Finally, something I can thank Trump for

                    (Pic above is not actual quote, but an accurate assessment of his statement)

Although he claims 'family time' (yup two teen age boys want more time with dad, HA), Ryan read the writing on the wall and left the sinking ship before it actually went under the waves, joining dozens of his 'henchmen' deciding they too need more 'family time'.
The good news? Ryan wasn't even CLOSE to the 'deficit hawk' he claimed to be. His 'fiscal responsibility' ONLY referred to Dem bills, BUT, when the Pubs controlled the money WAHOO! Cut taxes and YUUUGLY raise the debt. It's called hypocrisy, and Ryan was one of the worst.

BUT, one area where he was honest, was his plan to cut back on 'entitlements', and the  jerk(R) considered Soc Sec and Medicare, programs we have paid into for MANY decades, and are finally getting to use (some return on our own money), as ENTITLEMENTS.
Yup, he wanted/wants to CUT BACK on those programs, so there's more money for P et Pub Projects, like the YUUUUGLY bloated military.
SOO, thank you Dotard for being such an a-hole that you're driving a BUNCH of Pubs away, incl one who wanted to take away my 'entitlements', that I earned and paid for. Good riddance....


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