Wow, we just saw the first salvo in the case against the Liar in Chief

by special prosecutor Robert Mueller.
He obviously already knows the answers and is just hoping that Dotard will LIE, like he always does.
That's obstruction of justice, or worse.
We can only hope the Orange Clown will 'wing it' and get wrapped up in his LIES, like he always does., OR he might screw up and accidentally tell the truth, (See FOX and Friends, Stormy Daniels edition).
Bottom line, as I've always said, 'Be patient', and now we see the noose tightening around the LYING SOB in the White House, made possible by the clueless, gullible, FOXSheep/Evangelicals.
We know that the minions don't give a shit about his LIES, but the vast majority of US citizens do. Screw the sheep and the Liar in Chief.
Hang him high....


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