As I've said before'

all the late night talk shows are liberal, cuz all the talent and interesting guests are liberals.
Except for the comedy that airs as a 'news' show on FOX.
BUT, can you imagine a conservative late night show?
Ted Nugent, Kid Rock and Gene Simmons would have to take turns doing the music, and deep interviews with Scott Baio and Gary Bussey would get kinda old.
Sure, there are a couple other possible guests, but they are obviously not real intelligent and therefor not all that interesting.
BUT, I'd love to see some brave rightwingnut commentator try to enter the fray, and present the 'other' side in an enjoyable and entertaining way.
Just kidding....
Who'd watch crap like that? The 'empty head' crowd never leaves FOXNews, cuz they find all they want/need on their 'one-stop shopping' channel, where all their prejudices  and biases are confirmed, continually. Ahhh, Home Sweet Home, for the Repub crowd.


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