Before I saw him on CNBC, the Financial Channel, this morning

I thought that Larry Kudlow, Dotard's new economic adviser, cuz his last one QUIT, after the Clown's China tariffs, just MIGHT be a decent choice, cuz he's 'free market' and has been around a while.
Kudlow's the same bozo he's always been, 'Rah rah, everything's WONDERFUL, America #1, the rest of the world should kiss our ass, we can't argue with the 'all knowing' president'.
My guy, Steve Leishman put it in a nutshell after Kudlow's crap, concerning Dotard and the tariffs.
Either it's a well thought out policy, with a clear path to a good ending, OR, it's the prez shooting from the hip, not considering the damage it can do, and Tweeting out his latest brain fart (my words). Leishman, and the rest of the thinking world thinks it's #2.
A perfect analogy for the Liar in Chief.
Full of #2.
Totally unqualified, firing, of forcing to quit, all those around him with actual experience, while he goes on an arrogant ego trip, playing with our future like it's some reality show he can control.
Hmmm, what's the worst that can happen, with the clown that has been described, by those closest to him. as an idiot, stupid as a brick, and a f*cking moron?


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