The Pubs loudly praised their Tax Cuts for workers, BUT, they're only temporary

UNLIKE the YUUUUGE cuts for the top 1%, which are permanent. When Congress tried to rectify that imbalance, which was part of the original Pub selling point, the GOP said NO!

House GOP pushes back plans to vote on making individual tax cuts permanent

  • Republicans are pushing back plans to vote on a bill to make permanent the temporary provisions in the new tax law, CNBC has learned.
  • Rep. Rodney Davis, R-Ill., who introduced legislation to extend individual tax cuts, said he had hoped for a vote around tax day next week.
  • Republicans are worried about the optics of voting for potentially costly new tax cuts shortly after the CBO projected that the national debt will nearly equal the nation's GDP by 2028

  • Can you say lying jerks(R)?


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