As I check the results from Tuesday's voting,

I occasionally look in on Bullshit Mountain, as they are having a 'come to Jesus' moment. Where they have been realistic before (Trump is WRECKING the GOP!), they are now facing the inevitability of his nomination and the clowns are saying to the sheep, "I think he can win", while they try to keep a straight face, knowing 70% of voters say NEVER, incl half of Repubs, concerning their self created monster.
It is SO funny to watch them squirm and wiggle as they face the reality of The Donald carrying their colors on November. Can you say President Hillary?  BTW, this is SO much fun.... LOL
PS When I first tuned into Bullshit Mountain I caught a speech from The Greaseball and I just about gagged, cuz he was talking like he WON, and I thought, 'no way'. He won NOTHING, but to hear him talk he was the big winner. HA. The Repub party = One Big Joke, that is rapidly going the way of the dinosaurs, for MANY good reasons....


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