Devastating, YES, but will it make a difference to the gullible sheep(R), that Trump was elected with the help of the Russians? OF COURSE NOT!

Legal scholar Alan Dershowitz, a frequent defender of President Donald Trump, said Sunday the forthcoming report on Russian interference in the 2016 election from special counsel Robert Mueller will be "devastating" politically to the President.
And I say Bullshit!
2/3 of us already know and 1/3 don’t give a shit.
The same morons who screamed about Hillary’s Private Server, cuz it MIGHT be hacked by a foreign power (but wasn’t), have NO Problem when our election was ACTUALLY hijacked by our enemy, Russia.
You “JENIUSES’ ever wonder WHY the Russians want an incompetent, LYIING conman to head our country?
Dotard’s minions are already mounting their ‘defense’ of the Liar in Chief.
They’re convincing the low IQ, gullible sheep that the FBI is out to get Trump.
Yup, the same FBI that leaked Hillary’s e-mails 11 days before the election, probably making the difference in an election that was decided by razor a thin margin, in Dotard’s favor, although he lost the popular vote by over 3 MILLION.
Yup, that FBI is LYING, along with ALL our intel agencies, and the Liar in Chiief is telling the truth.
And if you believe that your head is SO FAR up your ass how do you even breathe?
Nothing new here, but a perfect example of how the ‘gullible among us’ will believe ANYTHING, as long as it supports the mantra of FOX, which is, and has always been, Dems BAD—-Pubs GOOD, now go VOTE!


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