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Saturday, December 31, 2016

We gotta put up with this dumbshit for 4 more years?

Trump Ends The Year Again Disputing U.S. Intelligence On Russian Hacking

Says he knows a lot about hacking, and hacking is very difficult to prove, and that his son is very good with computers.

Not over yet, at all,

but I'm watching Clemson vs Ohio St, to see who plays Alabama for #1. I never have a doubt who to cheer for, whenever Ohio plays. Screw 'em!
'As Ohio goes, so goes the US', and it seems like they are always the swing state at the end of an election.
The dumbshits gave us GWBush, TWICE, then Trump. Talk about a state populated by idiots....
Something in the water? Or just a genetic deficiency?
I'm sure Bullshit Mountain is YUUUGE in Ohio....
You just can't 'fix' stupid.

There's a website, where you are asked to describe

someone in ONE word.
A 'tie for first' = YUUUGE, and Asshole.
Guess who we're talking about? Perfect!
What kind of idiot looks at him and thinks.... President, of the US?
Can you say braindead FOXSheep?

There are basically two kinds of people in the world

Those who can read a list of Donald Trump's quotes and be sickened, and those who can read the disgraceful words from his vile mouth and say, 'Yup, that's who I want for President of the United States.' Unbelievable....

“(John McCain is) not a war hero…. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.
"I get called by a guy that can't buy a pair of pants, I get called names?" – Trump’s comment about paralyzed commentator Charles Krauthammer
 "I'm not sure I have ever asked God's forgiveness. I don't bring God into that picture....When I go to church and when I drink my little wine and have my little cracker, I guess that is a form of forgiveness. I do that as often as I can because I feel cleansed." He's the Evangelicals choice.
 “You know, it really doesn’t matter what they write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass.
He did say SOME truth, though."I think Bush is probably the worst President in the history of the United States." 
"(Hillary Clinton is) very talented, very smart. She's a friend of mine, so I'm a little prejudiced."
"I know Hillary and I think she’d make a great president or vice-president." 
 “An 'extremely credible source' has called my office and told me that @BarackObama's birth certificate is a fraud.”
And my favorite, "You just grab them by the pussy."
Yup, in sheep(R) world, he's presidential material, cuz he's a 'Great Businessman', financed by his daddy and declaring bankruptcy, leaving others holding the bag, at least 5 times.

All I can say is,

This clown is a total asshole, and thanks to the sheep/Evangelicals, we are stuck with him. Thanks a bunch.....Love!

Happy New Year to all, including to my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly they just don't know what to do. Love!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Attention, Rightwingnuts


The clowns at FOX, have two different reactions

to Obama's sanctions against Russia, who scored the ultimate coup, by giving us Trump, to wreck our country.
Part of Bullshit Mountain says Obama and the Dems need to 'just get over it', and accept the results, while some of FOX/PARP says Obama needs to do much more, but he's too weak.
Yup, same old crap from FOX, All Anti-Obama, All the Time, cuz that's what the sheep wanna hear, and they know where to hear it.

Seems like The Donald must be one

of my loyal readers, cuz I just said, after seeing that he had several speech writers working on his inaugural speech, that I would rather have him write it, to see how many very, very, very's, and YUUUGE, Bigly lies  he would spew.
President-elect Donald Trump has gotten involved
in penning his inaugural address, planning to craft
a speech himself that he will keep short so supporters
 traveling to Washington for the ceremony won't have to
stand out in the cold.
"He wants to write the inaugural himself," presidential
historian Douglas Brinkley, who met with Trump on
Wednesday to discuss the speech, told CNN.
SO, after no big-name entertainmet will appear with him, (cuz they don't want to trash their careers) and he says he doesn't want them, cuz it's the 'people's day', he now claims he's gonna write his own speech.
And if you believe that, look up the word gullible, which rymes with Oranges, if you say it real slow.

Wow, here's a shocker!

Yup, believe it or not, it is much easier to fool one of the political parties. Hmmm, I wonder which one? The one that believes Hillary ran a child sex slave ring out of a pizzeria, and the Pope endorsed Trump?
New poll finds one political party is more likely to believe lies

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Everyone is refusing to be associated with the jerk(R)

A Mormon who said his “heart sank” when he heard that the church’s beloved Tabernacle Choir will perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration has launched a petition to urge the group not to go to Washington, D.C., and already has 19,000 of 25,000 signatures, required to get a vote.
“I love the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The thought of this choir and Mormonism being forever associated with a man who disparages minorities, brags about his sexual control of women, encourages intolerance and traffics in hate speech and bullying, was unacceptable,” Randall Thacker said in a statement.
The president-elect’s team has struggled to find performers for his inauguration. The Rockettes will appear, though performers are upset. “This is not a Republican or Democrat issue ... this is an issue of racism and sexism, something that’s much bigger than politics,”

“It’s all just an attempt to delegitimize Donald Trump.”

That’s the argument you hear from Trump supporters each time new information comes to light about how hard Russian spy services worked to damage Hillary Clinton. You heard it again on Thursday.
The Trump supporters are 100 percent right: The information is delegitimizing. The president-elect of the United States owes his office in considerable part to illegal clandestine activities in his favor conducted by a hostile, foreign spy service. It’s hard to imagine a crisis of presidential legitimacy more extreme than that. But that’s no argument against airing this information. It’s precisely why the information must be aired.
Yup, President Trump, thanks to Comrade Putin. The Pubs should be SO proud. Can you IMAGINE the stink they'd make if it was Hillary who had won that way, after the Orange Clown called the election 'rigged'?
The country would be burning, with FOX supplying the gasoline and matches...

Directly contradicting the leaders of the agencies

he will soon be 'leading', (incl the FBI, who helped to give him the election), The Orange Clown(R) continues to claim 'it's impossible to know', who hacked the DNC, (and helped steal the election), installing 'Putin's Choice', as prez of the US, with slow, constant leaks against Hillary and the Dems.

This just in: The Bullshittin' Buffoon has several speechwriters working on his Inauguration Address. C'mon, just let him speak, in his own words. I can hear him now...
"It's gonna be a very, very, very, very YUUUGE bunch of winning, 'BIGLY'. You'll get TIRED of 'winning' so much. I LOVE the uneducated, and I can't wait to grab more pussy" and so on....
PLEASE, just have him speak at his 3rd grade level, so his voters can comprehend....
Image may contain: texto
They are at their 'Hypocrites-R-Us' meeting, obviously...

He had to do SOMETHING

cuz Netanyahu's popularity in Israel was tanking, SO, he hooked up with Trump.
Yahoo for Netanyahu!

Netanyahu's Popularity 

Hits New Low of 32%

Channel 10 News (Jerusalem) poll shows months
 of steady decline in Prime Minister's popularity.

Only 32% of the respondents - just under one third - expressed 
support for Netanyahu. 
The number was down from 34% last month and 38% in the month before. 

Perfect! As a Charlaton will pray with Trump

at his inauguration., after the Evangelicals helped to elect Donald Trump, the pussy grabbing, money grubbing, arrogant, egotistical  'Christian'.
A televangelist who encourages her followers to get closer to God by sending money to her has been invited to Donald Trump’s inauguration. 
Paula White spent much of the 2016 presidential campaign
convincing evangelicals to vote for Trump, assuring them that
 he “accepts Jesus as his Lord and savior,” she told Politico.
Now she’ll be praying with Trump at his inauguration, and
probably pushing her book.
And if being rich is an indicator of holiness, White must be in
His good graces. White told Politico she is worth “millions,”
 and her business practices suggests she knows how to handle
money while manipulating her followers.
In 2007, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) launched a congressional
probe into the spending habits of White’s ministry, along with
five other pastors. Grassley had questions regarding the televangelists’
 use of church-owned airplanes and luxury homes. White refused to 
cooperate with investigators.
Whatever fortune she’s amassed has been in large part to her
followers, who give her money to get in God’s good graces. On
her website, she refers to sending money as giving a “seed”
(recommended amount, $115). As Janis said, she 'asks them to
 send their money to the Lord, but gives them HER address'. 
It's called the 'Prosperity Gospel' and the sheep love it, until 
they need a differnt kind of 'miracle', then they go to Benny 
Hinn, or Jim and Tammy Baker, or 'any of the many' snake oil 
salesmen, who herd in the  FOX-listening, science-denying,
Trump-voting sheep.  

Continuing his record of being a 'serial liar',

Donald Trump took credit, on FOXNews, for bringing 8000 jobs to America, when, in fact, the deal was completed before the election ever hapened, BUT, the sheep 'eat it up', as always.
“President-elect Donald Trump is delivering on his promise
once again to bring more jobs to America,” FOXNews reported.
 “Mr. Trump announcing an agreement with Sprint to haul
about 5,000 jobs back to the United States and another company
 that will bring in 3,000 jobs. ... This after that deal with Carrier
 to keep jobs in Indiana.”
Trump’s comments follow a pattern of Trump taking credit for things
he had no or little hand in, including the state of the U.S. economy
before he’s even taken office. 
Yup, same old shit. Trumps lies, Bullshit Mountain catapults
the propaganda, and the sheep say 'Amen'. You'd think I'd get
used to it....

I am giving thanks, that 2016, the most surreal yaer EVER,

is nearly over. After seeing SO many icons and stars die, watching the Cubs FINALLY win, having children snatched by gators and gorillas, plus SO many other bizarre events, one clearly stands out as seemingly IMPOSSIBLE, and the absolute WORST, as we went from Pokeman, to Pukeman.
Yup, thanks to 'fake news' (FOX) and Vladimir Putin, we now have a 'pussy grabbing', 5-times bankrupt, serial liar/midnight Tweeter with ZERO experience, who thinks we need MORE nukes as our President-elect. Which means that no matter HOW terrible 2016 has been, 2017 is guaranteed to be MUCH worse.
Don't believe it? Check back 'here' in a year, IF we still exist as a nation.....
What could possibly go wrong?

I had a discussion with a sheep, a while ago,

about the effectiveness of chondroitin and glucosimine, which his wife swore by. I just remembered, cuz I just saw another test result, and remembered there have been MANY tests and studies with these drugs, regarding efficacy.
Seems that it does work. The same as a placebo. No better. ZERO scientific proof of ANY benefit.
Does this effect the average sheep? OF COURSE NOT. Fits right in there with FOXNews and a literal Bible.
Don't CONFUSE them with facts, cuz they know what they WANT to believe. Evidence be damned... Normally I would say this type of ignorance is 'not my business', BUT, when they are herded together, brainwashed and led to the voting booth, it DOES effect me. Cuz we now have President-elect Trump. PROOF of the damage done by stupid people in large groups...

In a nutshell, Conservative Punk shows

he must a FOXSheep, cuz he is 'catapulting the propaganda', with ZERO truth.

I will keep my guns, money and freedom, you can keep the "change" shared Conservative Punk

Hey idiot. No Dem ever came after your guns, or freedom, and if you like money, move to a Blue State, cuz the Red States are at the BOTTOM, in income and education, which SURPRISINGLY, are related.
Maybe Ignorant Punk(R), would be a better handle...

YUUUGE difference!

After 8 years of Bush and the Dems, GW was booed out of town with a 22% approval rating and our economy in flames.
After 8 years in office, in SPITE of FOX/PARP and the Pubs (one and the same) doing everything they could to obstruct EVERYTHING his administration tried to do, Obama leaves office as the most admired man in America, well in front of the clown who's ganna make G Dub's rating look 'bigly'.
I don't think I'll ever forgive the Evangelicals and other sheep for wrecking my country. Don't think so? Check back in a year or two. Who can't see the Orange Clown has DISASTER written all over him?
Oh yeah, the sheep, who get their 'news' from the propaganda arm of the Repub party.

President Obama has again been named the nation's most admired man. This is the 9th consecutive year participants in the annual Gallup poll have placed him at the top.
In the category of most admired woman, Hillary Clinton rose above all others. 2016 marks her 21st appearance in the number 1 slot.

And then there is the Most Admired Woman, (Hillary's 21st time) who could have been prez, but, OMG!, she used a private server, (which was never hacked), unlike others, that the Russians used to install their boy Donald, which is obviously the fastest, easiest way to wreck the US, IF, you can get anough idiots (FOXFans) to go along with Putin's plan. 
Am still not sure if this election, Viet Nam or Iraq was America's LOW point? Any and/or all are enough to make me ashamed....

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Like most educated people,

I believe in evolution. SO, when you have a chance to improve our species, I think it is in the long-term interest of humanity not to dilute the gene pool. SO, I can agree with the guy who left the Trump supporter in the ditch. Maybe they'll die before they can breed, or vote again, and we'll all be better off.

Man refuses to help Trump supporter stuck in snow

Man refuses to help Trump supporter stuck in snow

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

For the rightwingnuts who don't have a clue,

but THINK they do, as the Pubs/Evangelicals hijack the country, electing an abomination, in the name of God. Whatever respect they had, is GONE.

As I watch the 'Kennedy Center Honors'

with James Taylor, Al Pacino, The Eagles and Joe Walsh, I can't help but be reminded that NO ONE, of all the A-list performers, will be associated with the inauguration of TRUMP, the asshole that is gonna take our country to new depths.
Does that mean anything to the rightwingnuts that support him?
NONE of them, and we're talking hundreds, or thousands of artists who are the most talented among us, wanna stand with the SOB, cuz it will ruin their reputation, forever. Oh yeah, you got Scott Baio and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir....
Does that tell you anything?
Probably not, cuz if you are a Trumpie, you obviously have NO CLUE.
Never have and never will.
You love their music and their performances in movies and on TV, but they HATE your boy.
I know it's hard to penetrate a fact-free bubble, BUT,
Does that tell you ANYTHING?

SO, if it was my restaurant, I wouldn't serve them..

'CANNOT EAT HERE': Hawaii café bans Trump voters, riles residents

Screw 'em. Let 'em eat at McDonalds.  Stupidity might be contagious. Not gonna take a chance....

Monday, December 26, 2016

Just using his own words...

Our new prez used these 'unpresidented' words, cuz it was a very, very, very very special occasion, from the egotistical buffoon, with his high-end vocabulary, which the sheep can understand.
The Orange Clown Tweeted:
'Merry Christmas and a very, very, very, very Happy New Year, to you all.'
Wow. Congrats, Evangelicals, your boy has the intellectual capacity of a 5th grader, in the bottom of his class....
I'm sure he'll be  'bigly, wonderful'.
Who can't see the oncoming disaster? Oh yeah, the FOXSheep, who claim the last 8 years were TERRIBLE, over half spent recovering from the last Repub disaster. Remember 2008?

Who says he's intellectually deficient?

(Other than anyone with a functioning brain.)
Just look at his very, very, very YUUUGE Christmas Tweet to the country.

Merry Christmas and a very, very, very , very Happy New Year to everyone!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

OK, I'm not left-handed,

but 15 of the 17 attributes do apply, starting with being a tall, slender first-born, cat owner.

17 unexpected signs you have a high IQ -- even if doesn't feel like it

And yup, being modest isn't one of them. Interesting article that sure seems real to me, and I'm betting the FOXSheep average about 3, blocking the aisles at Walmart. Trump voters....

This should be required reading, for every American,

as the country we love is being stolen from us, not slowly, but surely and systematically, by the egotistical buffoon that was foisted on us by the malcontents, sheep and Evangelicals, with the help of James Comey, Putin and fake news, including FOX.
Check out this article that details what we are 'in for', as the values that built our country are 'trashed', by president-elect, whose plan is to undermine our republic.

His nominee to run the Environmental Protection Agency is a climate change skeptic who has led lawsuits against the very agency he hopes to lead.
His nominee for Energy secretary couldn’t even remember the name of the agency he hopes to run — and when he did, he said he wanted to eliminate it.
His nominee for Education secretary wants to drain funding away from our public schools, which 95% of our children attend, and she and her family have donatedhundreds of thousands of dollars to groups that oppose lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights.
His nominee for Labor secretary, a fast food chain CEO, has been accused of labor violations by the very department he has been tapped to lead.
His nominee for attorney general not only opposed theVoting Rights Act, but said he liked the KKK until he found out they smoked marijuana.
His nominee for Housing and Urban Development secretary opposes the Fair Housing Act.
His nominee for Treasury secretary, who recommends economic policy, profited from the financial crisis by repossessing tens of thousands of homes in an operation that was dubbed a “foreclosure machine.”

The definition of misogyny is the most qualified Presidential candidate in history, who is a woman, being beaten by the least qualified candidate in history, who is a man.

For those who don't stay informed (FOXSheep),

here's what's happening, in Israel, in a nutshell. A large part of Palestine was taken from the Palestinians and given to Israel, for their homeland. There were definite 'borders', but the Israeli's have just been 'taking' the land they want, building on it, year after year, and creating terrorists out of those whose land they keep stealing. If they want to steal my land, they better bring guns...
The whole world sees this and is trying to put a stop to the problem, peacefully, cuz we don't need MORE war in the mid-east. It still hasn't BEGUN to settle down after GW and The Dick's Big Adventure. The UN, backed by a YUUUGE majority of it's members voted to censure Israel for it's illegal action. The US abstained, instead of taking sides.
BUT, at Bullshit Mountain, where it is anti-Obama, All The Time, you'd think the US just carpet bombed Jerusalem.
Same old crap from FOXNews, and it gets SO old...

Wow, what a great Christmas Eve/Christmas!

The kids got here early afternoon and we were still talking/partying 12 hours later. I was totally spoiled with everything on my list PLUS a bunch of neat stuff. A Keurig coffee maker with a YUUUGE selection of coffees, teas and hot chocolate, a cool fountain pen, CU Flag (out front on game days) and long-sleeved tee, smoked salmon, (several varieties), and a bunch of beer, which is a YUUUGE selection of Scottish ales, led by McEwans, some 16 oz bombers and Nates home brew, plus some pix from our Yellowstone trip in some beautiful frames AND tix to see Joe Walsh and Tom Petty at Red Rocks (we're ALL going) on May 30th.

 Throw in a bunch of amazing snacks and holiday drinks and it was a Christmas to remember.
I think the kids liked their generators, for the next power outage, (which is WHEN, not IF), and Ted and Kari won't have to melt their microwave trying to warm the house from the gas stove. I know Piper liked her American Girl doll, Lea and she's working on her magic tricks.
Then, just to make it special, it started snowing this morning, so we will have a white Christmas.
Life is GOOD, GREAT!