I just wonder, if the same jerks(R) who wouldn't admit

the horrendous mistake of Viet Nam, until it was SOO obvious that even their weak brains could understand, and then the SAME things happened with Iraq, and they FINALLY had to admit, 'Yup, NO WMD's' and we were LIED into that', will ever admit that Trump is a YUUUGE mistake?
What will it take for the 'head up their ass crowd' to admit they were duped, AGAIN?
Thermocnuclear War?
Worldwide Depression from Dotard-caused Trade War?
Another Pub-caused banking fiasco where they lose half their asset's value?
Dotard being impeached for LYING and Obstruction of Justice?
Who knows, these gullible clowns obviously aren't known for their 'smarts', BUT, they are consistent.
Wait until the facts are incontrovertible, THEN say, 'Yup, I guess that was a bad idea, but who could have seen THAT coming?'


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