The Orange Clown is thanking Rasmussen Reports for their numbers

which shows him at nearly 50%, while everyone else has him in the mid 30's, SOO, I looked up Rasmussen polling.
 Rasmussen is known as "the gold standard in the conservative world"[84] . The polling company asks the questions specifically to show public support for the conservative position. They cited an example when Rasmussen asked "Should the government set limits on how much salt Americans can eat?" when the issue was whether to limit the amount of salt in pre-processed food.

Talking Points Memo has questioned the methodology of Rasmussen's Presidential Approval Index, which takes into account only those who "strongly" approve or disapprove of the President's job performance. TPM noted that this inherently skews negative, and reported that multiple polling experts were critical of the concept.[42]

Time magazine has described Rasmussen Reports as a "conservative-leaning polling group."[86] The Washington Post called Rasmussen a "polarizing pollster."[87] John Zogby said that Scott Rasmussen has a "conservative constituency."[88] The Center for Public Integrity listed "Scott Rasmussen Inc" as a paid consultant for the 2004 George W. Bush campaign.[89]

Bottom line, Rasmussen is the FOXNews of polling, telling the sheep what they want to hear, and the Liar in Chief LOVES it.

Nothing new here, as the sheep swallow the lies from their selective 'news'.
Speaking of Bullshit Mountain, what are they reporting on as Dotard's chaos spreads, threatening world trade and treaties, and his buddies are sentenced?
Well, the clowns at FOX just started a series on Chappaquidick, the Dem/Kennedy tragedy of LONG ago, while they continue to ask for MORE investigations into Hillary's e-mails. NO SHIT! You can't make this stuff up, as the sheep are fed the crap that FOX wants them to swallow.


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