Again I say, ‘Look out Iran’, Dotard’s pissed, deranged and needs to change the subject.

Just like the Wikileaks came out a few hours after his ‘Grab ‘em by the Pussy’ gaffe, he needs to change the subject and feel in control again.
Things are REALLY bad for the Liar in Chief SOOO he’ll need a BIG distraction.
Pubs usually prefer a WAR at time like these, so, I’m repeating what I heard from many Europeans during my last trip.
He’ll start a war, or something as bad, cuz animals, when backed into a corner, are capable of some nasty shit.
By multiple accounts, Donald Trump is in one of the deepest funks of his presidency. The bad news is that the challenges and threats that are making his mood so dark are likely to get worse before they get better.
The President is angry at his rebuke from voters in the midterm elections. The oppressive prospect of action by special counsel Robert Mueller hangs like an immovable cloud over his White House. Staff chaos in the West Wing is producing lurid palace intrigue stories in the media that the President hates.
Abroad, he feuds with allied world leaders, and he's been the odd man out at summits.
And things are unlikely to improve quickly. Many legal observers expect new indictments to come soon in the Mueller probe, potentially bringing the investigation closer to Trump's inner circle in its final stages.

It’s just a matter of when, not IF, he cracks, and he’s not going down alone, and not without a YUUUUGE fight. 


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