According to the Conservative-run Rasmussen(R) reports, Trump is now VERY popular

Fifty-one percent of likely U.S. voters now approve of President Donald Trump's job performance, while 48 percent disapprove, a new Rasmussen Reports daily presidential tracking poll reveals.

The same people also inform us that Rush can run the 100 yd dash in 9.4 seconds and Sean can curl 800 lbs, 500 times, in 3 minutes.
And, according to them, soda pop made from 'Republican only', untreated sewage, tastes just like strawberries, AND can increase your IQ by 50 points, getting their typical 'believer' to nearly  triple digit territory. Minions everywhere are trying to replicate the results, on their own....
Good job, Rasmussen! Keep up the Fair and Balanced reporting!


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