Good interview on CNBC this morning, with an executive from Facebook

He bashed Trump for losing all his good economic advisers, then 'going it on his own', with tariffs AND using the power of his office to go after a political enemy, Jeff Bezos, by LYING about his company, Amazon and 'making up facts' about postal fees and taxes.
Great interview, and I'm guessing the Liar in Chief will soon start a feud with Facebook.....
Donald J Trump, a vain, arrogant, incompetent, unqualified LYING jerk(R), installed by the Russians and the Bible Belt.
Thank you SO much.
What will it take for you to realize what a colossal mistake you've made?
Nuclear war, after the Great(est) Depression?
My 3 would have been:
He's actually a smart guy, who knows what stupid people want.


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