Good 'Letter to the Editor' today

in the Denver Post. It made me realize WHY I was once a Repub, and why I am so ANTI-Repub today. I didn't change, they did. The party was hi-jacked by a bunch of rightwingnuts from the Southern Bible Belt, and other fringe elements followed. Now, their Great White Hope, to knock out the peoples(R) favorite is the most hated man in Congress.
Re: “Republicans caught in identity crisis,” Feb. 29 news story.
Growing up with a staunch Republican father, I remember the party of “once was.” Republicans then had two primary concerns: keeping government small (except for defense) and out of our lives, for the most part; and fiscal responsibility. Deficits and debt, other than that incurred during World War II, were anathema to the party.
Somewhere along the way the Republican Party got itself hijacked by the gun lobby, the right-to-lifers, climate-change deniers, the wall builders, the religious right and others.
Now, they have devolved into a joke, led by Donald Trump, and are on the verge of collapse, which is a good thing. In the meantime, they won't be starting any wars and filling the VA hospitals, while draining the treasury. Hopefully, the 'new and improved' party will embrace the values they once had. 


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