Sean Hannity, the FOXD-bag who denies climate change

and Jimmy Kimmel are in a war, cuz Kimmel made fun of Melania's 'dis an dat' accent, and Hannity called Kimmel an 'ass clown'. So Jimmy says if he has a clown in his ass, Hannity has the whole circus up his ass, and....
 “This is the guy who defended the multiply alleged pedophile Roy Moore. And I’m a despicable disgrace?" he asked.
“You know what I think is disrespectful to the first lady?" Kimmel continued. "Cheating on her with a porn star after she has a baby. Why don’t you rant a little about that, Sean Hannity?
The FOXClown then bitched about a comedy skit Kimmel did years ago, comparing him to Harvey Weinstein, and Kimmel replied,
He pointed out that "every woman involved WILLINGLY participated" in the Man Show sketch. "It’s called a comedy bit. It’s what you’ve been unwittingly doing for years."


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