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Because Colorado is a 'progressive' state,

there is a program for 'undocumented' drivers to get a 'conditional' driver's license, IF, they can document that they, 1- Have a job, 2. Are paying taxes/rent/. 3. Have applied for citizenship. They can then be insured.
Seems obvious to me, but I think rationally, unlike the right wingnuts who are screaming that it's sending the wrong message, as it gives people who are trying to 'do the right thing', a chance to assimilate and become legal. The bad ones are gonna drive anyway, why not give em a chance to get insurance?

Recently, while laughing at the thought

of someone getting their 'news?' from FOX, someone said, 'It's no different than you getting your news from MSNBC'. My response was sudden and obvious. I don't, nor does anyone I know, get 'news' from MSNBC. They are notoriously biased, like FOX. The HUGE difference? Millions of sheep DO get their 'news?' from FOX, and actually believe the crap from Bullshit Mountain. There is no such thing as successful 'Left Wing' talk radio or news networks, cuz the left doesn't 'fall for' such obious bias and pandering. BUT, that doesn't stop the sheep from swallowing the propaganda from an OBVIOUS right wing, Conservative, Republican source. 'Fair and Balanced? What a joke, but no more so than the rest of Bullshit Mountain.

The Bullshit Mountain headline screams,

'Lois Lerner Calls Republicans Assholes and Crazies', and I'm sure that's the talking point the sheep will take from it. That's the FOX slant, but what was REALLY said is way different, as it always is, when Bullshit Mountain reports the 'news?'

In the email exchange, Lerner appears to be chatting with another unidentified individual about a vacation in Great Britain. She describes how she overheard “some ladies” talking about how America is “going down the tubes.”
The person she tells this to responds that “you should hear the whacko wing of the GOP. The US is through; too many foreigners sucking the teat; time to hunker down, buy ammo and food, and prepare for the end. The right wing radio shows are scary to listen to.”
Lerner responds: “Great. Maybe we are through if there are that many ---holes.”
After another email to her about how “rabid” the radio show callers are, Lerner responds: “So we don't need to worry about alien teRrorists. (sic) It'…

'I can see both sides' of the debate,

as 'infused edibles' mfgrs want to label different strength dosages of cannabis with well known ski slope symbols, as per green circle=beginner, blue square=intermediate and black diamond=expert, BUT, the ski areas don't want to necessarily be associated with the marijuana industry. Too bad, cuz I think it would make lot of sense, and there needs to be good labeling to prevent accidental overdoses. Just another area that is gonna eventually be 'worked out', as Coloradao does the grunt work with all the rules and regs, as the first state to decriminalize pot, although their WILL be many more, as people realize that 'Reefer Madness' is just govt propaganda, and sending adults to prison for 'having a toke' is wrong and stupid.

Typical Pub response,

when someone asks them to 'BE SPECIFIC', about what Obama should do with Putin, instead of increasing sanctions.

BILL MAHER, 'REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER' HOST: But what should Obama be doing that would make Putin respect him because he's already slapped all these sanctions on him?
MATT KIBBE, FREEDOMWORKS: It's called leadership.
MAHER: "It's called leadership." Remember when I said be specific?
MAHER: See -- "it's called leadership."
MAHER: Excuse my French, but what the (EXPLETIVE DELETED) does that mean? "It's called leadership?

And the Pub just snickered like he'd answered the question, which he did, in typical Pub right wingnut fashion. He didn't even realize people were laughing AT him, not with him.

Here is a partial list of Repubs,

who have called for Obama's impeachment, within the last week, with the Alaskan Airhead being one of the most vocal,

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.), a new member of Boehner's leadership team, refused to take impeachment off the table. Others who have raised it include Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Texas), Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla.), Rep. Lou Barletta (R-Pa.), Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas), Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) and Rep. Kerry Bentivolio (R-Mich.

But, John Boehner(R) says impeachment talk, 'is coming from the president's own staff and is a scam by the White House to raise campaign money'. Yup, that's Repub 'doublespeak' at it's best. Repeatedly bring up impeachment and lawsuits, and when Obama reacts to it, call it a 'scam', by the Dems. Same old shit from the same scammers(R), and the sheep eat it up....

It may just be a coincidence, BUT,

8 months after Colorado became the first state to legalize cannabis, with the right wingnuts predicting chaos and 'the end of the world as we know it', Channel 9 News, , has some interesting headlines today, including:
 'Denver #1 in Nation for Employment Opportunities', and 'Denver Home Prices Hit Record High'. Wow, who da thunk that an educated, progressive state would create jobs and be a place where people wanted to live? I'm shocked, and am gonna put off my plans to move to Mississippi, with highest % of Pubs in country, and lowest income/education.

Interesting article in USAToday, this morning,

about Americans in debt, and where it's the worst, with states that have over 40% of their population being hounded by collection agencies. Notice anything about who/where it's the worst?

Southern states especially stand out with the highest concentration of people delinquent.  — Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Nevada, New Mexico and West Virginia —

It's a Who's Who of Repub states. The HQ of the Republican Party. With low education and income, of COURSE they're gonna be in debt. Is anyone really surprised? Oh yeah, the sheep, who are constantly told they are better and smarter than the Dems. The only problem? Facts show just the opposite, as the Dem 'Blue' states pay the bills for the Pubs. Nothing new here...

Was very 'enlightening' this morning,

as CNBC, the Financial Netowrk, interviewed a Repub Congressman from Indiana, about the problem with American companies creating 'shell' headquarters overseas, to keep from paying taxes. Obama and the Dems are trying different solutions to keep the money 'in the country', mainly by closing loopholes and changing laws that were put into effect by lobbyists, which allow many corporations to pay little or NO taxes, which means higher taxes for the middle class. While the CNBC panel suggested many reforms and fixes, the Pub remained staunch, while saying the ONLY solution is to lower taxes for corporations, cuz they are the highest in the world. BUT, said Simon and the others, NONE of the corporations actually pay that amount, after their accountants and lawyers are done. Some actually get money returned to them, like the oil companies. BUT, no matter what was said, the Pub remained adamant. Lower taxes for big business! When it was pointed out that comprehensive tax refor…

Just to 'keep it real',

as the New York Times joins the MAJORITY of US adults who think cannabis should be decriminalized. It's not the same as saying they think people should smoke pot, as the right wingnuts seem to be inferring. Surprise, there are tens of millions of responsible adults who choose to occasionally partake, (just ask the Mexican drug cartels), and the NYT is merely agreeing with the majority that there is more harm in filling the courts and prisons with these people, than there is with letting ADULTS make their own choices. Of course, in the 'Ideal' world, there would be no smoking OR drinking, but we are stuck in the 'Real' world. HUGE difference, as those who love to espouse the FREEDOM of being an American think having a cocktail/beer/wine is fine, BUT, a toke should be grounds for prison. What a bunch of hypocrites, or, as I prefer to call them, Right Wingnuts....

That damn Obama,

instead of just resigning when threatened with impeachment, as Tricky Dicky' did, he's making fun of the Pubs, who'd rather sue and impeach, than compromise and negotiate, AND, he's actually 'fundraising' over the issue. How dare he? The 'Imperial President', according to Bullshit Mountain, has had 'way too many' executive orders, (under 200 compared to St Rondald's nearly 500), and is 'dithering' on foreign policy, rather than starting wars and getting involved in religious feuds on the other side of the world, as the Pubs are wont to do. How are the Bomb and Bullet mfgrs supposed to buy bigger yachts, as well as the artificial limb mfgrs, who 'made a killing', under Bush's 'reign of error'. Just not fair, to the 'Defense' contractors, like Haliburton, who got paid to blow stuff up, THEN got 'no bid' contracts to rebuild it, with no oversight. Damn Obama. Why can't he be more 'presidentia…

Good article today in the Denver Post,

saying that the Denver area has the LOWEST energy costs in the nation, and that's good news for TWO reasons. First we have the lowest natural gas prices anywhere, and use a lot of that gas to make electricity, which keeps the elec rates low. AND, our temperate climate means lower cooling bills in the summer and lower heating bills in the winter. Nice combination to keep total energy costs down, so we have more discretionary income for other areas. But, I hate the fact that more people are learning that 'tis a privelege to live in Colorado'. Just remember, it's OK to visit, but then, GO HOME!

What a great b-day party,

as we celebrated Kari's special day. Was SO nice to spend time with the kids. As always, my favorite part of life. Just went WAY too fast, as we had a party, complete with pool, in their newly landscaped back yard. Hard to believe we brought her home 33 years ago. Wow, time flies, but we are SO fortunate to have such good kids, and their spouses, living close enough to enjoy. Life is good...

It is SO good, to have a 'Truth Test'

on the #1 Colorado TV Channel 9, as they 'tell the truth' about political ads, and we've found out that Cory Gardner(R), is totally full of crap, as he runs against Mark Udall(D), with a HUGE amount of money from the Koch bros. Bottom line, money can buy air time, but the facts don't change. Check it out, as the Pubs do their usual plan, with a BUNCH of lies, concerning the Keystone Pipeline and the number and quality of jobs involved, and esp the past voting records of Udall and Gardner. Big money and LIES, to appeal to the 'low information' voters. Nothing new here, as the Repubs rely on easily provable BS, until someone calls them out. Thanks, Channel 9....

Pretty amazing story,

about Natural Trap Cave, an 85 ft deep hole in north central Wyoming, where it's 15 ft wide opening ensnared MANY animals that fell to their deaths approx 25,000-100,000 years ago. For some reason(?), it has been closed to scientists and the rest of the world for a few decades, BUT is going to be opened soon. Supposedly the ancient remains are piled nearly 30 ft deep, in the permanently cool and humid pit, that is accessible only by rappelling, with an 85 ft rope ladder for an exit. Read more here:

I totally agree with the criticism of Obama,

by Sen Bernie Sanders(I), VT, as he explains how the prez really screwed up.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said President Barack Obama was naive about how difficult it would be to negotiate with the GOP, a lesson it took the president years to learn.
"I would say my main criticism of Barack Obama is that he seemed to think when he came in, and in the ensuing years, that he could negotiate with right-wing extremists who really had no intention of ever negotiating," Sanders told Larry King " "When you’re in politics, Larry -- and I’ve been in politics a while -- negotiation is part of what politics is about. But you cannot negotiate with people who refuse to negotiate, who really want to politically destroy you."

How true. The right wingnuts had/have one agenda, and it doesn't include what's best for the American people, only re-election in their Gerrymandered districts. Nothing new here...

Two Repub judges are tryng to 'undo',

what voters and the Supreme Court have upheld, concerning the Affordable Care Act. Nothing new here, as Pubs go around public opinion to further their cause, which is making health care a 'big money' issue, where you can go bankrupt if you happen to get sick or injured. If this latest assault  remains successful we will continue to be the ONLY civilized nation in the world NOT to have govt health care, AND we pay the world's highest % of income for health care, as the Pubs fight all efforts to fix the problem. The big question? Why would average people support them? Oh yeah. They believe FOX  bullshit, controlled by Big Money(R). Nothing new here, as the Pubs use FOX propaganda to promote the profits of the 'few', against the health of the 'many', and the sheep eat it up....

We, in Colorado, had the honor of a visit,

from Chris Christie(R), who said, 'Colorado doesn't have the '"quality of life", that New Jersey does, cuz we have legal pot. I keep waiting for someone to call him out, on his rightwing statements, but no one has, yet. Wow, if only I could live in New Jersey, where they throw pot smokers in jail, and corruption is king, with their Repub gov. Go home Chris, even with your lapband surgery, your type 'doesn't fit' in Colorado, BUT, you are funny. LOL....

I can't imagine what it would be like,

(actually I can) to work with 'Rick the Dick' Santelli, as he CONTINUALLY makes the wrong economic calls, but just gets LOUDER as he is called out on them. SO, Ron Insana, who actually knows 'of what he speaks', and makes money for his followers, unlike Rantin Rick, has offered Santelli a wager. He'll bet several baskets, barrels, etc of commodities that deflation becomes more of a problem, and SOONER, than inflation.
Will Rick the Dick take the wager? OF COURSE NOT, cuz he will be proven wrong, AGAIN, and would have a public reckoning. He'd rather just keep spouting his crap, and get kudos from his double digit IQ Tea Party supporters, as he rants against all things Dem/Obama/Liberal/provable/realistic. Nothing new here, but I'm glad to see him getting called out, although he'll find a way to avoid the wager, cuz he's just a loudmouth jerk, who's been proven wrong for over 5 straight years, with nothing to back…

FOX news agreed with Obama and praised his actions,

when he blah bla blah. HA! Are you kidding me? FOX would NEVER admit that Obama did ANYTHING right. According to Bullshit Mountain he is 100% wrong, all the time. They have 2 main responses. When he's NOT doing something, like starting a Repub-style war, then he's 'dithering' or ineffective. When he DOES do something, then it's his 'imperial presidency' and he's assuming WAY too much power. There is no middle ground in FOX world, and they will NEVER agree with anything he does. In normal/real life, you can't get away with using words like 'always' or 'never', BUT, when dealing with Bullshit Mountain, those 'absolute' terms perfectly describe their 'news?' coverage. According to the clowns, Obama/Dems are ALWAYS wrong and the rightwing is ALWAYS right. Nothing new here, as the sheep know where to go, to hear what they wanna hear. It must be SO easy to live in a black and white, tiny, little world with no grays, where g…

A few years ago, I had a blog post

reporting that Pat Bowlen, the Bronco's owner, had Alzheimer's. I finally took it down, after recieving LOTS of negative feedback, BUT, today the Denver Post came out with the same story, a few years behind FamGuy. Just because a story isn't popular with everyone, as in 'FOX 'news?' is nothing but Repub propaganda', doesn't mean it isn't true. It just takes some people longer to recognize reality, and some NEVER do.

We had a 'Lost' summer,

a couple years ago, during the hottest part of the year, when we binge watched the series 'Lost', and retreated to an island, somewhere. Now, during the hottest week of the year (I hope it doesn't get worse), we're visiting Madison Avenue, in the 60's, with 'Mad Men', an award winning series about ad-men in New York City, as television advertising first 'took off'. A great period piece, that seems pretty realistic, as per clothes, props and the general feeling. Pretty good, when there's nothing else to do during the 'doldrums' of summer. Helps us to realize, thinga have REALLY changed, in the last 50 years, for some of us....

For several days,

one of the lead stories on Bullshit Mountain compared Obama's handling of the downed airliner over Russia to Saint Ronald, when he had a similar situation. They claimed Reagan 'immediately' confronted the bad guys, while Obama dithered for a day. BUT, the facts (not a 'big deal' for the Fair and Balanced network) show Ronnie was on a 25 day vacation at the time, and took 4 days to respond, then bitched about having to cut his vacation 3 days short. No shit. Look it up. Nothing new here, in FOX 'news?' coverage, as they cater to a market of sheep who know where to go, to hear what they want to hear...

I gotta find a different way

to start my day, so I don't get too upset, too early, watching 'Rick the Dick' Santelli continue his unabashed assault on reality, as CNBC, the financial channel, gives him a platform, (a few minutes each morning) to spout his right wingnut BS. Today, his 'guest' who just happened to agree with him, confirmed Rick's two main talking points. First, the Obama administration is virulently 'anti-business', although all the exchanges, Dow, Nasdaq, S&P are at ALL TIME HIGHS, more than doubling after the Bush catastrophe, with businesses reporting record profits. Second, he keeps saying inflation is a HUGE problem, and the gov't isn't using the correct measurement, although it's the EXACT same as it's been for decades, and DEFLATION is more of a concern to the policy setters because it is more real and more dangerous. BUT, does being wrong every day for over FIVE YEARS, and giving advice that would have caused any follower to 'lose his…

I know it won't make a difference

Pic of Lake Meade, at all-time low to the 'anti-science' right wingnuts, who get their 'facts and news' from Bullshit Mountain, but for those of us who actually blieve the 97% of Climatologists who study, measure and record ACTUAL facts, this latest data confirms a disturbing trend.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The globe is on a hot streak, setting a heat record in June. That's after the world broke a record in May.The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced Monday that last month's average global temperature was 61.2 degrees, which is 1.3 degrees higher than the 20th century average.
I'm sure the Koch Bros (who make their fortunes spewing pollutants into the air) sponsored Limbaugh-types will dispute it, but at least they're consistent, as they ALWAYS choose big business over actual science.

Sometimes, I feel older,

and today didn't help, as I heard that James Garner (Rockford Files/Maverick) had died. I always liked him, and to think he was 86 years old kinda, 'makes it real', that we are all getting old, FAST. One of the good guys, who got too old, too soon. Lottta that going around...

If there was justice in this world,

Bush/Cheney/Rummy, etc, and their families would have to live in Bagdhad, after they turned it into hell on earth. This article written by a once-proud soldier, tells of the violence and chaos left behind, after "W's Big Adventure", near the cradle of civilization, in his (successful) effort to pump up the price of oil, in a war based on lies, where the innocent civilians continue to pay the price, over 10 years later. The 'chicken hawk' Pubs should be SO proud.....

Good article in the Denver Post today,

after Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin were in town for a 'conservative conference'. The writer, a Repub, said the Pubs used to be a 'big tent' party, with real ideas, but now they've degenerated into a sideshow, featuring carnival barkers. Couldn't have said it better myself, as the Alaskan Airhead is making a very comfortable living spouting crap to the right wingnuts who consider her a serious spokesperson. What a joke...


could a stupid broad's rant stay in the 'headlines', for over a week, as the Alaskan Airhead, who calls for Obama's impeachment, stays on, as a 'major news story', cuz they like it SO much, as she intimated he was smoking pot in Denver and had a beer buzz. This is EXACTLY what the sheep wanna hear, and they eat it up. SO, it stays on as headline on 'The Fair and Balanced Network', as this 'joke' of a news organization panders to the double digit IQ crowd. Nothing new here, as the sheep have their prejudices confirmed, and they can't understand why they just 'don't have a clue', as they get their news and opinions from Bullshit Mountain.

Does Cheney believe his lies?

Good article here, that examines the damage 'The Dick' has done to his country, and his absolute lack of remorse.  As an American, I am appalled by Dick Cheney and his relentless, pathetic and ultimately doomed effort to revise the history of his failures.
Cheney's endless media appearances, including this remarkable interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, reveal a nearly sociopathic refusal to admit any error, express any remorse, apologize for any mistake. And so let us review the Cheney record: No vice president has done more damage to our country, not even Vice President Aaron Burr, who shot and killed Alexander Hamilton  Check it out,

It didn't take the right wingnuts long,

before the daddy of all nutjobs, Rush Limbaugh, floated a conspiracy theory concerning the Malaysian airliner which was shot down. It's all a mainstream media stunt, to get the heat off Obama and 'his border scandal', which is just as much, or MORE a Repub problem. Don't believe anyone could be so 'low' or stupid?, then you don't know Rush and the sheep. Read it here:

Rush Limbaugh couldn't help himself on Thursday after news broke that a Malaysian Airlines jet had crashed in eastern Ukraine.
The radio show host called the disaster "an opportunity" for media outlets to distract viewers from the controversy surrounding President Obama and US border security. He suspected that CNN had already swept the immigration crisis under the rug and retreated back to its "wall-to-wall" coverage of the plane.
Limbaugh called the whole thing "very eery."
"Talk about an opportunity to abandon the bad Obama news at the border," h…

Is SO funny, though kinda sad,

as the Koch bros sponsored ads, against Coloradan Udall (D), cuz he doesn't support the Keystone pipeline. They, (the 'lies' according to local TV) claim 42,500 new, big paying jobs, BUT, fact checkers claim less than 100 permanent jobs, with a bunch of temporary jobs, as the Koch bros 'make a killing' while a few temp jobs create a pipeline over the largest freshwater aquifer in the US. Nothing new here, as the Pubs 'muddy the water' as per job creation, and the Big Oil people make a BUNCH of money, at the expense of 'ordinary people', with a pipeline that transports oil across the US, which is sold on the world market, with NO benefit to the American people. Don't believe it?Look it up.

As if we needed more reasons,

to live in and enjoy Colorado, WalletHub, a consumer website, claims CO has the cheapest energy bills in the nation, considering electricity, natural gas and gasoline. Whoa.... Don't let the word out, we got enuff people and don't need any more....

Let's just pretend,

that your family had lived on the Pacific coast of Southern California, or the Mediteranean, (like Gaza) for over 100 generations. THEN, after WWII, some committee that you didn't recognize, for a religion you didn't believe in. told you to LEAVE, and move into the desert of Utah. How do you think you would react? My mother, a devout Christian never understood it, but I do. I would probably fight, to my last breath, just like the Palestinians. BUT, the Christians claim,' God is on my sid'e, as religious people do/always have, and it makes sense to them. Sorry, but I can relate to the people who were uprooted, in the name of 'religion', just as I can relate to the ones who were finally given a 'home', though it should have been in Germany, or somewhere close to it. If it were my ancestral home, I'd fight too, no matter what the local political/religious leaders say, cuz I love my family and respect property rights. That's just me...

There's an old song, by Eddie Rabbit,

'I Love a Rainy Night', and we had a great one last night, as we are finally in the monsoon season. This afternoon, the clouds are building and the thunder has started. Just hope we don't get more lightning, or hail. Other than that, I love a good rainstorm.

One of the chunks of wood,,

that was blasted about a hundred yards, when lightning hit the big old cottonwood, on the golf course, a short chip away. WOW! Will never seek shelter under a tree during a lightning storm. I wonder, did the bolt of lightning turn it red?

Yup, I'm repeating myself, but it feels SO good,

to see and hear the loudmouth TeaBag, D-bag idiot, Rick Santelli, get taken down HARD, on national TV, as he continues to spout his rightwing, and TOTALLY WRONG (proven, time and again) bullshit. I wish I could buy Leisman a drink, or four, for staying calm and pointing out that if you'd have followed Rick's screaming rants, you'd have totally lost your ass, although I doubt his type has/had any money to begin with. Those who can't/won't understand technology/finance/politics have a real hard time in this world, and it's proven every day. Life is tough, but it's nearly impossible when you're Ignorant. BUT, at least they have a gathering place, as 'birds of a feather, they flock together' on Bullshit Mountain, where they have strength in numbers and they can feel good by finding idiots who agree with them. Click on the long and/or short version of Leisman's 'Take Down' of Santelli on a previous blog. Like I said, just a matter of tim…

Kinda sore today,

but that's OK. Helped Ted and Kari yesterday, as we hauled most of a large pile of rocks,( 7 tons), from the curb into the back yard. The scooping part, which I was dreading, wasn't that bad, but pushing the wheelbarrow uphill certainly got my attention. Was worth it though, just to spend time with the kids, AND, I got some cold beer. Works for me.

In the Repub world,

where there's never enough $ thrown to the military, let alone TOO much, this fact should shock people.

The $400 billion program to create a fleet of F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jets, which, as The Hill points out, is seven years behind schedule and chronically plagued with misfortunes and incompetencies, could have housed every homeless person in the U.S. with a $600,000 home.

Yup, the HUGE amount of money, that goes to a few well-heeled 'defense' contractors, is too large to even comprehend, until you look at alternatives. Obviously not every homeless person should get a $600K home, or be given ANY home, BUT, this just brings it into perspective as the Repub party's main/favorite spending program has some light shown on it.

If you read here,

you know that I can't stand right wingnut Rick Santelli, of CNBC, the Financial Channel, who got his 15 minutes of fame, five years ago, by screaming about Obama and his policies, that HE claimed were gonna wreck the US economy, with runaway inflation, BUT, he's been wrong about EVERYTHING. The worst thing is that he's allowed to continually spout his crap, and his Tea Party agenda, although anyone who had listened to his advice and invested accordingly would have lost their ass. FINALLY, someone on the show, Steve Leisman, who actually knows what's going on, and has been consistently right, called him out today, after he totally went off the rails, proving what an idiot he is, on national TV. Here's the short version.
Here's part of it:
It's impossible for you to have been more wrong, Rick. Your call for inflation, the destruction of the dollar, the failure of the U.S. economy to rebound. Rick, it's impossi…

Whether it was accidental, or not,

it was still ironic, when the Denver Post had two articles beside each other. One was about Hobby Lobby, who is Pro-Life, Anti-Choice, refusing to pay for contraception. The other article told how the numbesr of abortions and unwanted pregnancies were way down, because of more women using birth control. Duh, does anyone else see the irony and stupidity here? The religious owners of Hobby Lobby fight a woman's choice to have an abortion, after an unwanted pregnancy, AND fight contraception. You can't have it both ways. I know, 'Just Say No' is a real big with the right wingnuts, but it doesn't always work, in the real world. Pretty obvious, uless you're a right wingnut, and there's 'a lot that, going around', as the rightwing conservatives try (with some success) to force their views on the majority.

Good for him, as AG Eric Holder finally had 'enough',

from the 'Alaskan Airhead', who's treated like an X-Spurt on Bullshit Mountain, along with the war criminal, 'The Dick', who would (rightfully) be thrown into jail in many countries.
Attorney General Eric Holder hit back hard on Sunday at former Wasilla mayor Sarah Palin, who recently called for the impeachment of President Barack Obama.
Speaking with Pierre Thomas on ABC News' "This Week," Holder took a swing at Palin, dismissing her credentials for making such a statement.
"She wasn't a particularly good vice presidential candidate," Holder said. "She's an even worse judge of who ought to be impeached and why."
Check out some of the top 'Palinism's' on this site, then tell me again how 'smart' she is, as she expounds on several issues. What an IDIOT, who shoots bears 'for the fun of it'.
How stupid do you have to be, …

How many people realize

how well ACA, Obamacare, is doing? Not many, esp not the sheep at Bullshit Mountain, because it’s largely slipping under the radar.
How is that possible? Think relentless negativity without accountability. The Affordable Care Act has faced nonstop attacks from partisans and right-wing media, with mainstream news also tending to harp on the act’s troubles. Many of the attacks have involved predictions of disaster, none of which have come true. But absence of disaster doesn’t make a compelling headline, and the people who falsely predicted doom just keep coming back with dire new warnings. Will the hacks at FOX admit they were wrong? OF COURSE NOT, as they make up new talking points that attack 'all things Dem/Obama', BUT, you don't hear them talking about all the people who love their new affordable health care, even 74% of Repubs. Nothing new here, cuz when they're wrong, they act like 'it didn't happen'. Sorta like WMD's in Iraq and the worst recessio…

If you believe the Repub

talking points about 'trickle down', tax cuts create jobs and the rest of their BS to funnel money from the middle class to the rich, just read what happened in Kansas where Gov Sam Brownback(R) got his way and the 'theoretical' Pub practices were actually put into place. The state is in financial crisis in MANY ways, and is gonna have to be bailed out, BUT, the upper 1% has saved a bunch of money. Read it here.

Just when I think

I've seen it all, we had lightning strike the big golf course tree, closest to our house, and it EXPLODED, sending peices all over. WOW. Huge noise and light. Right after reading about lightning killing people in the mountains. Got a couple pics, of the tree and one of the pieces that blew away from it.

WOW! I gotta admit my ignorance,

as I haven't understood/enjoyed soccer, all these years. My kids tried to explain, but I never 'got it'. I didn't realize how a 0-0 tie, after 90 minutes could be exciting, BUT, after watching the US-Belgium game, learning the rules, and then seeing the German team win the World Cup, I can finally begin to appreciate the athleticism and excitement involved, as Goetze had the winning goal, while Schweinsteiger (which is German for 'punching bag') got the crap beat out of him (will have a famous scar) and there were a bunch of big plays. BUT, my fav was the German goalie (looks like cousin Dave) taking the guy out with an (accidental) flying hit to the head. Amazing game, under HUGE pressure as the best players in the world put on a 'clinic', and the goalie is a stud. It's a game I could never play, but it was sure fun to watch. YEA! Duetschland! You think there'll be many 'biers' downed in Germany tonight? I LOVE sports, esp when my team…

Gerrymandering has been around for a while,

BUT, the Republicans refined the practice in 2011, a year after they won control of numerous state governments preparing to redraw congressional maps based on the 2010 census. It's one reason Republicans hold a solid House majority even though Americans cast 1.4 million more votes for Democratic House candidates than for GOP House candidates in 2012.
Florida is a prime example of Democrats' frustration. President Barack Obama carried the state twice, but Florida's U.S. House delegation has 17 Republicans and 10 Democrats.

Like I said, g-mandering isn't new, but the Pubs have made it an art, as MANY (Google it) states have a majority of (R) reps with a minority of voters, and just as they won the pesidency in 2000 and 2004, with a MINORITY of votes, just like their Supreme Court majority 'legally' allows Big, Dark Money to buy elections, BUT, it is SO Republican., and I think it stinks. Some things never change...

I am sorry to report

that Colorado has shut down all government and civilian activities under a haze of pot smoke. Trains will not run. Store shelves are bare. Citizens are rioting in a pot-induced trance. Tourists are avoiding the Sodom and Gomorrah called Colorado. Keep your children indoors and your money in the mattress!
Yes, many right wingnuts predicted terrible consequences, but six months after legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado, the sky still hasn't fallen. In fact, the same voters who voted to 'legalize it', now overwhelmingly say it was the right decision after seeing the resluts. Still a long way to go, as Colorado works out 'all the kinks', BUT, it seems like a 'win-win' as the Green Rush has many more positives, than negatives, even as the clowns of Bullshit Mountain, and other conservative outlets concentrate on the bad, while totally overlooking the good. Nothing new here, but always nice to say, "I told you so'.
PS. After coining the t…

Didn't think it would ever happen,

but Carol and I are looing forward to seeing 'our guys', yup, we're both half German, (and half Swedish), play against Argentina for the World Cup, in soccer, or rather 'football' as the rest of the world calls it, in the biggest sporting event on earth. We were both very sorprised how much we enjoyed the US games, even without 'scoring'. Much bigger than the Super Bowl, or the 'World' Series, as the best players on the planet decide who is actually 'Best', every 4 years. Go Deutschland!

A couple of good cartoons today,

that a wish I could reproduce here, but I can't so you'll just have to imagine them. The first shows a Supreme Court Justice, an old white guy, obviously pregnant under his robe, and says, 'If men could get pregnant the laws regarding contraception would be MUCH different. (No Shit). The second cartoon showed two female clowns, one putting on huge 'clown shoes', and said, 'Sarah Palin has some BIG shos to fill, as she replaces Michelle Bahmann.' Funnier to see, than imagine, but you get the picture....

I've watched 'Dirty Jobs' with Mike Rowe many times,

enjoyed it, and like Mike, a lot. Today, there's a 20 minute program on TED where Mike describes the one job that he refused to do, (at first) just outside Craig, Colorado. Not a 'quick' lesson, but very informative, as Mike tells several interesting stories that have a, common theme. If you have 20 minutes and want a good, non-political 'life lesson', check it out.

In a typical Repub move,

The Federal Highway Trust Fund is expected to run out of money in August. So, naturally, the House Ways and Means Committee(R) is debating a temporary fix that involves letting corporations underfund their pension systems, rather than facing the problem (funding) and fixing it.

Anyone surprised? The 'Do-Nothing', 'Party of NO!' isn't about to change now, just cuz the nation's infrastructure program is due to run out of money SOON. They'd rather do NOTHING, then bitch and call Obama a 'tyrant' when he's forced to do 'something' after they do 'nothing'. Same old shit from the same old people. Anyone else getting tired of it?

Even the religious, right wingnuts oughta understand,

something SO obvious, but they don't, and it drives many people away from 'the church', cuz if they can be SO wrong on something SO obvious, why should they be trusted with anything?
"It's so obvious you did not choose this for yourself. This is who you are, and this is who God created you to be."
THE REV. FRANK SCHAEFER, a Methodist minister, recalling what he told his son Tim before he violated church teachings and officiated at his son's same-sex wedding. Right after this he was 'kicked out' of his church.

File it under, 'What are the odds?'

Last night as I carried Bailey up to our bedroom, as I do sometimes, I talked to her as I climbed the stairs (as if she understood me) and said (for the only time, ever), 'Bailey, you're such a good kitty, in all these years, you've NEVER scratched me'. Well, this morning, while we were gradually waking up, and playing on the bed, she grabbed my hand, playfully(?) and her claw got stuck on my wrist. Not bad at all, BUT it left a (small) mark, for the first time ever. Hmm. 
Until this week, it had been 14 years since a lightning strike had killed someone in Rocky Mntn Natl Park, then on 2 consecutive days, a group of hikers was hit, killing one (and injuring others) each day. Hmm, what are the odds?

My buddy Scott, hosted a wake

for our buddy Bugg's, who died WAY too young. That was the first time I ever ever tasted Tito's Vodka, and it was 'scary good'. Have tried to buy it since then, but they were always 'sold out'. Found some today, and had some. It is 'scary smooth'.  Try it at your own risk. Here's what Wikipedia has to say.

Tito's Handmade Vodka is a vodka produced in Austin, Texas, in the first legal distillery in Texas,[1] established by Bert Butler "Tito" Beveridge II. It is made from yellow corn instead of the more commonly used wheat or potatoes, resulting in a mildly sweet aftertaste, and is distilled six times. All production is still maintained at the southeast Austin distillery, where he has expanded from one pot still to ten and from one bottling line to four. Despite the growing distribution, Fifth Generation, Inc. employs fewer than 18 people. Tito's Handmade Vodka has gained market share thanks to some prestigious awards, affordable pri…

FOX, today has a picture of Obama golfing,

and the 'Fair and Balanced' network asks the question, 'Why Does Obama Take So Much Vacation Time'? Well, I Googled it and found that at the same time in their presidency, Obama has taken 92 days of vacation, while GW had taken 367. NO SHIT. This is the kinda crap that Bullshit Mountain is famous for, and the sheep eat it up. Would be funny if not so sad. Same old shit from the Repub propaganda machine. (PS, fact verified by Politifact)

Just to lighten it up, a bit...

An 85-year-old man was requested by his doctor for a sperm count as part of his physical exam. The doctor gave the man a jar and said, "Take this jar home and bring back a semen sample tomorrow." The next day the 85-year-old man reappeared at the doctor's office and gave him the jar, which was as clean and empty as on the previous day. The doctor asked, what happened and the man explained. "Well, doc, it's like this--first I tried with my right hand, but nothing. Then I tried with my left hand, but still nothing. Then I asked my wife for help. She tried with her right hand, then with her left, still nothing. She tried with her mouth, first with the teeth in, then with her teeth out, still nothing. We even called up Arleen, the lady next door and she tried too, first with both hands, then an armpit, and she even tried squeezin' it between her knees, but still nothing." The doctor was shocked! "You asked your neighbor?" The old man …

At least they're consistent

When asked to dicuss/negotiate/vote on an Immigration Bill, the Pubs said NO!, although the head Pub, Bonehead, whined and pleaded for them to do so. Now, as the border is deluged with children who were promised a hearing by GW in 2008, there is a need for funds to deal with them. Guess what the Pubs say? NO! Just like Affordable Health Care. NO! So, unless it's something like another war, or shutting down the govt, they have one consistent answer. NO! Just ignore it and maybe it'll go away, OR, just sticking with their main plan, which is to make the problems even worse, so the sheep demand a 'regime change'. It's their only hope. UNLESS people remember what their last 'reign of error' was like. Then they have NO! hope.