The Liar in Chief sent an unmistakable message to his minions today

who are being deposed and prosecuted for a wide array of offenses, from Manafort and Flynn, to Stone and Cohen. Don't worry about LYING cuz I will pardon you.
Yup, out of nowhere Trump pardoned Scooter Libby, who was convicted of lying to prosecutors and a grand jury during GW's reign of error.
You may recall that in the LYING run up to the 'Oops NO WMD's' war in Iraq, Joe Wilson, who appointed by GHWBush, and the acknowledged EXPERT in the area, said there is "NO WAY' Saddam had the yellow cake uranium he was accused of possessing. SO, the Bushies said, 'Shut up, or we'll OUT your CIA wife, Valerie Plame'. Joe didn't shut up SOO, the Bushies made good on their threat and her entire CIA background was revealed, all her contacts were compromised and many of them were killed and tortured.
Scooter Libby was complicit in this and LIED about it to a grand jury. He was caught, convicted and sentenced. GW commuted his sentence, BUT, didn't pardon him, saying he was 'obviously guilty of perjury', and it REALLY pissed off The Dick, cuz Scooter was 'his boy'.
Today, out of nowhere, the Liar in Chief pardoned Scooter, sending the message 'it's OK to LIE, cuz I have your back'.
Pubs smirk and laugh while the rest of us are sickened as our country, led by the LYING, morally bankrupt jerk(R) at the top sinks to new depths, at a time when 'Truth means NOTHING' and so many are fine with it'
All I can do is write, SO, that's what I do, to keep my sanity.
If that makes me bitter, so be it...


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