I just realized that I’ve been posting here for 12 years....

Seems like forever, and seems like yesterday.
When I started we had dumbshit Repub prez, supported by the morons who got their ‘news’ from FOX.
I thought it was insane and couldn’t last.
Now, after GW and The Dick, and the damage they caused, we have a dumbshit Repub in the White House again, who makes GW look like an intelligent choirboy, and the ignorant sheep still swallow FOXNews, like Joey Chestnut in a hot dog eating contest.
Some things never change, no matter how much they should.
Who da thunk, after all these years, and all the evidence to the contrary, there’s still an audience, clueless and gullible as ever, for the crap from Bullshit Mountain?

Roger Ailes, the Repub Propaganda Specialist, would be SO proud, but even he would be shocked, and probably ashamed, like most of us, hearing the words, President Donald Trump......


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