FOX/PARP and the Pubs (one and the same)

love to bitch about how TERRIBLE the US is doing under Obama and the Dems. Oh Really? Compared to what? One of our 'problems' is the dollar has strengthened SO MUCH, compared to all the other currencies of the world, it hurts our export economy. Our bond market, and interest rates have remained historically low, as the world looks for a safe place to park it's cash, since Obama and the Dems have gradually fixed the steaming pile the last administration left behind, when most Americans lost HALF, in the stock market and their home values, while unemployment spiked. BTW, the Pubs are DREAMING if they think voters are gonna forget, esp when the Dem candidate, whoever it is, brings up that 'inconvenient fact'.
True, if you live in a typical Red State you are probably struggling, as the low education jobs are dwindling, and don't pay much. BUT, the Blue States (where they actually believe 'science') economies are growing and prospering. By the Pub's own standards and measurements, such as as the 'Misery Index', (combination of employment rates and interest rates) we are at The Best of Times.
True, things could be better, and will be, if we get the Party of NO! out of the way. They've bitched,(for YEARS) about runaway inflation after the Fed had to take extraordinary measures to help the economy after GW and the Pubs totally wrecked it. Tea Party darling, Rick the Dick Santelli couldn't have been MORE wrong, as he screamed for years (7), about INFLATION!, but has now done a 180, and is bitching about DEflation.
Bottom line, we have the best economy in the world, after 7 1/2 years of Dem leadership. Nothing new here, but someone needs to set the facts straight as the Pubs MAIN lie, among MANY, is the US is doing so TERRIBLE. Same old shit, believed by the same old sheep, who are the mostly well-intentioned, but gullible hicks, who are nothing but naive stooges for the 1%. But it is SO much fun to watch, as the GOP gradually sinks from an overload of their own bullshit. Thanks, Donald.


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