SOOO, after the crap from Trump in the last week, incl his lawyer getting busted,

Comey's book, Stormy Daniels, love child, Cohen having to issue a 'client list' today, what do you think the MAIN FOX headline is today?
It's about Hillary, OF COURSE, and something about a campaign PAC that did the exact same thing the Pubs did, BUT, Bullshit Mountain needs a to keep the sheep riled, SO, Hillary is ALWAYS the go-to story. Sorta like how BENGHAZI! and her EMAILS had the headlines for YEARS.
WOW, another one....And you wonder why the FOXSheep are always so clueless and uninformed?
And, the source for their headline? A pro-Trump PAC.
I'd say UNbelievable, but it's just typical FOXTrash...

Clinton, DNC funneled $84M through state parties to skirt campaign finance laws: pro-Trump PAC

But, real news has real news headlines, like

Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen refuses to identify clients as courtroom faceoff with Stormy Daniels looms


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