I see lots of whining from people in dying industries,

in backwater, backward parts of the country, like coal miners who can't find a job, SOOO, they want govt help, and Dotard does all he can to change clean air and water rules, subsidizing DIRTY coal, while calling it 'beautiful clean coal', when natural gas is MUCH cheaper and better for the environment, which is political, but WHERE WE LIVE, rightwingnuts.
These 'unfortunates' need to do what I and MOST people do. Go to where the jobs are, so you can make a living by doing honest work.
Shortly out of high school, with no job in sight, I had to move to Texas, (what an experience) to find work.
Later, in college, I had to move to Denver, a much BETTER experience.
It's what people do, and have done, throughout the course of history
Not have some dumbass Dotard change the rules so he can say he's fulfilling a STUPID campaign promise, at the expense of MOST people.
Does the Liar in Chief (and his ignorant minions) understand this? Obviously not. If world labor prices force steel mfg overseas, take advantage of cheaper steel to make what we buy cheaper, don't WRECK world trade with dumbass tariffs.
Never mind, am preaching to the choir.
Anyone with a brain, (non FOXSheep) already know this and the rightwingnuts don't give a shit as the LYING SOB they elected takes us all down with him, BUT, he's a REPUBLICAN CHRISTIAN (HA!) so obviously he knows what he's doing.
OMG, get me outta here.....


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