It's really HARD

to pick the WORST Cabinet member in Dotard's ship of fools, but Scott Pruitt has to be near the top, as he heads an agency he vowed to destroy, the EPA. And he's doing a good job of it, as case after of graft , corruption and ineptitude are revealed.
One of the worst is his security detail of TWENTY officers, 24 hours a day, EVERY day, whether he's on vacation, at taxpayer expense, or jetting around the country, flying FIRST CLASS, cuz he 'fears the public'.
And, this dickwad(R) gave members of his personal staff YUUUGE raises, then LIED about 'knowing anything about it' when it was reported. Typical Pub reaction, led from the TOP.
This jackhole has already run up over 3 million in security costs, while he stays in an 'oil industry' supplied condo, that he rents for $50/night, while passing favorable legislation, for her.
Ya wonder WHY he fears the public, as he sells out their interest for 'special interests'?
So far, Dotard is sticking with him, cuz he helps deflect publicity away from idiotic tariffs and big boobed strippers, whose $130,000 hush money payment the Liar in Chief claims he knows NOTHING about.
HA! Robert Mueller and pals, plus Stormy's lawyers are salivating at the thought of getting the Orange Clown 'under oath'.
I can hardly wait...

Inside the EPA: ‘It’s just a slow-motion train wreck’

‘Everybody is out for themselves right now,’ says one employee in an agency where people are fretting about leaks and Scott Pruitt’s scandals.


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