With all the latest focus on James Comey and his book,

showing what a lying sleazeball we have for prez, I had kinda forgotten Comey is probably the MAIN reason we have the Orange Clown in the White House, with Russia being a close second. But Stephen Colbert hasn't, and he grilled the former head of the FBI when he was a guest on his show.
I thought Mr Comey was gonna be treated like some kind of a hero, for exposing the prez in his new book, but Colbert's main focus was, 'Why the hell did portray the private server as SO dangerous when it wasn't, and WHY did open an investigation on the emails 11 days before the election, when you had just as much, or MORE bad info on Trump and the Russians?'
Basically, Comey's answer was always the same, and kinda lame. 'We all thought Hillary was gonna win, and I was covering my ass'.
Bottom line Comey screwed up, now feels terrible about it and is doing his best to cleanse his conscience and make a bunch of money for his mistakes, which gave us Dotard as prez.
One hell if a mistake to live with.
How does he sleep at night?


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