'The Deep State', a rightwingnut 'Bestseller'

claims the FBI, CIA, NSA and the Justice Dept are ALL involved in a PLOT against the Liar in Chief.
Hmmmm, remember when the Pubs were FOR all these 'Law and Order' organizations, instead of a PROVEN LIAR and former NYC conman who hijacked the Repub party?
Back when Cabinet appointments needed to be QUALIFIED, instead of just AGAINST the agency they head. Back when you couldn't be asked to head the VA, just cuz you lied about the weight (239 lbs MY ASS!) and genes (live to be 200) of the prez?
Try to remember, nutjobs. It wasn't that long ago.
Back in the days before LYING from the presidential podium became a common, accepted (among the Repub sheep, anyway) occurrence, and sex scandals.
And the constant 'Cabinet Shuffle' wasn't daily news.
And the Prez's lawyer didn't need a lawyer, cuz he paid off bimbos (by mortgaging his house) and DIDN'T EVEN TELL his boss?
Can you remember that far back, whackjobs?
And, IF you are dumb enough to believe that ALL those American institutions 'have it in' for the Orange Clown in the White House, then ask yourself WHY?
Jut like you nutballs oughta ask yourself WHY did the Russians want Dotard as President of the US? Cuz the only question is IF, he colluded, NOT, if the Russians conspired to elect him.
GO ahead, you intellectually inferior minions and go with the conspiracy theory that ALL the major US intel and security agencies are in a PLOT against the country, and the Liar in Chief is the 'good guy', along with his pal Vlad, that the prez REFUSES to enact the sanctions that Congress voted for, slapping the hands of a few oligarchs who are out of our jurisdiction.
Just goes to prove that as dumb as the average person is, half the country(R) is even STOOPIDER.

Congrats again to Roger Ailes, (head Repub Political Strategist) who dumbed down one third of the entire country, purchasing/creating Bullshit Mountain for only $120 mil, which made sure Pubs would be elected, cuz the sheep believe the CRAP from FOX.
And a tip of the hat to Rupert Murdoch who helped make it all possible, while laughing his ass off, along with Karl Rove and Ailes,  (look it up), at the gullible Christians(R) who swallowed the message and faithfully went to the polls.
And the final embarrassment?
President Donald Trump. OMG!
Who da thunk?
Not even Roger Ailes(R), FOXFounder, in his wildest dreams....


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