Just saw a video of a ‘foie gras’ goose in France, being prepared for ‘pate’, as they have a funnel put in their mouth, and have food stuffed down their throats, to enlarge their livers, for pate.

Sorta like the FOXGeese, getting crap crammed down their throats, only they do it VOLUNTARILY!
It’s called willful ignorance.
Of all the news agencies out there, these morons choose the ‘news’ Agent created by Roger Ailes, the Pub Political Strategist.
Un-F-ing believable, unless you’re a FOXSheep, then it makes sense and you’ll swallow anything, from the Propaganda Outlet of the Pub Party, cuz if it’s Dems Bad-Pubs Good. YAHOO!
Can you say Gullible Idiots, that would elect a NYC pussy grabbing, LYING, con man, backed by the Russians, cuz he’s a Christian, like them?


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