I don’t always agree with Hillary, but she nailed it with this quote.

Hillary Clinton Blasts Fox News As ‘Fully Owned Subsidiary’ Of Trump Administration

Yup, best political money EVER spent. A mere $118 million for a network that is nothing but a mouthpiece for the Repub Party, shoveling propaganda(R), sandwiched between legitimate news stories, with glitzy graphics, and blonde bimbos, with talking heads that seem serious and knowledgeable.
HA! What a joke.
It’s a gathering place for gullible sheep that know what they want to hear and know where to go, to hear it.
Wow, only $118 mil to reach the ‘gullible among us’ and deliver Pub votes to the polls, uniting the racists, uneducated (my favorites, according to Dotard) and the Literal Bible-believing church crowd.
Congrats Roger Ailes, on the most successful hi-jacking of all time, uniting the gullible and uniformed under one banner, held by an arrogant, incompetent, LYING Russian -backed Pussy Grabber, who’s alienated nearly ALL our former allies while kissing dictator ass.
You should be SO proud, gullible, rightwingnut sheep....


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