After the Liar in Chief LIED about the 'unpresidented rapes'

happening to immigrants in Mexico, his professional, PAID LIAR, Sarah Hunkameat was asked where he got his info.
She mentioned an article in the LA Times as his source, though she 'didn't have it in front of her'.
Well, it seems Dotard was referring to a recent article that mentioned a group of people, kidnapped and killed by a cartel, in 2010.
Are you shittin' me?
This went into Dotard's brain and came out as 'massive rapes', now. There is no other mention of large scale rapes, anywhere else, BUT, the Lying SOB just pulled it out of his ass, to change the subject and justify sending Natl Guard troops to the border.
This is the crap we have to deal with as the jerk(R) elected by 'the gullible among us' now heads our country.
Total LIES, made up and spouted by the Liar in Chief.
Same old shit, different day.
And the sheep say Amen...


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