I'm starting to worry

what the Pubs are gonna do, as it becomes more obvious that they are being swept out of power in Washington. Keep in mind, these are the same 'patriots', (war criminals) who made hundreds of billions in 'Defense Contracts' as GW and The Dick started an illegal war, based on lies, (primarily to pump up the price of oil, TEN-FOLD) and they got tens of thousands of HUGE no-bid contracts to furnish the soldiers in Iraq with everything from MRE's (Halliburton) to Humvees (tens of thousands 'left behind'), not to mention LOTS of artificial limbs, plus all the VA costs and transportation/supply/rebuilding contracts. For what? What did we gain? Nothing,  UNLESS you were a Repub 'Defense' contractor, then you made a killing.
In other words, Republican 'Pork'.
They're not gonna let the Golden Goose, of military spending, and all the other lucrative contracts quietly slip away. They're gonna fight, tooth and nail (like they did against Soc Sec and Medicare, only MORE so) to rape the taxpayers as they have always done, building the most bloated military in the history of the world (and GROWING), that THEY supply, at astronomical prices. It's gonna get ugly, as the sheep are called to battle, (preserving the status quo of Repub pork barrel spending), by FOXNews and Repub politicians.
Could very well be fighting in the streets before it's over. Don't think so? Just watch, and learn, what the Pubs are all about...


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