The Trump minoins were SO happy about their little tax break, BUT,

do they realize they are gonna pay a LOT more for basic products, totally negating their tax breaks, cuz Dotard is starting a trade war, against ALL advice, from people who actually KNOW, 'of what they speak'.
Yup, the good news is that the gullible minions who voted the Liar in Chief into office, are gonna be hurt the worst, as farm produce, and all steel and alum products JUMP in price.
And through all this, Bullshit Mountain focuses on the Mexican border, which has the LOWEST number of crossings in over three decades.
Yup, flash a shiny object in front of a moron, and you 'have their attention'.
Dotard ain't stupid, he just knows what stupid people want.
Thanks again, idiots(R), as the the Liar in Chief wrecks the same economy he artificially 'juiced' with tax cuts and the trashing of consumer protections.
Again, if I gotta explain, you(R) wouldn't understand.
Enjoy your 'few dollars a week' as Dotard wrecks our country, as he 'shoots from the hip' after his  few qualified people are GONE.


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