Wow! What a snowstorm!

They predicted 1-3". We woke up to 13", and no electricity. Still don't have any, but recently read 'Lights Out', byt Ted Koppel, and got my Honda generator (see pic) all tuned and put in a supply of gas. Now have it running and powering up wireless router, charging cell phones, and running the TV and cable. Have computer, gas stove, and fireplace, and plenty of food and drink, SO, we gonna be fine.
Talked w/the kids and Kari's upset she's wasting a snow day during spring break. Nate has over 2 ft of snow and it's still snowing, like here. Will check in on neighbors soon, esp if we go into the evening w/no power.
I-70 and DIA are shut down and probably will be for a while. Am thinking electricity's gonna be out for quite a while, cuz the tree limbs are taking out power lines all over. Now have over 15" snow (click on pic to enlarge yardstick) and can't see across the fairway. Carol's ready to fix a pitcher of Marguerita's. Oh well, SNOW DAY!
One hour later we have 17". Yahoo. Now 19" and snowing.


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