Child (Jack Reacher) book,

titled 'Make Me', that was about the Dark Web or Deep Web. Good analogies include the conventional internet is like an iceberg, with the Dark Web being the part below the surface. Legitimate sites, that can be found on Google, are like tennis balls, with glue and spikes on them, so they can be detected. The dark web sites are like smooth, oiled, polished marbles, that can't be detected/picked up, unless you know a 'specific' address, and cross several firewalls, that continually move and change. Good article in the new 'Rolling Stone' mag, about how they work, as international drugs, arms, smuggling, hackers and hacker's info, pedophiles, Republican strategists, human trafficing, etc, sites exist and prosper. Kinda scary, but interesting, as bitcoins become more common and the accepted currency of the darknet.
If I was a criminal, I'd check out hidden services

If you ever wondered

if the partisan(R) witch hunt, to find 'the truth' was just Repub bullshit, look at former investigations, where MANY more Americans were killed. AS IF we didn't already know, unless you're a double digit IQ sheep(R), that is...
This just in... The rightwingnuts(R), are asking for ANOTHER Congressional Committee/Hearing, cuz they, 'just want the truth', AND, if they can keep talking about BENGHAZI!, they don't have to talk about their own candidates, who are a JOKE! LOL....

I'd be willing to bet, BIG money,

that MOST of the rightwingnuts 'out there' couldn't give a good explanation of 'private server', other than it's their waitress who brings them extra bacon at Waffle House.They just know, cuz of Bullshit Moutain, that it's TERRIBLE, and the future prez Hillary should be impeached for it. They don't realize (or don't care) that it was set up by the US Secret Service for Bill, the prez, and has NOT been hacked, UNlike the 'official' govt server. Also, the sheep don't know (or don't care) that at the time Hillary used it, it was common practice and definitely not illegal, and MANY of those in congress(R), did and DO, use private servers. Also, she sent NO classified info over it, although some was LATER RE-classified as secret/secure.
Why do I bother to try and educate the ignorant masses(R), who need SOMETHING to bitch about. Never mind, listen to your master (FOX), and bitch about Hillary's private server. It makes as much sense …

Did anyone else notice?

In typical hypocritical(R) fashion, Paul Ryan(R) DEMANDED time with his family, guaranteed, before he would consider his new position of Speaker of the House. This is the same Ryan(R) who has voted MANY times against 'family leave' for 'the little people' (us). Same old Repub hypocrisy, as in 'do as I say, not as I do', BUT, it gets really flagrant sometimes. You'd think even the sheep might notice? Naaaahhhh.... They're called sheep for a reason.

Wow, I'm shocked,

that Ben Carson, with deep Christian beliefs, who doesn't believe in evolution, but DOES believe the Iowa farmers should keep getting subsidized for growing corn for ethanol, (that takes more energy to produce than it delivers), would lead in the ultra-Conservative, agricultural state of Iowa. The same crowd who had Bachmann and Santorum as previous favorites is OBVIOUSLY out of touch with reality, BUT, more than a year before actual elections, millions are spent to curry their favor. What's wrong with this picture?

After the rightwingnuts voted over 50 times to kill Obamacare,

it's REALLY funny that Mitt could and WOULD have won in 2008 if he would have been allowed to run on his record of health care in MA. BUT, Karl Rove and the bigwigs knew better. Now, Mitt is claiming partial responsibility for Obamacare, which MOST Americans like. Yesterday, Mitt said;

"Without Tom pushing it, I don't think we would have had Romneycare," Romney said of Stemberg, who died earlier in the day. Romney added, "Without Romneycare, I don't think we would have Obamacare. So, without Tom a lot of people wouldn't have health insurance." The most crazy/sad thing is, FOXBullshit has convinced the SAME people who would benefit most from Affordable Health Care that it is 'evil' and they should vote against it. Is hard to feel sorry for the willfully ignorant, as they vote against their own interests, as per FOXBullshit.

After being exposed AGAIN, as a partisan witch-hunt,

you'd think the Pubs would crawl under a rock and quietly let the whole fiasco die, after 3 years and 8 MAJOR hearings on BENGHAZI!. But no. I dislike Saturday mornings cuz my news/financial shows aren't on, and as I flip through the channels I sometimes land on FOXLies. This morning, the angry villagers, riled by FOX, had their pitchforks and torches out, looking for more and bigger branches, with which to beat the 'dead horse' of BENGHAZI!.They had the bereaved mothers and smoking ruins, and OMG!, the 'private server'. I couldn't understand, until I thought, 'What else are they gonna talk about?' Their wonderful leading candidates? The Donald, and an inexperienced whackjob that's gonna kill Medicare? The last time the Pubs were in power? Their renegade faction wanting to 'shut it down'? I guess you go with BENGHAZI! when your other choices are all LOSERS. Nothing new here, but how much of this can the sheep swallow, until even THEY ga…

Not that I listen to the buffoon/windbag,

but Rush keeps saying climate change is a liberal plot, and I wonder what the sheep think (IF they do) about the record temps/record hurricane winds that is SO obvious to anyone with a brain (excluding the sheep). What is WRONG with the idiots who listen/believe the crap from this jerkwad/spokesman for FOXNews/Koch bros? I guess it's the same mentality that blindly accepts all the biblical stories, putting their brain on a shelf, and calling it 'faith'. PERFECT fodder for the Repub message. UNbelievable, but SO Republican. The sad thing? These people vote(R), and give us people like GW/Cheney. SO scary, when I think about the world my granddaughter could inherit, if these 'low information' voters follow their leaders, from FOX, after Karl Rove recognized/exploited the naivity of the 'true believers', who require no 'proof'.

While we were in Monaco,

there were MANY outrageous boats, which is something I'd spend money on, if I was ever that kinda rich. One of 'em had FIVE 350 horse outboards on the stern, (much bigger, nicer than pic) The name of the boat, that I didn't get, at first, was WI-FIve, and in smaller letters, like the ve, was, 'Cuz six won't fit'. Kinda clever....

At least we don't have to worry,

about this chairman of the 'Hillary is Dumb' committee passing down his 'smarts' to another generation, as he starts his chainsaw, preparing to remove some 'Hillary for Prez' billboards.

Wow, tuff time to be a Repub,

although life is NEVER easy when you're ignorant. Does anyone REALLY think either of the clowns atop the Pub ladder (Trump and Carson) is presidential material? You gotta be kidding, right? Hillary, looking more presidential than ever, befuddled the jerks in the 8th BENGHAZI! hearing who proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt exactly what at least 3 Repubs claimed, 'It's all about taking down Hillary's poll numbers'. Duh, who da thunk? Biden dropped out, so Dems can concentrate on one candidate, and Obama's approval is growing daily, along with the market/economy, which is the NUMBER 1 predictor in an election, while the Tea Party rightwingnuts plan to'shut it down', although rational Pubs (a minority) realize that would be a disaster. Like I said, tuff time to be a rightwingnut/Repub, as it should be....
BTW, approval numbers of 50% don't look that great, until you compare them to the last prez(R), at 22%. Look it up, as the Pubs hope for 'mass am…

On top of all the OBVIOUS reasons

why Ben Carson is totally UNqualified for prez, as in ZERO experience,( which only makes sense to a rightwingnut), I would think his plan to 'Abolish Medicare' would disqualify him from one of the largest voting blocs in America, which is Seniors, who LOVE their Medicare, even though it is a terrible example of that dreaded SOCIALISM, that the nutjobs are always screaming about. Clueless Ben would replace it with a govt mandated 'savings program', funded by govt contributions. Huh? What about the dreaded Socialism? This stuff only makes sense to the rightwingnuts, and fortunately they're nowhere NEAR a majority, other than on Bullshit Mountain, where logic and rationality isn't a major concern. Should be fun to watch Dr Ben, when he reaches a more discerning audience than Iowa, where Michelle Bachmann was their fave last time. For the brainiacs(R),
who think Trump or Carson would be the perfect president, cuz they are total outsiders, with NO experience, do I …

I was wondering,

how Bullshit Mountain would spin the 8th BENGHAZI! hearing, after their boys had NOTHING new or relevant. Well, today's headlines basically ignore it, other than 'A Bad Day For Democrats', which makes me wonder what Rep Brown(R) was watching, (or smoking), and one of their talking heads declaring, 'Lose the Smirk Hillary 4 Americans Are Dead'. Yup, after taking full responsibility, AGAIN, she shoulda begged forgiveness from the clowns whose war killed thousands, based on lies. Would be funny, if not so sad, as the Pubs grasp at straws and beat a dead horse in their campaign to damage the Dem candidate, by whatever means they can.

Although Rush and the nutjobs(R) assure us,

that climate change is just a liberal plot, the most powerful hurricane EVER RECORDED in the Western Hemisphere, with sustained winds of over 200 mph is poised to hit near Puerto Vallarta, later today. The rain (over 2") we got here, over the last couple of days, and the flooding in Texas is part of this monster storm, which is related to the warming atmosphere holding more moisture, BUT, the anti-science party claims there is 'zero evidence' of any changes, (UNLESS you count the highest world-wide temps ever recorded 14 of the last 15 years, and this year is shaping up to REALLY break the record). Yup, them sheep(R) ain't gonna get fooled by no high-falutin', pointy headed guys with nothing but 'statistics' and 'facts' to back 'em up. Not when they got Rush and Sean, to tell em the 'trooth'. Nothing new here, from the fantasy world of FOX and the sheep....
PS The good news is that the storm has a tight, small eye that looks like it…

Hillary, the future prez,

couldn't have summed up her feelings any better if she had actually used words, with her facial expressions saying, 'Is that all you clowns got?', as the bozos(R) wasted another 11 hours with their same old crap. Good practice for dealing with the nutjobs when she's in the White House...

The Pubs claimed we needed MORE

hearings on BENGHAZI!, cuz 7 just wasn't enough, and (gasp) they had NEW information. Well, after 11 hours of re-hashing the same bullshit we've heard for over 3 years, we learned.....NOTHING, cuz they had NOTHING new. Just the same old crap where Hillary was the BOSS, and she should have personally inspected the defenses, or pulled the plug on the embassy, and 'why didn't you call or visit', every one of your 270+ embassies around the world?
Yup, the same clowns who have no problems with W's war, based on lies that killed thousands and cost trillions, are wearing out their arms, flogging the dead horse of BENGHAZI!, as they show themselves to be the joke that most of us have suspected for a LONG time. There are rules for Dems, but for Pubs it's 'do as I say, not as I do', in their insane world of partisan politics, as they try anything/everything to return to 'the scene of the crime(2008)'. Wow, life would be SO easy for them if only every…

Was VERY disconcerting, in '12 Years a Slave',

based on a true story, to hear the slave owners quoting scripture, from their Good Book, giving themselves authority to administer 'many stripes' (whippings) to slaves who didn't perform to their standards. The (many) verses are still in there, with a LOT of strange stuff, from the 'infallible' book', written/inspired by God(?) Really hurts to watch, as men take it 'literally; and the slaves are tortured, and die, with scripture from 'God's word', legitimizing it. Just ONE of my problems with The Bible, written by (very) fallible men, that some people, mostly (R), take literally, and others suffer the consequences.

Can any of you FOXSheep 'out there' explain,

why 4 deaths in BENGHAZI! need WAY more hearings and investigations than a war, based on lies, that killed thousands, and cost over a trillion? There's a 'comment' section below. PLEASE explain any logic in your screwed up world. PLEASE.....

I left the BENGHAZI! BS for several hours,

and when I came back the Repub jackasses are asking the exact same questions they were this morning, and for the LAST 8 hearings. Basically, the jerks are saying Hillary should have PERSONALLY designed, built and inspected the security walls and plans in BENGHAZI!. No shit!. They keep hammering the issue that SHE was personally in charge of 'every phase' security, walls. weapons, planning etc. These jerks are shameless in their political lynching, but WHO can't see through this transparent bullshit, other than the pathetic sheep, as in the latest round the jerks(R) asked if Chris Stevens had her home address, for emergency contact, when ALL embassies have 24-7 contact with the MILITARY for protection. Every once in a while I need to watch crap like this to really understand why I can't stand the Repubs who have NO Problem with Iraq, but are insane about BENGHAZI!, one of over 270 embassies, that the Sec of State should PERSONALLY inspect, to see if they are secure. Th…

I got SO disgusted, watching the BENGHAZI! fiasco,

as the Pubs made absolute asses of themselves, I turned it off and searched for a movie, from some I had recorded from HBO. Watched '12 Years a Slave', and felt even worse. I had avoided seeing it, cuz I knew it was gonna be hard to watch, BUT, it won 'Best Picture' and it had an amazing cast, SO we saw it, and were totally assaulted by the cruelty. I knew that part of history existed, and has been around forever, but I don't need to see the details. Just when I thought nothing could be worse than the Repub kangaroo court, I found something that was. Amazing flick, that I'd recommend to NO one....

One thing is OBVIOUS,

during the kangaroo court(R)/witch-hunt. The Pubs are piling on, asking the SAME questions over and over, in an effort to wear her down. We'll see how it works, as the hours drag on, with the same old crap that has been asked and answered dozens of times in the multitude of hearings that have been going on FOR OVER THREE YEARS. Much more investigation than has gone into GW's 'Oops, No WMD's' fiasco, or 9-11. Makes sense to the sheep......
Will be interesting see what headline that Bullshit Mountain goes with, as it becomes SO obvious what is going on, as the State Dept, trying to operate in a 'crazy' world, and is wasting SO much time with this crap, while the Pub circus is in town, trying to blame Hillary, with their 20/20 hindsight, as the same crap gets re-hashed, ad infinitum, as Rep Pompeo(R) thinks Hillary should have personally inspected the security in BENGHAZI!, after the military specialists designed and built it, and Stevens accepted it, and the…

Since it's cold and rainy (nearly 2", since yesterday),

I've been watching/listening to the Repub Witch-Hunt, and sometimes switch over to hear the commentary from Bullshit Mountain. It's hard to believe we are watching the same proceeding, as the attack dogs act like they have a huge 'Gotcha', over tiny details, that seem totally insignificant, BUT, if they can keep the sheep riled, let's 'run with it', is their attitude, as always. Now they're quoting the email reactions from the grief-stricken families who had loved ones killed, and bring up remarks from a disgruntled employee, WAY down on the totem pole. This is 'evidence', or fuel for the 'witch-burning' fire?
As always, the Pubs ask the SAME question over and over, and get the same answer. Bottom line, Stevens DIDN'T contact Hillary about extra security. He used proper channels in military 'Security', (cut by the Pubs), but did NOT ask Hillary. It's been 'asked and answered' dozens of times, BUT, like a starving…

I was gonna post, again

about how outrageous the BENGHAZI! hearings are, as the Pubs try ANYTHING to dig up dirt on the probable Dem candidate for prez, BUT, everyone with a brain, which excludes the sheep, who are happily, willfully ignorant, already KNOW that. FOX, today, claims they STILL haven't answered the #1 questions about the attack, which is 'Why didn't troops deploy and save the embassy workers?' That's easy. It was over in less than 2 hours, and no one was close enough, once the word got out. Asked and answered, a BUNCH of times. But that's not what it's about, for the pathetic party that killed thousands, based on lies, and had no problem, BUT, have made a career of twisting the facts surrounding one of MANY foreign attacks that killed MANY Americans over the years.
The Benghazi investigation was never about getting to the bottom of what actually happened. It was always a dirt-digging operation, a wild search for some hint of scandal that could stop Barack Obama from …

If you're totally ignorant,

or in complete denial, in other words a typical FOXSheep, and wondered about the purpose of the (Eighth) BENGHAZI! hearing, even after 3 different Repubs admitted, and bragged, about the plan and success, of taking down Hillary's poll numbers, just look at the Fair and Balanced (funniest name EVER) network, (Propaganda arm of Repub party) had in their headline this morning.
FOX NEWS FIRST: Can Rep. Gowdy deliver the goods at Benghazi hearing?

Hmmm, I wonder what 'the goods' could be? FOX and the Pubs=Desperate clowns, who are gonna keep fishing until they find SOMETHING. The 'private server' SCANDAL just doesn't get it,, except for the double digit IQ crowd, OR, the sheep as they're better known. Happy hunting, bozos.....

Sometimes Carol 'outdoes' herself,

as with tonight's soup, with the grilled cheese sandwich. Tomato soup with basil, parsley, sun dried tomatoes from Italy, and fresh tomatoes from the garden, with Parmesan cheese and other stuff. Wow...

There was a time in my life I thought,

'OOOhh, I hope you like me', but that has been replaced by my 'old fart' philosophy of, 'If you don't like me, I probably wouldn't like you', SO, I'm glad I don't have to waste time with the sheep. Works for me, cuz life is too short to waste time with 'ordinary, average' people, who are BORING, and I gotta pretend like I'm their BS.....

Was expecting it to be pretty good,

but was pleasantly surprised by 'Wild', with Reese Witherspoon. Good flick, where she did an excellent job, based on a true story, with lots of shots form the 'great outdoors', which reminded me of Colorado, although it was filmed on the Pacific Crest Trail. Don't know why, but we got free HBO for a while and I recorded a few movies. This was a good one...

I've gotten to the point

where I'm almost ashamed of my e-mail home at, BUT, I've negotiated the price down to almost nothing, and it includes very good 'security', anti-hacking, and malware protection, plus lots of services that I've gotten used to, for less than the price of a good anti-virus program, and it's continually updated. Bottom line, have considered a new IP, but haven't found a good reason to change, although many make fun of AOL.

With typical FOXNews accuracy,

this is the 'news' from FOX, 2 days ago.
Joe Biden to enter presidential race, Fox News reportsJORDAN CHARITONOct 19th 2015 3:26PM