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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Between interesting excursions,

and fantastic meals, sights and adventures, I watch some BBC to wake up or go to sleep. They claim the Pubs are damaging themselves to the point of oblivion, as the radical right is making it impossible for them to win in 2016. We can only hope... They are comparing this time to the Goldwater era when the rightwingnutjobs took the party SO low that it took over a decade to begin to recover. Over here, they laugh at the Pub candidates and the chaos in the party, as Boehner gave up trying to herd a group of wild, ignorant cats.  They said they rarely agree with Putin, but when he said the US shouldn't bitch about the chaos in the Mideast cuz the Bushies caused it, it was hard to argue.
For me, it's hard to imagine ANYONE relating to the rightwingnutjobs, who have hijacked the GOP., and the Brits agree. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

It's nice to see a different perspective,

and the international financial news says the Repubs are gonna screw up the US and world economy by shutting down the govt, AGAIN, when the budget/debt limit talks come up, using Planned Parenthood as an excuse, for all their shortcomings. According to world pundits, the Tea Party has just enough power to wreck the Pubs, who have enough to power to wreck the US/world economy. Don't you just love 'em? Nothing new here, as the BBC calls it like it is, saying, Boehner, though far from perfect, didn't want his name associated with the coming disaster. 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The news here,

says that the pope so shamed Boehner, with his talk about politicians doing good for the people, that he wept and resigned. Again, in this part of the world, Repubs are looked at as everything that is wrong with American politics. I couldn't agree more, and is one of the reasons I love to travel.
PS. no FOXnews here. Yahoo! And, Gaudi stuff, the food and sangria is 'off the chart'.

Friday, September 25, 2015

I didn't know,

what had happened to John Huntsman, one of the few sane Repub candidates, from recent years, and found him on BBC, doing a fantastic job of explaining American politics to Europe. He joins his colleagues at laughing at the dysfunctional Pubs, as Boenher jumps ship, not wanting to shut down the govt, which will screw up the whole world. They blame the Tea Party idiots, who answer to no one but their big money donors. They're pretty smart over here....
They show American kids running around, acting crazy, with background music, Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys. Wow, Pubs, thanks for shaping the world view., who views you as idiots.

In Europe, they are laughing

at the Pubs, much like I do, as Bonehead gave up on herding the cats, and they are predicting a shutdown of the govt, cuz the Repubs are so ineffective, they just jump from deadline to disaster, without dealing with the problems of governance. Worthless jerks.....They are also laughing cuz the Pubs are boycotting the Pope, with his views of climate change, cuz he's NOT a scientist, but he IS, with a degree to prove it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I've always wanted to see Cinque Terra

and that entire section of Italy, as well as Barcelona, where I look forward to enjoying the tatas (oops, Carol says it's 'tapas') and all the Mediterranean country between. Oh well, maybe someday...

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Pubs are claiming

their clown car candidates are such great 'business people', with The Donald' who was born a multimillionaire, and stil went bankrupt FOUR times. Then there's Carly, who totally trashed Hewlett Packard, losing 80% of the company's value, while other Big Tech was doing well (unlike what she claimed) and HP took a $20 mil 'hit' just to buy out her contract, and she hasn't had a decent job offer (10 years) since then. And these are their 'Business Heroes'. What a joke, like most of the Repub candidates.
Never mind, can you say 'President Hillary?', as she is BY FAR the most qualified, but that doesn't matter to the sheep, who think it's TERRIBLE she didn't swoop in and save the BENGHAZI! victims, (within an hour and a half, after Pubs had cut embassy security)) and (gasp) she used a private server, developed by the Secret Service, (for her husband the prez), and used by MANY Pubs.  Nothing new here, as FOX 'makes it up' and the sheep swallow it, looking for SOMETHING to derail her.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Who wants to bet?

I'm betting the GOP is gonna wreck the GDP with a shutdown, cuz they refuse to their jobs. And they're gonna blame it on Planned Parenthood funding, which affects VERY few, but the damage the clowns do is gonna affect MANY. The good news? The voters will remember, and blame them, cuz we're not all FOXSheep.  Stay tuned....

The ONLY major crime,

in the nearly 3 years since legalization of cannabis in Colorado, is nearing trial and the defense is blaming the murder on pot. BUT, they aren't mentioning his huge blood alcohol level or the huge amount of opiates in his system. The rightwingnutjobs are jumping on this isolated incident and blaming it on marijuana, so they can validate the 'Reefer Madness' BS they all believe, instead of facts, with this ONE, isolated incident in three years. I wonder how many 'legal' alcohol deaths happened in that time?

The #1 ranked Broomfield Boys Soccer team,

has player who inbounds the ball, toward the goal, with a flying flip. He's able to throw it nearly twice as far as normal, and the team scored twice, in the state play-offs, (which they won), with his amazing play. Fun to see. Here's one in a short Youtube video.

This just in:

A driver in Indiana jumped out of her moving car, because she was scared by a spider, and the resulting crash injured her 9 year old son. Just when I think I can't be surprised....

Yahoo, We're #1, again,

here in Colorado, when it comes to being LEAST obese, in spite of having statewide 'munchies'. Wow, who da thunk? As always, the low income/education Pub states, their base, lead the list of MOST obese. Some things never change.

We're back down to the Three Stooges,

after the fourth stooge, Scott Walker was able to read the writing in the wall, OR, his handlers read my blog and decided to dump him. Whatever, he's toast, along with Perry and pretty soon all the clowns will fit in a Ford Econoline, and they can retire their clown car. Just kidding, they'll drive it 'til it goes over a cliff, while the guy who is qualified and might be able to win enough 'moderate' votes to win, John Kasich, doesn't have a chance with the rightwingnutjobs who have taken over the party, at the expense of rationality and negotiation. Too bad, so sad....
PS. We set a record high today, again, like a lot of the world, although Rush and Sean assure the sheep it's all a Liberal plot. Idiots.....

On CNBC this morning,

I heard that this Sunday, in the Catalonia part of Spain (incl Barcelona), they're voting to secede from Spain, and it's gonna be close. Wow, might be an exciting time to be there. Just sayin'....

Sunday, September 20, 2015

I been calling you rightwingnuts,

and you know who you are. But, I'm gonna change, cuz that's not really descriptive enuff. From now on, at this site, you'll be known as rightwingnutjobs, which works even better. You're welcome. Should it maybe be rightwing-nutjobs? Just wanna be correct, as I describe the sector that's trying to kill our country, with the Tea Party.
At least they aren't worthless, cuz without them, the Pubs coulda nominated Daniels or Huntsman, either of whom were moderate/intelligent enough to have beaten Obama. BUT they weren't CONSERVATIVE enuff for the the rightwingnutjobs, who have the Repub streak of non-negotiation. Thank you....

As I've always said,

I've done a lot of great things, BUT, one of the best is running natural gas (which is basically free) to my grill, so I can get it REALLY hot, burn off the grease, and do all day briskets, not worrying about a propane tank. I'm still claiming it was a GREAT idea....

Good news, bad news

as the Pubs try to find a winner. Trump is falling, as we knew he would and should, BUT Carli is rising, cuz 'she's a good businesswoman'. What? She's a good talker, and obviously intelligent, which is a nice change for the Pubs, BUT, she's NOT good at business. She lied about the abortion video and lied about her tenure at HP. She crashed the company almost by herself, when the rest of 'tech' was doing well. Ten years later she never got another job offer, after HP ate $20 mil just to get rid of her. She's not that great, but compared to the 3 Stooges and the rest of the clowns she looks pretty good, AND she's a minority, which the Pubs have alienated for years. Will be fun to watch, but even though she's down, it will be Prez Hillary. Unless it's Joe Biden. Anyone wanna bet?

After the 'campfire party', the other night,

Lauri sent a couple large bags of roasted Big Jim chilis home with us, and they are HOT. Today, Nate gave us a couple bags of authentic Hatch green chilis, from their trip to Taos, (roasted and already peeled, thanks), that are MILD. When we get back, will be mixing the two 'temperatures', getting a large pork roast, and making this year's batch of 'green'. Looking forward to it, as it is really nice to have a bunch of 'green chili' throughout the year. Yummmm.

Coming back from Nate and Laura's, today

We saw this bad boy right near their house. (Click on to enlarge). Nice large muley that is actually 'in season'. Good luck, big boy....

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Ya know, I've always wanted to visit Barcelona,

cuz I've heard really good things about it, then it would be great to travel along the northern coast of the Mediterranean, through France and Italy, to Florence. Sounds nice, and a really good time of year to do it. Just dreamin', but seems fun, if you like that kinda stuff....

In the Total Bullshit World of FOXNews

their main headline today, calls for Obama (they love to blame EVERYTHING on him) to be 'more outspoken' about cop shootings, even though the 'facts' (something that doesn't matter to FOX and the sheep), say that cop shootings are the lowest in 25 years. (Google it). Same old shit from Bullshit Mountain. Make it up, and they (the sheep) WILL believe, and vote Republican.

Watching the CU-CSU game,

and they got into a brawl, (surprise!). The announcer said it looks like a Flin Flon. The other announcer said 'What'?, and he said, 'look it up', so I did. We flew out of Flin Flon, to our private Canadian lake, Wildnest, for 15 years, and I remember the Flin Flon Bombers, their hockey team, that was known for fighting. Sure enuff, that's the expression for a large brawl. A Flin Flon. LOL.
BTW, Flin Flon is now famous for being the main 'grow' for Canadian medical marijuana. There are deep copper mine tunnels all around, and that's where they grow the pot. Underground, with LOTS of big lights, where no one can get to it. When you leave Flin Flon, the sign lists the nearest, next town, at 221 kilometers. Middle of nowhere, but GREAT fishing, if you like a bunch of walleye and northern pike, with Northern Lights. (Pic is exactly like our dock)

There's a website for everything,

and this one asks 20 questions, on various political issues, you can weight your answers, and it calculates which candidate is closest your your views. I was kinda surprised, cuz I didn't even know he was a candidate. No, not Gary Busey, but ................ Joe Biden. Seems we think the same pretty much all down the line. Hmm. I didn't realize he was so intelligent/informed. Check it out.


Had a good time last night,

when we got together with 'the crew' for a Mexican food feast, hosted by the Tobins at their beautiful acreage north of Boulder in the foothills. Everyone brought part of the necessary ingredients, and if you couldn't put together a fantastic plate of  food, you weren't trying. Fun time with good (old) friends.Was cool outside, and the big campfire was very welcome, (like the John Denver song, 'Rocky Mntn High' and friends around the campfire) where we played some games.
One of them was doing the alphabet, taking turns to name a song, starting with that letter, and sing part of it. I was picked to start out with an A song, and came up with 'Abra Cadabra' by the Steve Miller Band. Hadn't actually heard it, for many years, but it came into my head. The strange part? I turned on the radio (KBCO, Boulder) for the trip home, and guess what came on, right away, out of about a million songs? You guessed it, 'Abra Cadabra'. I can't explain stuff like this, but it seems to happen to me, regularly.

One of the 'Brain Trust' members of the Pub party,

Sarah Palin weighed in on the student who brought a homemade clock to school, to impress his science teachers. The former VP candidate(R), had this to say.

Sarah Palin: Ahmed Was Asking For It When He Brought His Clock To School

"Right. That's a clock, and I'm the Queen of England."

Good article in USA Today

about the Bitter End Drug Warriors, who continue to fight for restrictive cannabis laws, after most of the country agrees it should be legal.

It explains how the draconian laws have ruined MANY more lives than the plant itself, after Nixon classified it Schedule 1, like heroin. Law enforcement and the legal profession have made TONS of money and wrecked millions of lives in the futile battle to legislate morality and force their biases on consenting adults. Really stupid, and SO Republican. There'll be a time we look back on this time like we do now with women voting and de-segregation and say, 'what the hell took so long?', and the answer is, those damn Republicans, who also fight same sex marriage, between those who were 'born that way'. As always, believe what you want, no matter how much proof there is against it, but DON"T force your arcane, restrictive beliefs on others...

Who says they 'Do Nothing?"

The Pubs in the house voted, yesterday, to defund Obamacare, for the FIFTY-FIFTH time! And, surprise, the vote went along party lines and didn't pass. This is INSTEAD of facing and working on the myriad of bills that are fast approaching deadlines, while their only other business was to discuss de-funding Planned Parenthood, (they'd rather have UNplanned Parenthood) which will deny birth control to those who need it most, creating who knows how many thousands of 'accidental' babies, requiring expensive public assistance that those same Pubs rail against. And you wonder why I can't stand these clowns?
If they were vets, everyone would get shot, like a horse with a broken leg, cuz they'd rather 'kill something', like Obamacare and Planned P'hood, that benefits MANY, rather than fix the bad parts. Idiots, but SO Republican....

Friday, September 18, 2015

Wow, they must really fear The Donald,

as many of the other 'Pub4Prez' clowns are dissing him for not objecting to the comment that Obama is a Muslim. Never thought I'd hear that from the crowd that will say/do ANYTHING, as long as it denigrates a Dem, esp Obama. Who da thunk they'd get this desperate?

The clown car candidates

were asked to give themselves Secret Service 'code names'. I can help.
 Christy-Cheeseburger, Kasich-2 Smart 2 have a chance with Pubs, Walker-Cruz-Huckabee=3 Stooges, Fiorina-Token Female, Carson-Token Black, Rubio-Token Hispanic, Paul-Tokin' White Guy, Trump-RU Kidding?
You're welcome.

Have I ever mentioned

how I love 'sports'? Last night was a perfect example. After falling behind 14-0, on the road at Kansas City, with Peyton Manning playing terribly, again, they came back with 2 TD's in the last 1 1/2 minutes of the first half to tie it up. Then, behind 7 points in the last minute of the game, they marched down the field and came back to score 2 TD's in 9 seconds to win, with Peyton throwing a total 3 TD's, and the Denver D getting 5 turnovers. They also set an all-time NFL record with 13 straight AWAY-game Division 'wins'. Amazing game, and I hope it means Peyton's back, cuz he's looked like 'something's wrong' the last several games. Yahoo! 2-0. Life is good in Broncoland.

In typical FOXWorld fashion,

if you are a Lib, esp in Hollywood, look out. In their special 'news', they have a section on Stars Who Have Lost Their Looks, BUT, it's always Liberals, in their sights. Today it was Johnny Depp, who's outspoken against FOX bullshit, like most intelligent people. Johnny had just finished Black Mass, the story of Whitey Bulger, and had gotten a weird haircut, gained weight for the role and had some weird make up on. The FOX crew got a pic, compared it to a younger photo, and showed how 'he lost his looks'. This is the crap that passes for 'news' on Bullshit Mountain, and the sheep eat it up. Just sayin'....
Also, in the Total Bullshit World of FOXNews, they report on 'The War on Cops', as they warm up for 'The War on Christmas', BUT, the 'facts', (which don't concern FOX or the sheep), say that deaths, and assaults on law enforcement personnel are the LOWEST in 25 years, (Google it) even though the FOX headlines claim Obama is encouraging 'attacks' on cops. Same old shit from Bullshit Mountain. Make it up, and they will believe. It gets SO old, and brings up a question I often ask myself. Do the sheep not know that FOXLies is just Pub propaganda, or do they just not care? I think it's a combination of the two, as they've been brainwashed to believe they are in a holy war, to protect America from the Godless, liberal commies, better known as Democrats in FOXWorld, and they eat it up, as they vote 'straight Republican'.

Some of us who watched,

the Repub prez candidates debate (grade school insult fest), were shocked by the many lies, presented as fact, like vaccinations causing autism, Trump NOT trying to get casino gambling in Florida, Carli's Planned P'hood fetus video, (was from a totally dif source), comments about how WEAK the US military is, and how NO ONE respects America and how Obama wrecked the economy (when he and the Dem's have gradually FIXED the mess left by the Repubs), among a lot of other borderline bullshit, and HIllary being under indictment for 'leaking secrets'. BUT, it's no big deal to the sheep, cuz they live with, and don't care about lies. They're FOX disciples, and 'facts' don't matter. BUT, to the rest of us, it was WTF? Doesn't anyone care about TRUTH?
PS Carly totally 'fudged the facts' about being fired from HP. She said the 'entire tech world was failing' which is bullshit, for the time when she got axed. Her terrible business decisons nearly wreck the company when other firms were doing well, and the company paid her $20 million severance package just to get rid of her. 10 years later she still can't land a decent job. BUT, the Pubs claims she's a great 'businessperson'. LOL. She's just a token woman candidate, who's a good speaker, although a LOT of what she says is just lies

For those sheep who don't get real news,

cuz they never leave Bullshit Mountain, I'll pass on some 'fact's, that are in short supply at FOX.
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Earth's record-breaking heat is sounding an awful lot like a broken record.The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced Thursday that August, this past summer and the first eight months of 2015 all smashed global records for heat.
That's the fifth straight record hot season in a row and the fourth consecutive record hot month. Meteorologists say 2015 is a near certainty to eclipse 2014 as the hottest year on record. This year, six of the eight months have been record breaking, with only April and January failing to set new records.
Now you can go back to your regularly scheduled bullshit session....
This just in: Congressman Gosar(R) is pissed cuz the pope recognizes climate change, so the 'jenius' is gonna boycott his speech. Hint: The pope is also a scienitst, with a degree, unlike the Pubs who always start with,"I'm not a scientist BUT..
If the Pope plans to spend his time advocating for flawed climate change policies, then I will not attend," Gosar wrote. "When the Pope chooses to act and talk like a leftist politician, then he can expect to be treated like one."
And the sheep said, Amen....

Thursday, September 17, 2015

I REALLY hope I'm wrong,

BUT, in about 5 minutes the Broncos are gonna play the Chiefs, and I'm afraid we're gonna get beat. Maybe the defense will save us, OR, maybe Peyton will emerge from the funk he has sunk into. Not sure what's wrong with him, and hoping maybe Elway and Kubiak can 'fix' him but for the last several games, (last year and this), he has sucked. Sorry Peyton, you WERE great, and MAYBE can be again, but now is the time to prove it.
Not sure if it's mental or physical, or both, but he has been terrible, for a MANY games....
Maybe he should spend as much time/energy practicing as he does making commercials????
C'mon Peyton, you can do it! Show us.....
Whoa.. The game has started, the defense is great and Manning isn't, again.....
Yahoo, Peyton threw his second TD pass of the year, BUT, they've both been to the other team. He just keeps getting WORSE, but there's a lot of time left...
Wow, after Peyton threw another one that SHOULDA been intercepted, the Denver D got the ball again and Manning woke up. Tied 14-14 at half time. Yahoo.....
Wow, what a game! UNbelievable...... I've seen some fantastic finishes, but this was 'off the chart'.

Getting ready....

I bought a new piece of luggage, yesterday. At first I didn't want the 'brown' one, even though it was the best quality, with all the features I wanted. Then I decided, Ill be able to pick it out on airport turnstiles, and in hotel lobbies, cuz NO ONE has a brown suitcase. But the clincher was thinking about Kari, who had a brand new, fancy, purple suitcase stolen on their last trip.  No one's gonna steal a brown suitcase, even though it has 4 wheels and all the bells and whistles. At least I hope not.....

I have some advice,

for the rightwingnuts who are financing the 4 Stooges. Use that cash to make bonfires, and cook wienies for the poor, use $100 bills for toilet paper OR send the $$$ to me. I can find SOMETHING to spend it on, that makes more sense than backing these clowns for PRESIDENT of the United States. Are you kidding me?
You got that kinda money to just WASTE? I know the Supreme Court(R) says it's legal to buy votes, but supporting these Bozos is just plain STUPID. Never mind, didn't mean to interrupt your session with FOX, where you get your 'news' and information. LOL,,,,

If you're not familiar

with the rightwingnut darling, Rick the Dick Santelli, who has been TOTALLY wrong for MANY years (7, as he bitches about Obama and the Dems) check out this short video of the 'jenius' imparting his wisdom to Steve Leisman, who finally got tired of hearing his crap, on CNBC. Check it out (1 minute Utube)
PS They got into it again today, when Rick the Dick was proven wrong, AGAIN, as always, but that doesn't stop him, OR the sheep who swallow his crap.
PSS. FOX features him as an X-Spurt. PLEASE, check it out....


As I check CNBC to see

if the Fed is gonna raise rates, I see a couple of financial guys saying how Congress(R) is doing NOTHING to help the economy. While they bluster about Planned Parenthood, to rile their rightwing base, they totally ignore the impending budget crisis, AND they are doing NOTHING to help raise the inflation rate, which we NEED, with things like infrastructure and other building programs, at a time we need jobs AND the projects they build. The Pubs do NOTHING, cuz it might help the economy, and that's their worst nightmare as we approach an election. I get SO sick of these people who bitch about 'runaway inflation' for 7 years, with their heads firmly implanted in their asses, while just the OPPOSITE is true, according to the real experts.
BTW, the Fed didn't raise rates. So much for the 'guarantee' from Rick the Dick Santelli. How long can you be TOTALLY wrong and keep your job at the Financial Network? At least he could always get a job at Bullshit Mountain, where reality doesn't matter and the sheep don't have a clue.

PS After it was announced, Rick the Dick REALLY made an ass of himself, screaming and saying the US Fed is being run by 'Commies'. What an idiot, and I HOPE his rightwingnut friends have been investing on his 'insights'. Never mind, those jerks don't have disposable income to invest. Hey Mr Dick, I found a picture of/for you....

I guess I'm not the only one, who can't stand him

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) introduced himself to the crowd at Wednesday night's GOP presidential debate, describing himself as a proud father and the "son of an Irish-Italian mom and a Cuban immigrant dad who fled oppression and came to America seeking freedom". The audience responded with a resoundingly awkward silence. Seriously, not a single person clapped. Don't worry, Ted, maybe they all just forgot.
Ted Cruz, one of the 3 Stooges on stage, along with The Huck and Scott Walker, (shown in pic with the Stoogiest Stooge) showed how out of touch with reality they actually are, every time they opened their mouths. The good news? At least they made the others look better, by comparison, which isn't saying much, as they pretty much said they were gonna 'shut it down' over Planned Parenthood, shovel more $ to the most bloated part of the budget, the military, and had absolutely ZERO specific ideas for helping the economy, other than that tired old Repub talking point, 'Cut Taxes', blah, blah, blah.... At least they didn't say 'Read my lips', this time. Maybe they've learned SOMETHING, as they lie to the sheep.....

After hearing the Pubs last night,

I guess I'm gonna vote Repub, cuz they have the answers to all our problems. Mainly, they're gonna 'fix' the economy with jobs, LOTS of jobs. How? By cutting taxes, at the same time they're gonna throw tons of money at the military, to make the world fear us, again. And take out that twerp in No Korea, and Syria, and the jerks in Iran and get Russia and China to fall in line. WOW. They're gonna be miracle workers, doing all that as they cut taxes. Sorta like Sam Brownback(R) promised in Kansas, before he tried it and nearly bankrupted the state before reversing course. Plus, they're gonna fix immigration, by shipping out all the illegals, although they wouldn't even discuss OR vote on it in the Repub controlled House when it was time to act. And, they agree they're gonna kill Obamacare, (that a large majority of the people actually like), instead of fixing the problems with it.
Bottom line, same old shit from the Pubs, as they didn't learn ANYTHING last time, and are hoping the sheep fall for the same old lies. Which they probably will. And if they succeed, how much will the next Repub prez have to write, in checks that totalled FOUR TIMES the amount of gold in Ft Knox, as he left town, just to keep the economy from TOTALLY imploding. We just got the worst recession since the Big D. I just can't imagine WHO can swallow their BS? Oh yeah, the sheep......
BTW, some things I do agree with, are: Gotta change the 'anchor baby' policy, and free immigration to anyone with a relative. Should be based on merit. Although climate change is 'real', we shouldn't go it alone and hurt our economy with Draconian measures, We have enough gun laws, just enforce what we have instead of making new ones. Look closer at the Iran deal, or is it too late?

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Thoughts on the Pub debate...

St Ronalds ass must be getting sore, as the clowns push their noses DEEP into it.
They act like the problems in our country are because of Obama, instead of the 'steaming pile' left by the last Repub administration, that wrecked our economy, and started wars, based on lies.
One of the few voices of reason, is Rand Paul, who admits the Pubs screwed up the Middle East, as if we didn't know.
Ted Cruz is not only ugly, but an idiot also, as he claims HE could have negotiated a GREAT deal with Iran, while the top five countries in the world couldn't.
All the clowns totally dodged the question that was asked REPEATEDLY. Will you shut down the govt over Planned Parenthood? Not one would answer, so I'm thinking they will, as an excuse to keep from actually doing their jobs. IDIOTS!
No one calls out Trump's idea to deport 11 million Mexicans. WTF? How you clowns gonna do that?
BTW, Marco Rubio is one of the sane ones, that stands out in this crowd, though I do agree with them on the anchor baby issue.
Kasich loves saying how he fixed everything, and balanced the budget,until he left in 2000, and it all crashed. Duh, what happened in 2000? Maybe Bush(R)?
I knew Scott Walker's an idiot, but now everyone should know. Wow...
The clowns like to act like BENGHAZI! and the private email is a HUGE crime for Hillary. Thanks, FOX, but w e're not all a bunch of ignorant sheep....
The clowns LOVE to talk tough about North Korea, Iran, Syria, Russia and China, BUT, what the hell you gonna do? Attack 'em all? I do know that's the fave Pub plan, but it SUCKS, as one of the things they all seem to agree on is to shovel MORE money to the most bloated military in the world, at the expense of everything else.
And again, I gotta say, Ronald's ass is gotta be getting REAL sore, as they all pile inside....
The Donald is reminding the clowns he was the ONLY one (other than Rand) who said NO to GW and The Dick's big adventure in Iraq.
Jeb says his brother kept us SAFE and they all cheered. Who was prez and got the memo that Bin Laden planned to use aircraft to attack the US in 2001? Who are these people who act like the current problems in the MidEast are cuz of Obama instead of the jerks who wrecked the area, and saying we HAVEN'T been safe under Obama?
I quit. I can't stand any more of this revisionist history. G'night....

I just realized, I'm a political 'junkie',

cuz I'm really looking forward to the fiasco of the Pubs attacking each other tonight, and all claiming to be the reincarnation of St Ronald. The mythical one, that is, not the real Reagan, who raised taxes, and welcomed immigrants, in an era of 'I can be the MOST Conservative idiot 'out there', while they try to relate to the hicks, to whom 'science' is a dirty word as they deny climate change while hating gays. Should be interesting to see who can be the MOST IGNORANT, and get the Pub vote, beginning in Iowa, where we all pay a HUGE tax on ethanol, which takes more energy to create than it produces, as it raises the price of EVERYTHING we eat, and totally wastes precious water. Thanks again, Pubs....

Am looking forward to the 'clown brawl'

tonight on CNN, as they've all piled out of the little car and are ready to attack the driver. In an era where the Pubs can't stand the current Repubs in power, better known as the 'Party of NO Clue', the voters(R) would rather have Trump, or a 'Dr' who doesn't believe in evolution, or ANYONE who's not part of the Repub establishment, that does nothing but bitch and whine. Should be fun to watch the spectacle where the MOST OUTRAGEOUS remarks get the headlines, in an effort to stay afloat and get the Big Money from the kingmakers(R) with the unlimited bank accounts, after the Supreme Court(R) made 'buying votes' legal. Sickening, but SO Republican....
PS. Ya' like my images? Thanks, and yes, they are totally original.

No matter what you think

about The Donald, he was right about at least one thing. He was the only one of the clown car candidates to oppose GW and The Dicks' big adventure in Iraq, based on lies. He predicted it would destabilize the entire Middle East, accomplish no good and cause thousands of American casualties. Wow, finally a Repub candidate that tells the truth. Who da thunk? BUT, it did accomplish the objective of the Bushies. Oil went from $14 to over $140/barrel. VICTORY!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Time to stock up, tomorrow,

as tomorrow is a 'tax-free' day for medical and recreational pot sales. Not sure why, but it's some kind of bureaucratic screw up, and a one day deal. Actually, in the last 2 1/2 years I've only been in one pot shop, but that was kind of a trip. seeing a BUNCH of different strains and forms (edibles, drinkables, oils, wax, etc, plus all kinds of paraphenalia. For the first time, last night, I saw part of the movie 'Reefer Madness', and I was totally shocked. I knew it was a bunch of bullshit, but it was totally unbelievable that it was what people used to form their opinions of cannabis, and make the laws, as Harry Anslinger made a career of lying to the people and politicians, while he enjoyed all the fame associated with being a 'hero' of the ignorant masses. Amazing, but true, as it was classed with heroin and meth, and many people went to prison for 10 years on their first charge and for LIFE for a second offense. Nixon, Reagan and the Pubs went batshit crazy in their war on potsmokers and those who didn't like their bullshit war in Viet Nam. Never mind, I digress, as I plan a shopping trip so see 'what's out there', legally, here in the wonderful state of Colorado, without paying any taxes on it, although there have already been OVER a hundred million dollars in taxes collected, not to mention all the money that didn't go to Mexican cartels. Gotta love Colorado, while the rightwingnuts rule, in other states.
BTW, just kidding about 'stocking up'.

Monday, September 14, 2015

I hate the thought

of an arrogant, egotistical billionaire for prez, if his name is Trump, BUT, Mark Cuban is a different story. I've watched, and liked, him for years as the flamboyant owner of the Mavs and an entrepreneur on 'Shark Tank'. On CNBC this morning they had an outline of the 'planks' of his campaign and I agreed with every one, something I can't say for any other candidate. I do like the idea of someone who isn't 'beholdin' to donors, but not 'The Donald'.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Speaking of 'screw jobs' by officials,

I'd LOVE to know the facts behind the players who took out a ref in the high school football game in Texas. I've been involved in 'crooked officiating' when I played b-ball in Holdrege, Minden and esp Lexington, as I was 'whistled out', by the local zebras when we were the 'visiting team' and they wanted to win, by whatever it took. There's nothing worse than a fifth foul from the part time ref who's a full time teacher/fan of the small town school you're playing on Friday night. Sorta like the Dillon team in 'Friday Night Lights', against the 'all white' Texas team. Like I say, I'd sure like to know how bad it had to get, before the players took out a ref. If I had to, I'm betting he deserved it, when it gets that blatant, and it is TEXAS...

I admit it, I like sports,

and that's part of the reason I LOVE living 'round here, with the CU Buffs, CSU Rams, plus the Air Force Academy, and Colo School of Mines. AND, we have the Broncos, (whose offense sucks today), with Rockies baseball, Avalanche hockey and Nuggets basketball, plus professional soccer and lacrosse. Throw in skiing, hunting and fishing, not to mention some of the best golf courses ANYWHERE, and it's a great place to live, if you love SPORTS!
Speaking of sports, I've seen some 'screw jobs' by officials, but none worse than the call by the 'homey' officials in Dallas as the Cowboys were 'given' a first down, on the two yard line, instead of fourth and long against the Giants, with a totally bogus 'pass interference' call, that NO ONE could see, including the Sunday Night Football announcers, as they replayed it MANY times. Nothing new here, as Jerry Jones' team enjoys special privileges from the refs, in Texas, but sickening, just the same.

There's still some time left,

but at this point, I don't know who sucks worse, the Bronco's running game or Peyton Maniing. There aren't any 'holes' to run through, and Old Man Manning doesn't have a clue, as he takes turns over throwing and under throwing his receivers. when he's not getting sacked, or letting the clock run down to ZERO. He did finally get a TD throw, but it was to the wrong team. Thankfully the Denver D is good, as Peyton looks the same as he did the last few games last year and all through the pre-season. A shell of his former self, who can't run, or complete anything over 4 yards. Should have had 3 interceptions, but has gotten lucky, here at the end of the third quarter, as he gets sacked, seemingly wearing concrete boots, AGAIN.
Wow, good news bad news. The Denver offense was TERRIBLE (thanks Peyton), but we got a W, cuz we have a great DEFENSE. Lucky start to a long season, with interceptions by the Denver D being the difference.
BTW, I know Peyton is (or was) a great qb, but there's something wrong. Whether it's mental or physical, or both, he's not the player he used to be. Pretty obvious to anyone who watches the game. The good news is the Broncos won anyway, when his QB rating was under 60.

Since we finished watching the 'Friday Night Lights' series,

on Netflix, we've started the 5-star rated, 'Narcos', from the same network. It's the true story of Pablo Escobar, with lots of authentic clips and pictures mixed in, in the beautiful but corrupt country of Columbia, as the cocaine cowboys took over the world, shipping hundreds of tons of coke to Miami and the rest of the US, while the outmanned DEA tried to stop them. Lots of guns, hot women, fast cars and bales of blow, as Pablo was totally ruthless and morgues had to rent refrigerated trucks to hold all the bodies from the shoot-outs. Pretty amazing, and seemingly realistic series, with some great 'characters', even though I know how it ends....

Just mentioning 'Socialism'

causes some rightwingnuts, like Dave Ramsey, writing for Bullshit Mountain today, to totally freak out. They seem to forget, that the happiest and most prosperous countries in the world, (Northern Europe), are mostly socialist, and MANY programs in the US, that people really like, such as Medicare and Social Security, (that the Pubs fought against, tooth and nail, as they were 'against them, before they were FOR them'), are socialist. Also, unlike Mexico, where airports are built by private business, the US uses 'Socialism' for the public good in MANY areas, such as the FDA and  power generation, throughout the country. BUT, if you mention that the govt should be involved with higher education or medical care, like the rest of the civilized world, the rightwingnuts, led by the propaganda arm of the Repub Party, or FOXNews (one and the same), they go batshit crazy. Nothing new here, but as Bullshit Mountain equates the 'S' word with Communism, just look at reality, and stay calm, while you campaign for Bernie Sanders...

Because their first choice for an opponent,

Sister Mary's School for Orphaned Girls, was already scheduled, Nebr was forced to play the 'Big Name School', South Alabama, who is coming off a HUGE win (over Gardner-Webb?). Am hoping the Huskers will play Broomfield High School soon, so I can see 'em, but I doubt it, cuz the Eagles are pretty tough. Hopefully the Huskers won't be surprised this time, by a 'trick play', Hail Mary toss at the end of the game, as they were last week, by a play NO ONE could have foreseen. Who da thunk????

Again, just to be clear,

I have nothing against those who choose to be religious, if it makes 'em feel better, but PLEASE don't force your beliefs on others, claiming 'infallibility' from a book, with many easily provable 'errors', written by men, (NOT the hand of God), over a thousand years ago, before the advent of basic science and education. Also, if you wanna watch FOXNews, cuz you enjoy the message that 'Pubs Always Right-Dems Always Wrong', go ahead, but don't act like you are 'informed' by the propaganda arm of the Republican Party and the 'Fair and Balanced' network of Bullshit Mountain.
Like I've said before, I don't care what you do or believe in your private life, UNTIL you start persecuting others, with your obvious bias.

They just can't help themselves,

as the FAR rightwingnuts, who don't have to worry about re-election in their gerry-mandered, rightwingnut districts, plan to shut down the govt, AGAIN, to prove a point that will gain 'nothing but disdain' from the majority of American voters. I say, 'Go For It'.

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. government shut down for 16 days in 2013 because some Republicans wanted to "defund" Obamacare. The shutdown hurt the economy, accomplished nothing and polls showed Americans blamed the GOP.
Several Republican lawmakers said it was a mistake.
House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) have both vowed there will be no more shutting down of the government. On Friday, McConnell called it "an exercise in futility." Last month, he summed up the folly by saying"there's no education in the second kick of a mule."
Nevertheless, a sizable contingent in their party appears ready for a remedial encounter with the hooves. The government will run out of money at the end of September, and while congressional leaders have yet to offer a plan to keep the lights on, some Republicans have already seized on the notion of linking that vital spending to a bill defunding Planned Parenthood -- a move that would guarantee deadlock.
Again I say, 'Just DO It', and show the people how low the modern GOP has sunk, as they have replaced governance with 'tantrum throwing', and mistake the intelligence of the average American with the mentality of the sheep of Bullshit Mountain. 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Like most rightwingnuts,

she just doesn't get it. Kim Davis thinks her conservative religious beliefs trump the rights of others and she shouldn't have to abide by 'very clear' rules from the US legal system. If you don't believe in gay rights fine, don't marry a woman, and feel free to marry a FIFTH husband, but don't force your Old Testament beliefs (that evangelicals claim were 'overturned' by Jesus) on those who were 'born that way' and feel free to quit your $80,000/year job. What an idiot(R) that's a typical representative of the FOX/Repub base.

I tried to save some money,

and replaced our hot tub, that had frozen and broken in the -19 temps last winter, with a used tub, cuz I got a 'warrantee'. But, we had some problems, that took a a while. Hopefully, we got 'em all fixed, cuz this is the time of year I really appreciate a good soak, esp after a round of golf, or during an early snowfall. Seems good, now, and sure hope so, cuz it's hot tub season.

Wow, really seems like fall,

after the NFL game Thurs night, with the Broncos playing tomorrow the the Buffs winning BIG today, in their home opener. Just a slight difference in the air, with the smells and shadows being a bit 'autumnal'. My favorite time of the year, and seems like I should be getting ready for an elk hunt, as we look for a deal on a ski pass, and Hatch peppers for some green chili.

Whoa, the Pubs are pissed.....

cuz the Dept of Justice reaffirmed the fact that Hillary had every right to delete her 'personal' emails from her server, AND the server was legal. Now, it seems, the Pubs won't be able to go on an extended 'fishing expedition' like they did for over TWO YEARS with her hubby, in an effort to find SOMETHING to use against her, but I'm sure they won't give up, as they've convinced the sheep, (not hard) that it was all illegal and immoral. These are the same sheep who have 'no problem' with the Iraq war, based on easily provable LIES. The entire 'private server' fiasco is a joke, only a big deal to the sheep, as they desperately search for anything to derail her, as the Repubs/FOX (one and the same) seek to return to the 'scene of the crime', where they totally screwed up everything they touched.
No way it's gonna happen, unless the Pubs find a way to induce mass amnesia, and are able to erase the memories of the last Repub 'reign of error'. Ain't gonna happen, as we gradually emerge from the 'steaming pile' they left behind in 2008.
 If you REALLY believe Bush/Cheney got 'bad intel', just Google 'Mike Morell on Hardball', where Chris Matthews gets the former Bushie CIA guy to admit the truth, or any of MANY places you can Google, that give documented info that Rummy/Bush/Cheney KNEW they were lying to the American people. But the sheep don't do stuff like that. They just leave their heads firmly implanted and parrot the FOXLies.

Jimmy Fallon was hilarious last night,

with his guest Donald Trump. Actually, they both did a good job as Jimmy reprised his SNL sketch where he did a 'reflection in the mirror' with Mick Jagger. Jimmy, dressed as The Donald, did a great imitation of The Don talking to himself, in the mirror, before they actually did an interview, later. Typical: How you gonna get Mexico to pay for the wall? Easy, (says Fallon as Trump), I'll just challenge them to a HUGE game of Jenga, on the border, and have them 'set up the board', then I'll say, 'I don't wanna play', and we got a wall.
I have to admit, the more I see The Donald, compared to the rest of the clowns(R), the more I like him, and, the Pub voters do too, cuz they obviously don't like the status quo(R) and want a 'non-politician' instead. Speaking of candidates, Joe Biden on Stephen Colbert, was fantastic, coming across as very empathetic and intelligent, but I doubt that he'll run. Too bad....

The clown car lost a clown,

when Rick Perry bailed. Rick loved to say what a great gov he was cuz Texas had a booming economy. Ha! They had a booming economy cuz they have oil, and the Pubs were able to steal an election in Florida(R), where W's brother and and a corrupt Sec of State(R) sent the election, (in which Gore had more votes) to the Supreme Court(R). THEN, GW and The Dick, forced a war, based on lies, to send the price of oil from $14 to $140/barrel.
THAT is why Texas had a booming economy. Now that oil is approaching more realistic price levels, the boom is over for the 'we don't need no education' state. Too bad, so sad, Rick.....

Friday, September 11, 2015

There was a time,

when I'd discuss/debate politics with a sheep, but have found it's a total waste of time and energy, cuz they ALL start with the BS of  'Bush and Cheney got bad intelligence'. OMG, how dense/stupid/willfully ignorant do you have to be, to believe that?  Have you never heard of Joe Wilson,Valerie Plame and read about all the threats they, and everyone else got, when they tried to expose the truth of the WMD lies about aluminum tubes, 'yellow cake' and mobile labs? These were people appointed by GHWBush. THE recognized experts in the area, who were threatened by the Bushies, with Valerie being 'outed' as a CIA agent, in retribution, after they wouldn't shut up. Bottom line, once I hear, 'they were fooled', I just walk away. There is no remedy for those who believe The Dick and his crowd as they try to rewrite history, (supported by FOX, the propaganda arm of those who started the war), based on lies, in spite of all the easily verified facts, now and then.

Saw a good quote today

No matter how old you are, you'll never outlive the damage done to our country by Bush and Cheney.
Truer words have never been spoken....

When you look at the Repub clown car

and realize The Doanld is driving, you gotta check out who's 'riding shotgun'. That would Dr. Ben. A 'Doctor' who doesn't believe in evolution? Wow, the more I think about it, I'm glad they're the 'do-nothing' party, cuz when you look closer at 'em, it's just plain scary what they did when they were 'in charge' last time. Remember 'Oops, No WMD's and the worst economic crash since the Big D? I'd rather just have the jerks 'Do-Nothing', which they are very good at.

Just as I predicted,

the do-nothing Party of NO!, is leaning toward 'shutting it down', as they refuse to act on ANY of the myriad of bills before them, as the deadline for funding the govt rapidly approaches. Instead, they're focusing on a hot-button issue that unifies the sheep, but actually affects VERY few people, which is the abortion policies of Planned Parenthood. They can keep the Bible Belter's riled, while avoiding actually confronting the issues they were elected to deal with, such as Immigration, Infrastructure Projects, funding Social Security and Medicare, simplifying the Tax Code and MANY other issues, but most importantly, working out the Federal Budget and Debt Limit Increas that is expiring soon. Same old crap from the party that fiddles while Rome burns, acting like the biggest issue out there is something that SHOULD be a personal, private decision between a woman and her doctor. Nothing new here, but just another example of the tricks the Pubs use to divert attention from what they AREN'T doing.

Just to be different,

I'm gonna temporarily sink to the level of The Donald, current driver of the Repub clown car. Seems the Trumpster doesn't like Carli's face, which is kinda strange, but I can sorta understand it, on a certain level. Just like hearing Rush's voice makes me cringe, whenever I see the truly ugly mug of Ted Cruz, I just kinda stare, and think, 'what is it about his facial features that makes him SO repulsive?' I know it's not 'nice' to say so, BUT, I just can't stand to look at the guy, and then he opens his mouth and it gets worse. The hypocritical, anti-immigrant immigrant isn't stupid, BUT, the stuff that comes out of his mouth sure is, as he panders to the FAR right in a rightwingnut party. Like I say, I shouldn't sink to the level of a Repub candidate, but I think Ted Cruz's face is SLIMY, and then he speaks, and makes it worse...

While the rest of the country remembers

the 911 attack on the twin towers, the main FOX headline features BENGHAZI!, with references to Hillary's 'mistakes'. Same old shit from the Repub propaganda network, where they never pass up a chance to 'skew the news', in an attempt to influence the sheep with more anti-Dem bullshit. Nothing new here....

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Now we know the REAL reason.....

In the same way they avoided actually doing their jobs,

with over FIFTY votes against Obamacare that had NO chance of accomplishing anything, and over THIRTY hearings on BENGHAZI!, even when their own people said, 'there's nothing there', the Pubs are gearing up to grandstand against the Iran deal, which is veto-proof, instead of actually doing something about Immigration, Transportation, the Fed Budget/Debt Limit and separating abortion from the Planned Parenthood Bill, which they vow to 'shut the govt down' over. And you wonder why even Repubs are sick of these clowns as they choose The Donald and Dr Ben, by HUGE margins, over the Bozos(R) they have in Washington? Remember when the GOP was something other than the 'do-nothing, Party of NO?'

Even the Repubs in Congress,

who've never seen a military bill they didn't wanna throw money at, are hesitating. Seems the US (we the taxpayers) spent over $500 million to train and equip a 'rebel army' in Syria. Instead of over 5000 soldiers, we got 54, who are now all killed, captured or missing. Even the chickenhawks(R) are having second thoughts about further dollars being thrown down an endless pit that GW and The Dick dug for us. Duh, who da thunk? BUT, in Pub world, any military funding is better than something to actually help our economy, which might make Dems more electable. Nothing new here....

Two years ago, today,

we were in Edinburgh, Scotland, and saw video of the floods in Colorado, including a bridge washed out about 2 miles from our house. It was also my mother's birthday and the day my father passed. Will never forget that day. Mom followed dad less than a month later. In retrospect it was all quite a blessing, as they were both ready and everyone got to say good bye, but seemed pretty bad at the time. Truly amazing how fast two years fly by......

Yahoo, CNBC is catching up with FamGuy,

by saying today, what I said weeks ago, that the market is skittish cuz Congress may shut down the govt, basically cuz the Pubs aren't doing their jobs. Who da thunk?

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Although summer is officially over,

Los Angeles is over 100 today, with New York City in the mid 90's, BUT, Rush and Sean assure us climate change is all a liberal plot, and the sheep agree, when they temporarily remove their heads from their asses, so they can speak. Nothing new here, but very typical of the FOXSheep message, for those who 'just don't care;' about reality, while they listen to foreign policy advice from 'The Dick', and economic advice from the same people who 'crashed' our economy, and they support those who persecute, in the name of Jesus, those who were 'born gay'. Nothing new here, but sad/sickening, just the same, from those who 'just don't get it', and probably never will, in their strange little world....

Outside of FOXWorld,

there is a consensus, (incl over 97% of actual climate scientists) that climate change is 'real', BUT, that doesn't stop the sheep from spouting their ridiculous dogma. This is a great video that shows, 'How Climate Change Deniers Sound to Normal People'. Sometimes a pre-view of 'The Martian' movie comes up first, but if you're not familiar with it, this will give you a peek at the movie, which was a great book. Check it out.

He's known as one of the best financial minds in the world,

and leans conservative. SO, it should surprise no one that Warren Buffet's choice for prez is......Hillary Clinton. Much like The Donald, who famously said, 'the country just seems to do better under the Democrats', the Oracle of Omaha also knows that the 'vast majority' does better under Dems, when the Pubs don't get to skew everything toward the 1%. Pretty basic stuff, that is very obvious, until you get Bullshit Mountain propaganda thrown into the mix, and they muddy the water with 'God and patriotism', while they destroy the middle class.

Like flies drawn to road kill,

the clown car candidates descended on the scene, wanting to associate with the largest voting bloc in the US, as Kim Davis, and her hillbilly husband, dressed in 'Kentucky chic' garb entertained the local masses, who exist at the LOW end of the socio/economic/education ladder, and are the base of the Repub party. Yup, for the 'law and order' party, just pick and choose which laws you wanna enforce and get a standing ovation from the sheep, for denying civil rights to those 'sinners', who were born that way. Nothing new here, but sickening/sad, just the same.

Transitioning from 'Obamacare Is Gonna Kill Us',

to BENGHAZI!, to Hillary's Illegal Basement Server Email, the clowns of Bullshit Mountain have kept the sheep in perpetual 'fear and loathing' of all things Democratic. After claiming she should take responsibility (she did) and apologize, (she did), although what she did was totally legal and 'was and is' done by MANY Repubs, The Fair and Balanced Network claims she isn't sincere and it's too little and too late. Hmmm.... Who da thunk they wouldn't be satisfied?
 And then they added, 'Poor, pathetic Hillary has fallen and she can't get up'. Wow, do they know how to play to their audience or what? FOXNews, what a joke, as the propaganda arm of the Repub Party will say/do whatever it takes to con the sheep, who like to think they are 'informed'. Luckily, they're still a minority, as they gather to feed at the trough of the Rupert/Ailes propaganda machine.

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

You'll never hear it on FOX, but,

part of the Iran nuke deal is the fact they aren't allowed to enrich plutonium, which is essential to making a nuclear bomb. Pretty big deal, but we only hear the 'bad' parts of the deal, from FOX, as they feature The Dick, who has a 'stellar' record on foreign relations. Nothing new here, as FOX is against EVERYTHING from Obama, and they'll say/do anything return Pubs to the 'scene of the crime'.
BTW, something else the FOXCrowd won't see/hear. It as the hottest summer EVER, since weather records have been kept, but Rush and Sean assure the sheep, it's all a liberal 'hoax'. Nothing new here, as there is 'real' news, and the FOX version, for those who don't require those pesky things called 'facts'.  At least we're not hearing that Obamacare 'crashed' the medical system, like FOX and the Pubs promised it would. A large majority of Americans actually 'like' it. Oh yeah, and then there was the Fed policy to help the economy (that the Pubs actually DID crash) and the rightwingnuts were SURE it was gonna cause runaway inflation, and predicted it for over 6 years in row, until they 'just recently' shut up about it. As always, FOX vs reality.....

It's about time.....

The White House is finally firing back, against the war criminal/worst asshole EVER, as The Dick is trying to sell his new book, getting a pulpit on Bullshit Mountain, while he tries to re-write history, which only works with the sheep. Obama and his people FINALLY heard enough and are firing back, against his lies.
"Right? About the Iraq War?" the video asked in all capital letters while playing a series of clips from interviews in which Cheney's credibility was challenged.
In one clip, Fox News commentator Juan Williams pressed Cheney on why anyone should listen to him on the Iran issue given the botched WMD evidence in 2003.
"People say, 'Well, Dick Cheney was wrong about Iraq. Why should they listen to you on Iran?'" Williams said. And this is from FOXNews.
The video concluded by declaring, again in all-caps, that Cheney was, "Wrong then, wrong now."
The Dick is the perfect 'litmus test'. If you listen to/believe him, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? Never mind, you are obviously a Bullshit Mountain sheep.

Monday, September 07, 2015

In Pub/FOX world, one and the same,

they act like having a private server email, that was TOTALLY legal at the time, is HUGE with the sheep. Does that tell you anything? After their last 'Big Deal' was BENGHAZI!, which is total bullshit. Nothing new here, as the Pubs hope for total amnesia, from the last Repub admin. LOL, as the American voting populace isn't as stupid as the average FOX/Trump supporters, who think the 'Oops No WMD's' is OK. Who are these idiots? Oh yeah, FOX sheep....whose new ad has a mushroom cloud over an ice cream truck, in the US, from Iran. Haven't we heard this crap before?

Have I mentioned, how sick I am

of the Koch Bros ads on Colorado TV? And we are still over a year away from the prez elections, BUT, the Supreme Court(R) has allowed UNlimited money for Big Money to buy the election. Sickening, but SO Republican.......

Sunday, September 06, 2015

PARTY!, today

This is the 14 lb beef brisket that is now on the grill, 3 hours into it's 8 hour total. Couldn't decide whether to slow cook it wrapped in foil, or open, on the top of the grill, so cut it in half, doing both and we'll see which works best. Did an award winning dry rub, wrapped in Saran Wrap for 24 hours, first. Soon, the guinea pigs will be here, and maybe we can get 'em to drink enough beer and Sangria, during the corn hole tourney, (and get 'em hungry enough) that they'll think it's good, We'll see....
BTW, tomorrow's Labor Day, and I was just wonderin' if FOX and the Pubs (one and the same), recognize the day that celebrates the people they are OPPOSED to, whenever there is a choice between the 1% and those who actually work for a living. I'm sure the Koch Bros are fuming and plotting, on the day they see as sacrilege....

Wow, FOX sometimes tells the truth,

much to the chagrin of The Dick, who is considered an X-spurt on Bullshit Mountain, although most of the 'real' world rightfully considers him a war criminal.
"There was military action that had an impact on the Iranians when we took down Saddam Hussein," Cheney said on "Fox News Sunday." "There was a period of time when they stopped their program because they were afraid what we did to Saddam we were going to do to them next." The invasion of Iraq in fact deeply strengthened Iran's hand in the region, ousting a traditional enemy of Iran and installing a new government far more sympathetic to the Iranian regime. Much of Iraq has effectively functioned as a client state of Iran for years.
Fox News host Chris Wallace pointed out to Cheney that Iran had no uranium enrichment centrifuges prior to the Iraq War, but had 5,000 of them by the time Bush and Cheney left office.
Cheney waved off the statistic. "I think we did a lot to deal with the arms control problem in the Middle East," he said, as he continued to spin the facts in his favor, and the sheep said, 'Amen

After the entire MidEast was de-stabilized

by GW and The Dick's Big Adventure, the unfortunate victims are streaming, or trying to, into Europe. FOXNews has a pic, with their main headline, which is a quote from a war criminal.
Bullshit Mountain quotes The Dick, who says "Obama's Failed Policies Cause Refugee Crisis', and the sheep ear it up, after Georgie's 'Oops, No WMD's War', based on lies.
 Hmmmm, you think it was Barack, or George, who's the cause of this mess? I guess it depends, as always, if you look at facts, or believe FOX/Repub propaganda. Nothing new here as Bullshit Mountain attempts to re-write history. One of the main things the sheep don't/won't understand is that because of the 'waste' of US forces/funds in Afg and Iraq, the country and military is really 'gun shy' to get involved, again, when we maybe should. But who can blame the policy makers, when they see the cost of the last fiasco, led by the chickenhawk Bushies....

Everyone knows

that FOX and the Pubs (one and the same) are against EVERYTHING Obama does, and will say/do anything to return to 'the scene of the crime', where they totally screwed up last time they were in power. Their only hope, for election, is mass amnesia, OR, a bunch of converts to the sheep mentality of Bullshit Mountain, which ain't gonna happen.
In the meantime, it's nice to hear Former Sec of State, Gen Powell(R), come out in favor of the Iran nuke deal, along with several high ranking US and Israeli military leaders. Not everyone is a knee-'jerk', Party of NO!, do-nothing sniper.
Colin Powell, secretary of state under President George W. Bush, called the agreement "a pretty good deal" that would reduce the threat of Iran gaining a nuclear weapon.
Iran's nuclear program "has been thrown into a detour" making it less likely it can produce a nuclear weapon to be used against Israel or other countries, Powell said. "So that's pretty good," he told NBC's "Meet the Press."

Saturday, September 05, 2015

The Rightwingnuts are calling Kim Davis

a 'civil rights' leader, when in actuality, she's just the opposite. Just look up 'civil rights', IF you able to do something so complicated. Then you can look up the constitution, with 'separation' of church and state. Nothing new here, as the rightwingnuts impose their religion on those who of 'other' and 'non' religious groups. BUT, they are CERTAIN they are the 'one and only' true religion, just like all the other religions on earth.

Big Oil is bitchin'

cuz the price for a barrel is ONLY about $45. It was $14 before GW and the Dick invaded the oil patch of the world, in a war based on lies. DUH, ya think the Bushies and their buddies can make any money now, as oil is still TRIPLE what it was when 'Saddam has WMD's' became the war cry of the Repubs. Nothing new here, but still sickening, when you look at how Big Oil(R) sucks money from the populace, and the Koch bros use it to buy votes, cuz the Supreme Court(R) said it's legal. Who can't see this? Oh yeah, the sheep.....

Am watching a good football game,

between the Huskers and BYU, and wondering where Bo Pelini, one of the worst jerks, EVER, wound up, after Nebraska? Google says he's coaching for the Youngston St Penguins. Wow, I feel sorry for those guys.
 Look up a**hole in the dictionary, and you get a picture of Bo Pelini. Ooops, there is no joy in Huskerville tonight, cuz BYU got the Hail Mary they were praying for, and mighty Herbie has struck out.