Wow, an Easter miracle!

Trump Tweeted that he was gonna live up to his promise and go along with the YUUUUGE majority of the US citizens who think the DACA kids, (those with no criminal history, brought here as young children) would be allowed a 'path to citizenship' and be allowed to stay on the only country they've ever known. He agreed to remove his demand for his WALL, and settle that separately. Businesses applauded the decision because they REALLY NEED the labor, and it's the right, humane thing to do.

HA! April Fool! Actually, Dotard Tweeted today 'NO MORE DACA DEAL!'  He's NOT going to allow it, while ranting about his WALL.

You're welcome, for a brief look at sanity, even though is was an APRIL FOOL!
In other news, Dotard met with a bunch of Iowans, yesterday, and cheered 'Roseann's new ratings, telling the crowd, (about Roseann and the Connor's), (Direct quote) 'They're JUST LIKE US!'
Yup, a lying, multiply bankrupt, vile, vain, New York City billionaire, with gold toilets. Just like us.
And the morons(R) cheered him......
And these are the idiots who are gonna get hurt the worst, with China's tariffs on soybeans and hogs, which is just the beginning... Welcome to the 'shakeup'.


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