SOOOO, why did it take a month for Dotard to reply to Mueller’s questions?

Well, he answered the questions, and his team of lawyers looked at them, tore them in small pieces and swallowed them, and submitted their own version of the ‘answers’, avoiding the ‘bad’ questions the clown won’t answer (prison when he LIES, prison if he doesn’t), and now Dotard says ‘it’s over. I’m innocent’.
And the sheep swallow this crap, like they swallow, ‘He’s one of us, a Christian’, SOOOO what ever he says or does is FINE with us, even the Pussy Grabbing and all the bankruptcies and all the LIES, and being supported by the Russians, cuz the stock market is SO good.

What, you say the market has lost ALL of it’s 2018 gains cuz of Dotard’s tariffs, which has cost global markets over a $TRILLION?
And this is cuz he fired his ‘qualified’ advisors and went with Peter Navarro, who’s policies are villified by comptetent economists?

Never mind, he has (R) after his name, so who gives a shit about what he says or does?
Bottom line, when your(R) view originates from deep inside your ass, the Liar in Chief looks really good.
Some things never change.


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