During timeouts in the NCAA tourney

I checked in on FOXBullshit, and heard Newt and Hannity talking about how they are gonna beat the Dems.
Their main plan? Hillary gets indicted by the FBI. RU shitting me?
This is reality for the sheep? Nothing new, BUT, what are these people smoking? Gotta be something stronger than we have here in Colorado.
Who believes this crap? Oh yeah, the sheep, cuz that's their last gasp, for the Pubs to win, in their Bizarro world. Is a triple digit IQ illegal for them? They actually believe Bullshit Mountain?
At least they are fun to watch and laugh at, if you are not a FOXSheep. RU kidding?
How do those people survive, in the modern world? Plain old cannon fodder, that does have a use...


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