In the Bizarro world of Trump and his minions

one of the WORST acts that Dotard HASN'T done is to impose the sanctions that Congress voted (nearly unanimously) for. But, those sanctions would hurt his buddy Putin, or as Dotard calls him 'my KGBFF, without whom we wouldn't have the Orange Clown in the White House, SO, when asked about the sanctions, the Liar in Chief replied, with a straight face, today while his tried to suppress a giggle...

Trump says 'nobody has been tougher on Russia'

and to rub it in, for those who didn't get the joke, the Liar in Chief added.
 “And almost everybody agrees with that, except for very stupid people.”
And the sheep said Amen.

Did Dotard mention....
I know words
I have the best words
I'm like, really smart
A stable genius.

OMG! This would be SOO funny if it weren't SO serious..
Seriously, I just wonder what the average, dumbshit Dotard supporter has to say, about the non-imposed sanctions. Do the uninformed FOXSheep even KNOW?
They obviously don't care, as long as the Liar in Chief(R) stays in office, as per Russian influence in the US election.


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