Just caught a small of of George Stephanopolous' show, but was pretty funny

The Orange Clown went off on a Tweeting Tirade this morning, against James Comey, calling him a liar, among other things. Sarah Hunkameat, (paid, professional liar), was on, defending the Liar in Chief, when George asked,

'Are you sure Trump wants to get into a 'CREDIBILITY CONTEST' with James Comey',

and repeated the stats that say a YUUUGE majority believe Comey over the lying sack o' shit(R) that LIES EVERY DAY. (My words, not George's)
Sarah hemmed and hawed and said,
'Our polls say Prez Trump is more popular than Obama.' When asked, she admitted those polls were from Rasmussen, FOX supported liars who poll FOX sheep.
Surprise! It's the poll that Sarah and Dotard LOVE to quote. The rest of us just laugh.....
BTW, Today's WSJ (owned by Rupert Murdoch) Poll has Trump's 'approval rating' slipping to 39%.
And this is from the owner of FOXNews, so I wonder what it REALLY is?
Stick that up your Rasmussen Pole.....


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