The irony is unescapable,

as the worst LIAR in the history of US politics, calls James Comey and others, liars. AND, he makes a big deal about Fake News, when he LOVES to speak on FOXNews, the worst liars/propaganda artists of all time, where he NEVER gets anything but adulation and softball questions.
And, the most UNChristian candidate of all time was/is a favorite of the Evangelicals, proving what total Hypocrites they are.
He has broken, no SHATTERED, most of the Ten Commandments but the sheep have No Problem, cuz he's a Pub and he PRETENDS to be one of them, to get their votes. His favorite book is the Bible? OMG! Straight out of the Karl Rove playbook, where those who LITERALLY believe the Bible aren't gonna be hard to fool.
Can you imagine if Obama did ONE TENTH of the crap the pussy grabber has done?
Anyway, not sure if the sheep know the meaning of a complicated word like IRONIC, but look it up, and compare the lying, arrogant, heathen to your Christian ideals and see if you can keep from laughing.


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