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If there was ever a 'litmus test',

between reality and FOX/PARP, it is 'climate change', which is supported by over 97% of climatologists, BUT, is denied by the Big Oil, Big Money 1%, who pay FOX/PARP to lie to the sheep. And the sheep 'eat it up'. Insane, but real, as Rush and Sean use politics to obscure what is OBVIOUS to anyone with a logical brain.
There are over 180 world leaders currently meeting, to save our air and water, while FOX/PARP denigrates the efforts, with the Koch Bros, and their massive oil based business interests FIGHTING to keep the sheep 'in the dark' for their own profits. Nothing new here, and nothing wrong with oil based energy. BUT, let's be REAL! The planet is definitely warming, no matter what FOX/PARP tells the sheep.
PS.  PARP=Propaganda Arm of Repub Party. And they are GOOD at it!

Kinda hard to explain,

but it just feels better today, after Brock and the Broncs beat Brady and the Pats yesterday, in a GREAT game. It's not only the win, BUT, the fact that the future QB of the Broncos is GOOD, esp compared to Peyton, and it bodes well for the future, with the Orange Crush Defense that's already in place. I know the Patriots were injured, but so were the Broncos. Bottom line, looking forward to lots of W's and 'Fun Sundays' in the future. Who knows? Maybe a Super Bowl?
Hmmm. I kinda like 'Brock & The Broncs', my name for them..... When in doubt, trust a TALL guy.

File it under, 'Duhhhh, you really think so?'

As the rightwingnuts call for more bombs, troops and money in the MidEast, I think we oughta look at past mistakes(R), before getting more involved with the never-ending religious wars in the quagmire that 'GW and The Dick'(R) created, before they wrecked the US economy, as well. But, to hear FOX/PARP tell it, 'It's all Obama's fault'.

Retired Lt. General Michael Flynn, the former U.S. special forces chief in Iraq and Afghanistan who was the country's highest ranking military intelligence official, says that the George W. Bush administration's Iraq war was a tremendous blunder that helped to create the self-proclaimed Islamic State, or ISIS. "It was a huge error," Flynn said about the Iraq war in a detailed interview with German newspaper Der Spiegel published Sunday.  "As brutal as Saddam Hussein was, it was a mistake to just eliminate him," Flynn went on to say. "The same is true for Moammar Gadhafi and for Libya, which is no…

After being indoctrinated to hate,

by FOX/PARP, Carli Fiorina and the rest of the anti-choice, anti-woman conservative crowd, rightwingnut Robert Dear drove to a Planned Parenthood facility and opened fire, killing three and wounding many others, in his protest against a woman's choice to end an unwanted pregnancy. When faced with the consequences of his party's hateful rhetoric, the right-wing darling, Ted Cruz, in an effort to shift the blame and muddy the waters, had this to say,
Ted Cruz Calls Alleged Planned Parenthood Shooter 'Transgendered Leftist Activist'I was going to comment here, on the idiocy of the comment, but, 'If I gotta explain, you wouldn't understand'. Nothing new here, but just when you think the Repubs can't get any worse, or more out of touch, they always do.

Wow, what a game

as Denver and New England go into overtime. Lotta injuries, as they play in the snow. Memorable game, no matter who wins, but I'm REALLY hoping Osweiler stays undefeated.
YAHOO! The Broncs WIN, in an instant 'classic', as C J Anderson scores a 48 yd TD in overtime.
PS I thought that Peyton would be on the sideline, helping the Broncos with his clipboard, experience and expertise, BUT, he sat in the heated locker room, instead. Really disappointing from a 'team' aspect. Also disappointing was #88, Demarius Thomas, who caught only ONE of 13 balls thrown to him, most of them bouncing off his hands. Like Peyton, I remember when he was GREAT, but now he's not even good, as he's had several games like this one, (although his one catch was fantastic). At least Manning can blame it on being old. Not sure what Thomas' problem is.
Bottom line, HUGE win for the Broncs, in a season with lots of injuries, esp for the Pats, and Osweiler is proving he's a player.

Was gonna write, 'good news, bad news',

as per The Donald starting to fade and Ted Cruz moving up. BUT, it's all good news, cuz there's no way either of those clowns could win. President Donald? President Ted? RU kidding? Hillary says, 'Bring it on'! Of course there are a BUNCH of rightwingnuts 'out there', but nowhere near enough to win, in a country where MOST of the populace isn't poisoned by the crap from Bullshit Mountain, and are actually educated and rational. Sure, they are gonna carry MS,LA and AL where a high school diploma places you among the 'elite', BUT, thankfully the country isn't defined by the FOXSheep, where PARP is known as CRAP.

After finding an obscure video,

about someone talking about the brain of a fetus, and then blaming it on Planned Parenthood, during the Repub Debates, although it had NOTHING to do with PP, the lone female clown car candidate had this to say, after the shooter said, 'no more baby parts'.

Warren Buffett is known to be

an intelligent, billionaire investor, with conservative ideas. He is also from Nebraska, which is hard-core, right-wing, FOXNews sheep country, whose economy depends on govt MANDATED, subsidized ethanol. SO, it is pretty interesting that he is campaigning in his home state next month, with...... Hillary Clinton. Like The Donald, who says the same thing, the nation's economy does (much) better under Democrats. Not even arguable, if you look at all the economic data, going WAY back. SO, why do the sheep not know this? It's because of Bullshit Mountain, who muddies the waters and just LIES, when it comes to the facts, cuz FOX/PARP will say/do ANYTHING to elect Pubs, which is their sole reason for existing.
Nothing new here, but it's nice to have it confirmed by someone who actually knows, 'of what he speaks'. Warren Buffett, a billionaire with a conscience. Something almost unheard of these days, as the Koch Bros spend hundreds of millions, legally buying votes, (cuz…

Am reading 'Lights Out', by Ted Koppel,

about the effects of a possible terrorist hack into the electrical grid of the US. Ted claims it's not IF, but WHEN, cuz the 'worms' are already in place and the internet-connected system is so old, large and relatively unprotectable, it could cause a major calamity, that would last for months, not days. Pretty scary book, that took him over 4 years to write, with well-documented interviews with those in the power industry, from govt and private entities. They basically agree that it COULD be done, and we wouldn't even know who did it. Could be Russia, China, Iran, N Korea, ISIS, Al Queda, or just some lone wolf who wants to prove something.
North Korea recently took down SONY Pictures, cuz they didn't like Seth Rogan's, 'The Interview', and they had spent over a hundred million on securing their system, but just ONE insecure path, among the thousands who had access, left them open. The experts say the power grid would be much easier to hack, and the U…

Now we know more about Robert Lewis Dear

the shooter at Planned Parenthood, in the Springs, and it's just like I thought/said, as he was yelling anti-Obama crap and screaming about 'baby parts'. Let me take a wild guess. I would bet ANYTHING he is a faithful FOXNews listener, as they use heavily edited videos, attributed to PP, (that WASN'T from them), but Carli, and the clown car candidates, use it for political purposes and the rightwingnuts 'rise up', get a gun and try to be a hero to the sheep. Sickening, but it's the fruit of a poison tree, known as Bullshit Mountain, who preaches that every nut job should be able to buy a gun. Nothing new here, as we get more of the SOS from PARP, and the ignorant sheep strike again.

PS All the pics of FOX, with their Planned Parenthood Pics/diatribes on-line have been 'taken down' by FOX, after I posted pics, that WERE available. I wonder why????? Sleazeballs.....Click on little pic below and see what you get from FOX.

How do you get a 14 month 'paid vacation'?

just shoot a black kid, and if you are a Chicago cop, they'll pay you, as they try to 'bury it', and FINALLY bring charges, once they are forced to. There have been lots of video-taped shootings, but this one is especially heinous, although FOX has been bending over backward to defend the cop. Nothing new here, but is getting kind of old, as we see it again and again.

We don't have all the facts/info yet,

but it appears that a rightwingnut has answered the call from Bullshit Mountain (and the Pub candidates, esp Carli) and has attacked the Planned Parenthood Clinic in Colorado Springs  At least 5 cops and 6 civilians have been shot, and 3 are dead. Will find out more later, but it's obvious that all the vitriol(R) against women's rights has found a crusader, from South Carolina, to take action. Facts to follow....

Wow, just watched 'Soaked in Bleach',

a new documentary about the death of Kurt Cobain, that was originally ruled a suicide, but, after watching this well documented investigative movie/documentary, it is OBVIOUS that he was murdered, most likely by an agent of Courtney Love, who was just cut out of his will, just served with divorce papers, and Kurt was trying to get custody of their daughter Frances. Instead of getting virtually nothing, she got an estate worth hundreds of millions. She obviously planted all the pre-suicide rumors, tried to kill him earlier, wrote the 'suicide note', lied about SO many things during the investigation, AND, if there is any justice in the world, will be charged with his murder. The local cops totally screwed up the crime scene when they thought it looked like a self inflicted wound and talked with his wife, BUT, once further facts came up, they just 'covered their asses' and allowed most pertinent evidence to be destroyed/lost, but there's still a lot.
Bottom line, th…

'Interesting' drive home,

after a fantastic Thanksgiving at the 'mountain Olsons'. First, a layer of ice, when the rain froze, then a full day of snow, into the evening with HUGE snowflakes coming down, driving through the clouds, down a twisty mountain road. I have great tires, with really good 4WD, and had a hard time keeping it on the road, going SLOW. Picked up a family, with 3 little kids, who weren't able to stay on the road. Gonna be LOTS of people in the ditch tonight, cuz the roads are BAD. with the temp dropping. Nice to be safely home, after a great day with family. Cool memory of a buck and two does, walking through the snow in Nate's back yard, as the flakes came down on the mountain. True winter wonderland....

Hmmmm, I've seen that before

The video of a Chicago cop shooting a black teenager, SIXTEEN TIMES was confiscated by Chicago police, from a Burger King that showed the kid was walking away when he was shot. Sorta like DOZENS of security videos from the area around the Pentagon, where an 'airplane', that left evidence that looked just like a missile, hit an uninhabited section, on the day that 'The Dick' Cheney was 'in charge' (only time ever) of the Air Force, during 'practice scenarios'. Don't believe it? Look it up, IF you're able. LOTS of information out there. Not ONE video, from the entire area survived the Feds efforts to confiscate ALL the videos in a several mile area, where witnesses claimed they saw a missile, not an airplane, hit the building. And, from the hole in the building, which was rapidly covered, then demolished, the 'airplane' had no wings or engines, (see pic) or luggage with it. Bottom line, the Bushies(R) got the war they wanted, oil jumped t…

'Dr" Ben Carson is fading away,

as he should, but The Donald still drives the clown car, with Ted 'Sleazeball' Cruz jockeying for position, rising in favor with the evangelicals. My prediction is that the clowns will fight, tooth and nail, with LOTS of lies, slander and a HUGE amount of bullshit, until Marco Rubio gradually replaces Cruz, who will fade once he reaches the national stage and must appeal to more than a bunch of Bible Belt fanatics. The Donald MAY form a third party, with his monstrous ego taking over any allegiance to the Party of NO! We'll see, but it should be fun to watch, as Trump continues to make up facts and history, which is the hallmark of the Pubs, as they have to do/say something, other than BENGHAZI!, which even the sheep must be tired of hearing by now, after 15 Congressional hearings that all say the same thing, which is, 'Shut up and go home, there's nothing there'....

I've never really cared about

music by One Direction, thinking they are just some teeny bopper 'boy band'. BUT, was watching Ellen, with Carol and heard two songs by them that were really good. Then, they won best album, on American Music Awards, for the second year in a row. Now, my new Rolling Stone magazine, who NEVER gives 4 stars, gave them 4 stars for their new album. I'm shocked, but wanna hear it. We'll see...

The sheep 'hate it', but it's true,

no matter how much Bullshit Mountain tries to 'catapult the propaganda' the, 'facts' are...
Best job creation in 18 years.
Strongest dollar in 3 decades.
Gas at $2/gallon.
Stock market TRIPLED,
Unemployment cut in half.
Average annual Bush deficit cut in half.
No attacks on American soil.
And the Pubs are BITCHIN', cuz Obama is SO terrible, and they wanna put 'The Donald' in charge. Can you spell I D I O T S?

Same old shit from FOX/PARP, and the sheep swallow it, hook, line and sinker.

The 'lead' FOX/PARP story,

on Bullshit Mountain today, (no shit),and warns US citizens to be aware/afraid, as they travel this Thanksgiving, and' avoid crowds', cuz Obama hasn't provided security for the American people. Yeah, right.... The PARP 'news' channel wants all the sheep to know, that this prez is WEAK, although there is ZERO evidence for their claims. Nothing new here, in PARP world, BUT, you gotta keep the sheep 'riled and skeered', with the Black Guy in the White House. Wow, if we could only get GW and The Dick back, to protect us, as per Bullshit Mountain reality....

Trump(R), #1 in the polls(R)) isn't backing down,

after he said he saw 'thousands of (Arab) people in New Jersey, cheering as the Twin Towers came down'. There is ZERO evidence of it, and in the 'real' world, this would be OUTRAGEOUS, but this is Repub politics, and 'what's one more lie?'
NOTHING, to the sheep, cuz they are fed lies like a 'foie gras' goose, with their throats open and eyes/brain closed. Nothing new here, BUT, how OBVIOUS can you get? The sheep 'just swallow', like a Stepford Wife', cuz they are used to it, from FOX/PARP, where facts don't matter. Sickening, but SO typical....

All the sheep KNOW,

that Obama is WEAK against ISIS, the military has been degraded by funding cuts and the US economy is 'terrible', only growing at 2%, instead of 4% which the Pubs would do, Obama's a Muslim and he's trying to 'take your guns'. The only problem? It's all bullshit, from FOX/PARP, with NO basis in 'facts', those pesky things that the sheep don't care about, as long as they hear what they WANT, from PARP. Nothing new here, but a peek into the sheep mentality, who mindlessly believe FOX/PARP, and love The Donald and The Dr, thinking they are presidential material. You know what the first P in PARP is?

I've always wondered,

do rightwingnuts watch Saturday Night Live, and secretly laugh, or watch and get disgusted, or just totally avoid it? I'm guessing they watch, and try to NOT to laugh, but finally realize the Pubs are REALLY funny, when some of their positions are exposed as total crap. Who knows, probably depends on the rightwingnut, but I'm guessing MOST of them are asleep, after their 'Early Bird Special Dinner' concluded at 5:00, and they KNOW SNL is just a bunch of 'not funny' left-wing propaganda, and the only propaganda they want is from FOX/PARP, cuz they are 'Fair and Balanced'.

Much like SNL, I've been saying

that the Trump plan to create a data base of Muslims, is kinda ridiculous. It's not that terrible, AND, I'm sure it already exists. In another SNL line, (for those of you too old to stay up that late) Jared Fogle, the Subway guy was sentenced to 15 years, and it was OK with him, cuz was hoping for under 18 .... FOX and Friends are against Black Friday, cuz ALL Fridays matter.

Wow, I can see why

the Bears wanted to play against Manning instead of Osweiler. It's MUCH tougher to defend against a guy who can actually MOVE, instead of wearing concrete boots, and can HIT the receiver, instead of winging it over his head, or into the turf. I know, Manning was great, at one time, but hasn't been, for a long time, Yahoo, Go Broncs/Osweiler!
The announcers mentioned that the D hadn't been as good in the last few games. Duh... If you never get off the field cuz your QB can't make a 1st down, you're gonna give up more yards/points. Who da thunk?
Speaking of Homers, the officiating crew at Chicago off the chart. The Bears, in spite of OBVIOUS holding, pass interference, shots to the face, and a REALLY obvious late hit, had ZERO penalties, the entire game, while Denver was somewhere in double figures, as the zebras used every chance to help the home team. I can't explain it.... Osweiler ended up with a W on his first NFL start, on his 25th b-day, with a QB rating …

Basketball fans in the Denver area remember

Scott Hastings, who was deep-bench back-up player for the Nuggets. He averaged about 2 pts/game for his career, but was a real 'character' who went on to become a play by play announcer for a local TV station, doing Nuggets games. I like Scott, his knowledge of the game and his humor, BUT, he's a definite 'homer', where the home team never fouls anyone, and always gets fouled, and the refs are always against the Nuggies, in his mind. If you watch Denver Nuggets games, you get used to it, and take his play calling with a grain, handful of salt. Sorta like watching a Husker football game, broadcast from Lincoln, as they 'beat' Mich State on a terrible call, that the whole world saw, but the Husker fans saw it totally differently, cuz they are used to watching FOXNews, in the Husker State, and are used to 'HOMER' reporting from the Propaganda Arm of the Repub Party, better known around here, as PARP, where EVERYTHING has a pro-Pub/anti-Dem slant.

For those rightwingnuts who don't know, OR,

are willfully ignorant, this entire MidEast insanity started, after 9-11, when THREE Afghans, and FIFTEEN Saudis caused 9-11. GW and The Dick invaded Afghanistan, then killed thousands in Iraq, inflaming the entire region, and removing the only stabilizing influence, Saddam Hussein, while creating thousands (or many more?) of suicide bombers who hate the US, with good cause.
NOW, the rightwingnuts(R) blame the situation on Obama, who inherited the wars, and crashed economy, left over from the Bushies. And this makes sense to the sheep? ONLY if you listen to, and believe FOX/PARP. Insane, but SO Republican.
 BTW, do you know what PARP stands for? Guess. Hint: Propaganda...

I love my big screen TV

with the DVR where I can watch 2 games at once (going back and forth between Mich St/Ohio St and LSU/Miss St), and not see ANY commercials. Great technology, from SCIENCE!, that the Pubs just don't understand, support or appreciate, cuz it interferes with what Rush, Sean and FOX/PARP tell them. Can you spell I D I O T?

Cuz it's a cold winter afternoon,

I just watched a '20/20' show I had recorded, where Barbara Walters interviewed Donald Trump, and I gotta admit there's a lot I like about The Donald, mainly his family, total lack of a filter, where he says whatever he's thinking, plus his confidence. All of which kinda remind me of myself, in the fact we both get in trouble for it, but, oh well...
And I gotta admit I think he'd make a great president...... Really....  On a fictional, TV reality show. I'd watch every episode, just wondering, 'what's he gonna do next?' BUT, as a real prez? RU kidding? Although he'd be better The Dr, or The Huck, Carli, or OMG, Ted Cruz! BUT, he's the front runner for the Pubs, (not that difficult with the clown car lineup), but what's that tell you about the party? Other than 'TOTAL JOKE'! Just not funny....

I need to do some research,

and find out the biggest manufacturer of BOMBS. Cuz you never know, the Koch bros may use their fortune (in a secret, devious plot, like Stepford Wife technology?) to turn the nation into a bunch of Zombies, with brains of mush, who mindlessly stare from the couch at FOX/PARP, and BELIEVE the lies, joining the rest of the sheep. If so, The Donald, or some other joke(R) will be prez, and the US will bomb everything in sight, as that is the Repub solution to every problem, cuz they don't realize that indiscriminate bombing, (that they LOVE to do) CREATES more terrorists than it destroys. Bombs are expensive, and the companies who make them, (General Dynamics, Haliburton?), are gonna be HUGE.
SO, if you see some new Koch bros project, that sucks/destroys brain cells, BUY bomb making companies, and you'll be RICH! Hopefully I'll be able to see it coming, and make enough money to leave the country, cuz if one of the Pub clowns actually WIN, we'll look back on 2008, (when th…

Reading the sports news,

I see the Chicago Bears are REALLY disappointed, cuz they were REALLY looking forward to playing defense against Peyton Manning. I bet so.... Now they gotta prepare for a QB who can actually MOVE, including the possibility of a RUN, incl a quarterback sneak, which Peyton NEVER did, even if it was couple of inches for first down. Yup, now the Bears gotta cover the QB, who probably won't WAY over/under throw wide open receivers. Brock Osweiler is kinda like Peyton USED to be, as in 'an effectual QB'. Also, I like him because he is TALL (6'8"), like most great athletes..... Sorry Peyton old buddy, there was a time (OBVIOUSLY) when you were fantastic, but that was long ago, and it's time to let the FUTURE of the Broncos step up.
And, I'm willing to bet BIG money that Brock's QB rating isn't worse than Manning's last week, cuz the system isn't calibrated to go BELOW 0.00, where it mercifully stopped, and stayed, for Peyton. Who knows, maybe wit…

I saw the headline, and said WHAAAT?

'President Trump is a Very Real Possibility', in bold print. I thought, yup, The Donald and The Dr can lead the rightwingnuts, (who are SO smart), BUT, there's NO WAY they could ever be elected president, and I wonder how this could happen, so, I'll read the article. Then in the first sentence, I see who the quote is attributed to. Sarah Palin, another rightwingnut hero. Never mind..... FOX/PARP is a great playground for the 'intellectually challenged' masses, and keeps them occupied, but that doesn't mean I gotta actually READ their tripe. Headlines are enough....

In an effort to appeal to their base,

which is Southern Bible Belt, high school drop-outs, FOX/PARP has an article for those who wonder what Heaven and Hell look like. Yup, someone has compiled a bunch of near-death experiences, and put them in a book. ALTHOUGH, the last couple of Best Sellers on the subject have been shown to be (HUGE money making) frauds. Who da thunk? Anyway, FOX/PARP is offering a peek, for those who can't wait for the 'surprise', with a glowing review of the book.
I'm all for it, as long as it keeps the sheep from actively campaigning for Cruz, Huckabee, Santorum and some of the other rightwingnut heroes, who claim the founding fathers were devout Christians. I challenge one of them to read Thomas Jefferson's Bible, which is very 'special'.

Wow, they FINALLY agreed on something,

the Pubs and Dems that is, and fixed it. Most (sane) people agree that GW was a disaster in SO many ways, but one of worst. long lasting screw ups, (among MANY) was his No Child Left Behind debacle, where our nations' schools were 'dumbed down' (obviously to produce more Repub voters), with emphasis away from the gifted students, and time and resources were heaped on the slow learners. Educators were nearly universally against it, as a rigid testing curriculum, that wasted valuable class time, was instituted, to test the results. Anyway, Colorado finally dumped the program, on a 39-1 non-partisan vote. At a time when we're still dealing with the legacy of G Dub's fiasco in the Mid East, at least we are recovering from ONE of his disasters.
I've learned to avoid FOX on Sat morning, when my 'real' news is off, but in flipping through the channels, trying to wake up, I caught the 'talent' on Bullshit Mountain, (in an effort to keep the sheep '…

You ever notice that the rightwingnuts,

who bitch from the comfort of their couches, in their homes that have gained back over 50% of their value, PLUS a bunch, (after the GW years), in a country that hasn't been attacked, are constantly bitching about Obama/economy/security cuz FOX/PARP tells them to? Totally insane, but SO Republican, in their Bizarro world, where life was SO good under GW, (who was run out of town with a 22% approval rating, which was WAY too high). but now Obama's screwed it all up, according to PARP.
Read it AGAIN, rightwingnuts, cuz you just don't get it.....
PS The first P in PARP stands for PROPAGANDA!

Is So funny/sad to watch

the low info/IQ sheep, who bitch about Obama, cuz homeland security/US economy is SO bad. And they know this BECAUSE...FOX/PARP tells them, although those pesky things called 'facts' say just the opposite. Makes no difference to the double digit IQ rightwingnuts, who get their 'news' from PARP. Sad/stupid/typical of their genre, who OBVIOUSLY don't have a clue. Nothing new here, just proof of an existing condition, known as an 'anal/cranial inversion', a common ailment among the sheep, who have been trained to vote 'Straight Republican', in spite of all facts... God help us....

The Donald is a genius(R),

by stirring up the low info/IQ racists, by merely changing Mexican to Muslim, and inflaming the rightwingnuts, with approximately a 0.00001% chance of being harmed by a terrorist. BUT, in rightwingnut world, they gotta get rid of the Kenyan-born Muslim 'black guy in the White House', so they can feel safe again, although the last attack was under GW, who was warned REPEATEDLY, but hey, everyone(R) makes mistakes... So stupid/Repub, as FOX/PARP riles the sheep, with easily provable bullshit. Nothing new here, but funny/sad to watch, as always....

Getting some snow here,

and a BUNCH of snow in the mountains. Great early season skiing and getting better. Good alternative to golfing, as the weather changes from warm to cool. AND, we have an open invite to the condo in Keystone, during the week, when the crowds are smaller. 'Tis a privilege, to live in Colorado. Just gotta remember, will not be able to ski forever, as we get older, BUT, no problem, now, and it's about an hour away. Sorry kids, your inheritance is getting smaller, cuz lift tix are expensive, but, oh well...

In rightwingnut world, where FOX/PARP rules,

they celebrate when France drops 20 bombs on ISIS, but when Obama's coalition drops 28,000 bombs on ISIS, they call him weak. And, in nutjob world, they call for no refugees, UNLESS they can pass a test for being a Christian. Don't you think they could fake that? You hypocrites do it all the time.
 PS If you think fertilized eggs are people, but refugee kids aren't, you have to stop pretending your concerns are 'religious'.

Saw The Lion King last night,

at the Denver Center For the Performing Arts, by the touring Broadway cast, complete with their 18 semi loads of props and costumes. Absolutely amazing production, in all areas. Had seats on the aisle, in the 9th row, which made it even better. Started the evening at the downtown Broker Restaurant, with Ted and Kari, where we had a fantastic meal, and the evening got even better from there. Thanks, kids, for substituting the Lion King, after we were traveling, and missed the Mark Knopfler concert at Red Rocks. I knew the show was gonna be REALLY good, but had no idea how over the top it actually was. Amazing, as we did 'Feel the Love Tonight", with the music, costumes, lighting, sets and sounds just 'off the chart'.
PS The superb cast was almost ALL black, and SO talented and good looking, with the audience being almost ALL white.

After Paris was attacked

the French president affirmed that they were NOT going to stop welcoming Syrian refugees. Meanwhile, on this side of the pond, the fearmongers(R) are calling on the US to lock it's doors and send troops to the MidEast, trying to engage a secretive enemy that hopes to terrorize through fear.
What explains the modern right’s propensity for panic? Part of it, no doubt, is the familiar point that many bullies are also cowards. But I think it’s also linked to the apocalyptic mind-set that has developed among Republicans during the Obama years, as they keep screaming 'the sky is falling', claiming a crashing economy, hyper-inflation, he's wrecking the military and he's taking our guns! None of it has happened, but this doesn't stop them, or even slow them down.

Continue reading the mainThink about it. From the day Mr. Obama took office, his political foes have warned about imminent catastrophe. Fiscal crisis! Hyperinflation! Economic collapse, brought on by the scour…

Wow, if you believe FOX/PARP,

(and WHY would you?), you'd think the US mainland was a post-apocalyptic, smoldering landscape, laid barren by terrorist bombs, economy in ruins, cuz of that damn America-loathing Muslim in the White House. Bullshit Mountain, who NEVER lets facts intrude on a good 'hate piece', paints the pic of a failed govt/security system, with bomb wielding Jihadists loose on every corner in every city, and the sheep are screaming for 'protection' from a prez who sold out the country, after an idyllic administration(R) before him. Same Old Shit from the Same Old Shitters, who live in the fairyland world of FOX/PARP. And the sheep eat it up, while hoping The Donald or The Dr can 'FIX' things. UNbelievable, but SO Republican, where a triple digit IQ automatically excludes you....

The clowns at FOX/PARP have figured it out

The reason Obama hates America is because......... He's part black. Yup, that's the word from Bullshit Mountain today, in the opinion sections. According to Ben Stein, Obama's Kenyan father hated the British, and he taught those values to young Barack (even though he was never around 'look it up') and the prez has harbored those feelings his entire life, and this explains, according to PARP, why 'Obama LOATHES America'.
Yup, that's the 'news' for the sheep today. Just when I think think they can't get any lower, they descend WAY below whale shit, to keep the sheep riled. And why not? It WORKS for the low-info, low-IQ audience they pander to.
OMG! I gotta avoid FOX/PARP or my head is gonna explode...... The bad news? Their semi-literate flock, the recipients of 'catapulting the propaganda' actually vote, and guess which party is the recipient of the deep South, Bible Belt, FOX believing masses? Roger Ailes must be laughing his ass of…

FOX/PARP has a plan, to protect America,

cuz they know that Obama sure isn't/won't, contrary to those pesky things called 'facts', that never get in the way of a Bullshit Mountain story. The rightwingnuts wanna arm every citizen, in a country where THOUSANDS more are killed by gun accidents and gun violence than all the terrorist deaths combined. Yup, they got a plan. More and larger weapons systems, a HUGE ground war in the MidEast and every Tom Dick and Harry packin' heat. WOW!, are they smart, or what? I'm going with the 'or what', as the sheep act like Obama has totally failed (contrary to reality), and only their cowboy mentality can save us. SOS, but it gets SO old, but their low IQ base eats it up, and promises to vote in a much better govt, lead by The Donald and/or Dr Ben. Absolutely insane, but SO Republican.

Did you know?

According to FOX/PARP, Obama is deporting Christians and importing Jihadist Muslims who wanna 'blow us to kingdom come'. What else would you expect from a Kenyan born Muslim? Yup, that's the story line from Bullshit Mountain, where the sheep get their 'news' and stay 'riled'.
I'm trying to live 'healthier', which means controlling my blood pressure, so I'm trying to spend less time with Roger Ailes' Frankenstein creation, FOX/PARP news, but, just glancing at their headlines, and realizing the number of sheep who take them seriously, as 'real' news, is pretty sickening. Oh well, haters gonna hate, and sheep gonna swallow swill. Ain't nothing I can do, other than what I'm doing, as I alternate between laughing and crying....

For those who don't know (and don't care),

the head of FOX/PARP, (Roger Ailes) has been in the 'business' of electing Repubs (from Reagan thru McConnell) for well over 3 decades, and finally figured out a way to make a FULL TIME JOB out of it, with a fantasy 'news' network, filled with propaganda, sandwiched between slick technology, lots of 'real' news, complete with hot blonde bimbos and some serious looking/sounding talking heads. The PERFECT combination to reach the low information, low IQ voter that the Pubs depend on, from their base in the South.
It is SO obvious, and SO deceitful, as I gotta respect him for 'paying' approx $110 million, that was OUTRAGEOUS at the time, to broadcast 'news', in an era when networks PAID for news content, but turned out to be the best political money EVER spent. Just ask GW, who got the keys to the US Treasury, and control of the US military, to pump up the price of oil, the Bush/Cheney family business, and the rest is (sad) history, as the evil ge…

What? ISIS has their own FOX/PARP?

'The Islamic State published a new edition of its propaganda magazine/video Wednesday, calling last week's attacks in Paris and the bombing of a Russian passenger jet earlier this month "revenge" for French and Russian military actions in Iraq and Syria.'
Wow, they have a propaganda outlet too? I guess it's only fair.... I wonder if they ALSO call it 'Fair and Balanced? LOL.....Fox News, for example, even though it's called "Fox News," is mostly opinion. Roger Ailes, Fox News President, said, in a 1988 book, "The truth is whatever people will believe." This means that this widely-respected "news" organization feels it's perfectly acceptable to bend the truth to meet its needs, which is to elect Republicans, by whatever means 'necessary'.

I really try, but absolutely fail

to understand the rightingnut brain/fantasy world, where huge numbers of troops in Iraq, and other Muslim countries, will stop the religious nuts from bombing civilians, around the world. Religious nuts are just that, and fighting a trillion dollar war, with lots of American casualties isn't gonna stop them. BUT, it sure gives the whackos something to bitch about, after they(R) started the whole mess, based on lies. I say, if you whackjobs wanna fight SO bad, just take your chickenhawk asses over to MidEast, put your money where your mouth is, and don't let the screen door smack your fat ass on the way out.....

In typical FOX/PARP fashion,

when Bin Laden was killed, Bullshit Mountain distanced Obama from the act, giving the Special Forces all the credit, although the prez gave all the direct OK's and orders involved. BUT, when some terrorist psychos, spawned by GW and The Dick(R), living in Belgium kill innocents in France, FOX/PARP act like Obama personally bought the explosives and bullets. And the sheep eat it up, blasting the prez on Facebook with the rest of the flock 'liking' it, as this is all 'logical' to them, while acting like the French are their best pals, in spite of all the ANTI-French rhetoric, cuz the Frenchies didn't join them(R) in their illegal war. Wow, stupid/ignorant is 'too kind' to describe the Freedom Fries eating rightwingnuts, getting their 'news' from PARP.
PS Speaking of the sheep 'eating it up', it's obvious from the size of their asses, they have been eating LOTS of freedom fries, during their protest against 'all things French',…

I peeked onto Facebook today,

and was sickened by the crap that people 'like', as their nutjob buddies parrot the attacks on Obama, led by FOX/PARP, as Bullshit Mountain blames the French attacks on him, personally. AS IF he should have wiped out ISIS by now, after they(R) created them with their reckless war in the region, based on LIES(R). Am so glad I don't 'Facebook', and see the rightwingnuts regurgitate the Bullshit Mountain propaganda. One peek was MORE than enough....

As I think about the rightwingnuts,

who mindlessly believe FOX/PARP, the same way they believe in a LITERAL Bible, I am reminded of a conversation with a close relative a while back. When I mentioned that MANY of the Biblical stories are 'impossible', he countered with a scripture verse that 'proved' they were ALL true. Something about every 'jot and tittle' in the Bible is true, cuz there's a verse the SAYS it's all true, and, he added, the Bible is the 'word of God'. I said the Bible was written by men, and he countered, with a gleam in his eye, Yes, but it was INSPIRED by God, so it is all obviously true. In his mind he had won the discussion and had PROVEN me wrong.
This is the exact mindset that believes the message of FOX/PARP. You can't discuss an issue with someone whose basis of fact is the SAME thing you disagree over. Of COURSE what you believe is the same as the FOX view, when you get your info/beliefs from FOX/PARP. Never mind, WAY too complicated for the sheep m…

It is absolutely unbelievable

or, in other words 'typical', of PARP/Bullshit Mountain/FOX, to use the Paris bombings as a vehicle to 'catapult the propaganda', (a GW term, that I LOVE) in their ongoing efforts to blame Obama for the consequences of the Iraq War(R), that removed all traces of stability in the Middle East.
The war criminals (Bushies) used a series of lies and half-truths (Hallmarks of FOX), to justify a war that they wanted all along, to (successfully!) raise the price of oil from under $14 to over $140/barrel, so the Texan, Big Oil crowd could buy more Cadillacs. Now they bitch about the consequences and whine, cuz Obama hasn't fixed their f--kups, fast enough. Just like the US economy. Break it, then bitch. SOS from the usual suspects. And the sheep 'eat it up', as the Pubs try to re-install themselves into a position of power, where they got a 22% approval rating, last time, after 8 years of incompetence. Remember 2008?
How naive/ignorant/stupid do you have to be to F…

I realize it's kind of a gray area,

bringing refugees to the US, BUT, why am I not surprised that the 'Christian Party'(R), says, 'screw those refugees', from W's war. We don't want 'em in OUR state, cuz they might hurt us! I can understand the reaction, but still think it sucks.
As always, total hypocrites, who turn their backs on the victims of  'their boy's war'. Nothing new here, just typical crap from the Pubs, as Dem state govs offer a helping hand to those who were forced from their homes and lives.
SOS from the GOP, where 'Hypocrites R Us', and SOS means Same Old Shit, which is, Do the damage (Iraq) and duck the consequences. They say, 'don't take advantage of our compassion'. RU kidding? There is no Repub 'compassion'. Just look at their entire Social agenda, where they are SO worried about someone taking advantage of their money, they deny benefits to those who actually NEED them. For the Pubs, it's 'Don't use our tax dollars, unl…

I think I know what happened, with Peyton,

SERIOUSLY. It happened to me when I played intramural b-ball in college, and our team could  smoke the JV team. Anyway, I had some kind of injury, so I took a 'pain pill' before a big game. Good news, bad news. I didn't hurt anymore, BUT, my game REALLY sucked, cuz my timing was WAY off, sorta like Peyton. I think it's obvious, to anyone who's 'been there', and 'done that'.

Jimmy Kimmel explained WHY there are SO many

Repub prez candidates. They all look around at their fellow clowns and think, "I can't believe I can't beat those Bozos'. Obvious, when you look at it from a logical perspective. I'm sure the sheep don't understand.....

As I look back on the War Criminals among the Bushies

most are obvious, like Rummy and The Dick, I don't think Colin Powell was part of it, knowingly, BUT, I really wonder about Condaleeza Rice. At first I thought Condi was conned, but the more I look at it, I think she's GUILTY. Just too much evidence against someone who's obviously intelligent, and didn't resign, in disgust, like Gen Colin Powell. The rest of them? They oughta be tried, before being sentenced to prison, cuz that's what should happen to OBVIOUS 'war criminals'. Just look up the definition, and tell me The Dick and Rummy aren't GUILTY!
It's obvious to any thinking human, which doesn't include the sheep, who get their 'news' from PARP. Nothing new here, but kinda sick, when you realize that in The South, people go to jail for smoking pot, while these criminals are 'heroes'. Welcome to PubWorld., where starting a war, based on lies, is no big deal, BUT, a 'private server'? OMG! Indict her!

There's a lot I love

about living in Colorado, but one of my faves is the weather, where we can watch it snow in the morning, (before going back to sleep), then see the sun come out by noon, and have all the fluffy new snow melted that same afternoon. I don't remember that in other places I've lived....

Wow, this is funny, and serious, at the same time

as Bill Maher visits Stephen Colbert on the Tonight Show. I wish it could have gone on longer, as there's quite a bit of 'tension' between these two...
Was followed by Sgt Groberg, Medal of Honor winner, after he lost his leg taking down a suicide bomber. Pretty amazing interview.

IF you read/believe FOX/PARP

you know that Hillary just got busted with another 'scandal', involving foreign countries, taxes and financing. BUT, if you read the 'real news', you know that the Clinton Foundation voluntarily decided to separate the donations into foreign/domestic, that help impoverished people around the world, in the detailed bookkeeping that goes with an international charity. GW(R) never had that problem, cuz he just wrecked lives, and doesn't really worry about helping them, with his busy painting schedule, unless it's the occasional bike ride with those who lost limbs in his war, based on lies, although he does take the occasional bow, before the execs of Big Oil, whose stock went up TEN-FOLD under his reign. BIG difference, as Bullshit Mountain bitches about Hillary's charity, while heaping praise on W's charitable bike rides. Would be funny, if not so sad...

A few days ago, right after the Paris attacks,

I predicted, here on my blog, that Bullshit Mountain, PARP, FOX, (or whatever you prefer to call the overflowing colostomy bag masquerading as 'news for the sheep'), would find a way to blame/tar Obama for the attacks of Syrian born terrorists, living in Belgium, upon the French. WOW, I knew the rightwingnut jerkwads would pile on the prez, but I had no idea how FAR they would go to blame the whole situation on him. UNbelievable, as the 'talent' at FOX is falling over themselves to shovel the most swill to the sheep. Just check out the dozens of articles, today, from Bullshit Mountain, where it is ALL anti-Obama/Dems ALL the time, but this is a whole new level, as the results of GW and The Dick's Big Adventure in 'Kicking the Hornet's Nest' comes to it's logical fruition. I said UNbelievable, but what I mean is TYPICAL. Nothing new here, but the LEVEL is 'off the chart' even for PARP, the Propaganda Arm of the Repub Party.